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Chapter 53 Epilogue

Bei Er Duo has been troubled recently because the married Ye Shu Wei has gradually revealed unique qualities of husband that very possessive and couldn't be far away from his wife.

As everyone knows, Ye Yuan Xing is the originator of the possessive man and "sticky" man . His "stickiness" has reached an outstanding level. Basically even for drinking a gulp of tea or eating a scoop of rice, he needs to turn his head to see her wife and look at her eyes. If he can't find the target of his love, he will be so angry.

Bei Er Duo originally thought that with Ye Shu Wei's kind of temper and IQ, he will not be like his father, but the reality proves her wrong. It's like last weekend, she seized the opportunity to go alone to the bakery to buy shortbread when he was working. When she was home, unexpectedly she faced a serious interrogation.

"Where did you go? Why didn't you bring your phone?"

" I bought shortbread. It's near. I go fast and come home fast. I am too lazy to bring phone.”

" Go fast and come home fast? It's already twenty two minutes thirty five second."

"….. It's also not a very long time."

"The point is when you went out, you didn't report to me."

"I'm not a kid, why should I report to you first?"

"O, really?" He remembers a thing, then said, "Who told me that if a wife makes a mistake, a husband should be tolerant and regarded her mistake a kid's mistake?"

Bei Er Duo was speechless.

"Er Duo." He lowered his head and tried to see her eye-to-eye. He held her hand and commanded, "In the future don't you go out alone."

That time she didn't think too much of it, she just nodded and promised him. Yet she didn't expect that several days after that event, even for going outside to the convenient store, she would be questioned by him: "You want to go the convenient store, how long do you need?"

She really felt it was too over.

She recalled that she has been married to Ye Shu Wei for a half year. Apart from being separated when he was on a business trip, they always be together.

One time, Tang Li called to ask her to go shopping. Ye Shu Wei said very uneasily: “Just in time I want to go out and buy things, let’s go together.”

Arriving at the mall, Tang Li sees Bei Er Duo brought Ye Shu Wei, she smiled. Tang Li whispered to her: "Why does Ye Shu Wei look like your tail? Wherever you go, he goes there. Aren't you tired of it?"

"It is he who wants to follow me.” Bei Er Duo also whispered. “I can’t leave him alone at home.”

“Why not?” Tang Li was surprised. Ye Shu Wei, a big man, should have a self-care ability.

Ye Shu Wei had passed through them in front of them, and dropped a sentence: “Because it is a new marriage, we are still in the honeymoon.”

Tang Li blinked and responded slowly: “You mean I bothered you?”

In order not to hurt the heart of the single girlfriend, Bei Er Duo shook her head and condemned her husband with her eyes: "You are not allowed to bully Li Zi. Don't forget, she will become a loner now, largely it is because of your sorrowful nephew."

“Haven't you already taught him as his auntie?”

“What is the use of the light lesson? It couldn’t compensate psychological trauma that Tang Li suffered.

“Then I will call him to ask him out and buy drinks.”

Tang Li immediately made an excuse that there is still something to be dealt with, and then ran away. Ye Shu Wei was slightly satisfied, his eyes fell on his wife’s face: “Now we can date with just two of us."

After that time, Tang Li did not dare to come out with his Bei Er Duo. She also swore in her circle of friends: “In order to maintain the dignity of being single, I firmly avoided the couple of Ye Shu Wei and Bei Er Duo."

Another time, Bei Er Duo with Ye Shu Wei took her parents to eat together.

At the dinner table, Ye Shu Wei looked after Bei Er Duo like a child. Every time she prepared to raise chopsticks and took her favorite dishes, he took the first step: “What do you want to eat? Let me do it.”

After that, he put the duck tongue, fish balls, dried bamboo shoots, and enoki mushroom that she wanted to eat into her bowl. From beginning to end, she had no chance to stretch her arms.

Xu Zhen Fen said sarcastically: “You don’t have to act in front of us.”

Ye Shu Wei stopped and explained: “I have always been like this to her.”

Bei Heng An was not really happy to, he deliberately said, “I like to feed her when she was a child. If I don’t feed, she won’t eat it.”

Ye Shu Wei said: “That is the past. The current situation is that as long as I am not around, she will not eat.”

Bei Heng An's mouth twitched.

Ye Shu Wei's left hand covers Bei Er Duo's right hand: "Don't worry, I will let her eat every meal until she is full.”

Bei Er Duo, Bei Heng an and Xu Zhen Fen: “…”

Afterwards, Bei Heng An said to her daughter with great enthusiasm: “Yu Wei is very considerate to you.”

Bei Er Duo admitted : “Of course.”

“But it seems that he is a little too much. How long have you not met me alone ? Every time he will follow, Pa has no chance to talk to you, and I even lost the freedom to hug you." Bei Heng An was quite shaken and shook his head, and looked at his daughter again. Suddenly, “How do I feel more and more, you have been imprisoned by him?”


After such a long time, Bei Er Duo naturally felt a little troubled. Although they are very sweet and happy couple, they will want to have a space for solitude. Obviously, with Ye Shu Wei, her space was getting smaller and smaller, it felt that it had been disappeared.

After a week of contemplating for this, Bei Er Duo made a bold decision. She was going to go back to the country to visit her family in the holiday of the Spring Festival. The reason why Ye Haowei couldn't follow is very simple. He had two shifts.

When it was nearing the holidays, Bei Er Duo told Ye Shu Wei the plan. His faced looked calm and he confirmed to her: "You have to go five days?"

“Well, I haven’t returned to the country for three years. Uncle and auntie have built a three-story building at the foot of the mountain this year. The environment is quiet and the air is very good. I invited me to live for a few days.”

“Five days?” He pondered the number again.

Bei Er Duo looked at him with a slight nervousness. She was afraid that his next sentence was: “Sorry, I can’t approve it for five days.”

“I know,” he said quickly.

She heard the answer from the ear, and she can't believe it: “Do you agree?”

“It’s rare chance to breathe the air in the mountains, which is good for your health. I have no reason to object.”

Bei Er Duo felt relaxed, she did not expect to it went smoothly and quickly. She felt that her husband is really good. She went back to the room, cheerfully began to sort out luggage.

When she was in the car to go to the mountain, Bei Er Duo felt a bit guilty of leaving Ye Shu Wei for five days.

When you are in a simple and quiet mountain forest and enjoying the night view of the bamboo smoke, the only feeling of guilt has been The smoke disappeared.

She took a photo, uploaded Weibo, and wrote: “A person quietly appreciates the moonlight, listening to the wind in the forest, feeling free.”

The comment area soon had a variety of doubts.

"How long have you been married! Are you having a change of heart?"

"Freedom? Is it suggesting that the married status gradually makes you breathless?"

"Where did Ye Shu Wei go to spend the day, throwing you in the barren hills and forests?"

"This sentence is blaming Ye Shu Wei for being busy with work and neglecting his wife. Forget it, lonely and lonely."

"Just say it directly that you want him to come over and hug."

"You're very pitiful."

Bei Er Duo was sweaty. What is it with all of this? Couldn't she do anything alone?

A few seconds later, she received Tang Li's message: "Er Duo, how could you be alone in the mountains? Where is Ye Shu Wei ? What happened to you guys, is it serious?"

Bei Er Duo didn't reply, silently continue to appreciate the beauty, but the name of someone is constantly appearing in my mind…

On the first day, Bei Er Duo ate good food, drank a good drink, and enjoyed a good view of the scenery. Except being a little tired for running around of visiting relatives, Bei Er Duo was very happy. The second day, her cousin, Xiao Neng, took her to climb the mountain, fish, and took Chinese herbal plant. On the third day, there's nothing to do. She felt the time becomes long and boring.

Bei Er Duo sat alone in the yard to read the sun, occasionally she lifted her gaze and saw Xiao Neng and his girlfriend clung with each other.

After a while, she regained her gaze and continue reading.

"Sister." Xiao Neng suddenly came to her, said to her shyly, "I will accompany her out for a walk. Call me if you have anything."

"It's okay, go play, I also like to read a book alone." Bei Er Duo said.

"Then we will go now."

After they left, Bei Er Duo and the dog in the yard glared at each other.

If Ye Shu Wei is here then it will be good , this sudden thought made Bei Er Duo felt somewhat surprised how could she miss him after just two days?

Before going, she told Ye Shu Wei to not text or call her if there is no particularly important thing. So in the past two days, Ye Shu Wei sent a message a day.

The first day is: "Are you there?"

The next day is: "Remember to wear more clothes when you are outside, don’t catch a cold."

Then it's nothing else.

Plus the rest of the day, there were still two and a half days to go back. She thought it seems a bit difficult.

Although the food here is clean and fresh, but the taste was a bit heavy, each dish was oily, and eating more of it gave a burden to the the stomach. Now she only missed the green egg noodles made by Ye Wei.

Although the air in the mountains is good and the scenery is pleasant, but it felt a bit ridiculous to watch alone for a long time. It's really bleak to walk alone in the mountains.

Although relatives and friends are warm and friendly, everyone will ask her that since she got married, when she will give birth ……

She had to admit that she was a little homesick.

After dinner, Bei Hengan saw her daughter absent-minded and asked her what happened.

"Nothing, I just thinking what Ye Shu Wei is doing right now."

Bei Heng An understood it as soon as he heard it: "It turned out that you are missing him, it has been only a few days of being apart."

"It’s okay, I just suddenly think of him."

"If you miss him, just call him."

"No, he is busy working overtime. When he gets home, he has to rest well. I won’t bother him."

Bei Heng An smiled: "Then go back to your room and put on your coat and scarf. Let's accompany Papa to stroll around."

Five minutes later, Bei Heng An and Bei Er Duo walked on a flat road of the mountains.

"Before you came, your husband called me and said that I would have to take care of you in the next few days." Bei Heng An said easily. "When I heard it, I laughed. When is it his turn to ask me to care of you?"

"Really?" Bei Er Duo felt a little happy.

"I thought I was wrong, but I found out that his words were justified in the past two days. He was more careful than me in taking care of you. I almost didn’t even notice you are not enjoying the food your auntie cooked."

Bei Er Duo hugged Bei Heng An's arm: "The food is very delicious, but the flavor is too dense, and it's a bit too much to eat. Pa, you have to talk to so many relatives and friends every day. It's normal to not notice."

"Er Duo, actually Pa is very happy."


"Really, at first, there was a prejudice against Shu Wei because I was a little jealous. You decided to be with him too quickly and secretly married him. As a father, of course, I was not really happy, but now, I am glad that you can meet such a person. It is a rare blessing for you that he is so devoted and concentrated on you, even if his family respects you and loves you."

"Dad, this is the first time I have heard a compliment for him from you!"

"I just can say this in front of you, in front of him I couldn't say anything."

"The point is that you have fully accepted him, right?"

"I have already accepted him, even your mother also accepted, but we just don't say it openly."

"I know that you were angry at me because of my quick decision to marry, and I knew that I was not doing it well, but if I go back to that time, I will still do it. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. even though that was an impulsive act, but there is no changing of feeling. I am never being so certain."

In this month’s cold mountain, when she was taking a leisurely walk with her father, she didn’t feel embarrassed of saying what she felt, but she was very calm.

"I understand.” Bei Hengan whispered, "Dad had also experienced it"

Bei Er Duo was in doubt.

“The difference is that you are in love with each other, and you will walk to the end together.”

Five days later, Bei Er Duo came home. She weighed her weight and found out that actually she lost three pounds.

Ye Shu Wei had only one conclusion for this result: “The reality proof that without me, you can’t digest.”


“The life in the mountains is very free?” Someone asked carelessly.

“No, it’s boring and boring.”

“Without me by your side, you feel very relaxed?”

“No, I seriously feel that something is missing.”

“In the future, do you have any intention to go to the desolate place without me?”

“Cough, no.”

Ye Shu Wei expressed his satisfaction with her reply and knew that proper experience could be exchanged with more understanding.

This evening, Ye Shu Wei made a cabbage noodles for Bei Er Duo, put hot water in her bathtub, waited for her to blow her hair after washing, and finally taught her for a long time in some advanced way.

After the intimacy time, Bei Er Duo leaned against Ye Shu Wei and told the truth: “I admit that my trip this time was to find my own time, but later found that it's nothing.”

“If I let you feel the pressure, you can say straight, I will give you some space to let you be with friends and family.”

“Really?” She teased. “Will you allow?”

“Anyway it won’t take long before you come back.”


After that Ye Shu Wei indeed gave some space for Bei Er Duo, gave her some free time, and she could go out shopping with Tang Li, go fishing with her father, and even go out to eat with her mother.

However, these did not last long, and everything stopped at the moment when Bei Er Duo's pregnancy test.

When the gynaecologist said to Ye Shu Wei: “Her body is a little hot, it is not advisable to eat hot kind food during pregnancy. She should eat more green vegetables and fruits, pay attention to nutritional balance, and proper exercise can not be less.”

“Thank you, I will take good care of her.” Ye Shu Wei said.

When they were out of the hospital, Ye Shu Wei said to Bei Er Duo: “From now on, you and the baby are my responsibility."

“it is good.”

“You need to report with me, including going downstairs and strolling alone.”

“Do you need this? It seems that it is not about responsibility, but to supervise me and my baby, to control our freedom.” Being a mother, Bei Er Duo had the courage to question, a serious question, “Before making a decision, you asked the baby yet?”

“The baby has agreed, do you have any objections?”


From this day on, Ye family's bean sprouts and Mrs. Ye under the strict care of Ye Shu Wei.

When someone gets his wife’s latest check-up report and examined at each qualified indicator, he was satisfied.

“According to the fetal femur shown above,” Ye Shu Wei slightly put down the report on his hand and said his research results on Bei Er Er Duo's ear, who was drinking milk. “He will have a pair of long legs.”

Bei Er Duo was about to express her surprises boast that the baby was so well in the stomach, Ye Shu Wei said lightly a sentence, let her successfully close her mouth.

What he said was: "Because of his father’s strong feature, this is completely expected."

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