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A short while later, dinner was ready.

The dishes were not considered sumptuous. They were just four simple dishes with a soup, but it looked very delicious and its fragrance whet the appetite.

Xi Xiaye who sat far away on the sofa could already faintly smell the whiff of the tempting fragrance.

"Have some fruit juice. With your injury, it's best if you don't drink."

The man across her poured her a glass of fruit juice and elegantly placed it in front of her. When he saw her twinkling eyes in a daze and wanted to say something but stopped herself. He asked, "What are you thinking about so deeply?"

"Nothing..." Xi Xiaye subconsciously sighed, then she quickly picked up her chopsticks. After some consideration, before she finally met his concerned eyes and said, "I just feel like all of this is happening too quickly. It feels like a dream."

"Aren't you someone who's quick to adapt?" Mu Yuchen plainly replied, and then pushed the bowl of rice to her, while he elegantly held up the fruit juice to take a sip, "Or are you trying to tell me right now that you're regretting it?"

When she heard him, Xi Xiaye fell silent. Then, she shook her head lightly and lowered her gaze quietly as she silently looked at the chopsticks in her hand. After quite a while, she answered, "No, I'm just afraid that if we replayed the moment, I'll still make this choice, but..."

She seemed to have made some decision as she abruptly looked up steadfastly at Mu Yuchen, her twinkling eyes filled with bright splendor. She suddenly put her chopsticks down and took the glass of fruit juice. In a voice that was filled with a rare tenderness and no shyness at all, she said, "I don't want to say anymore thank you's to you. I just wanted to tell you that I'll definitely do my best to be your good wife. We'll definitely live a happy life, right, Mr. Mu?"

Mu Yuchen quietly looked up. His eyes that were still as the ocean met her bright, twinkling ones. His quiet, handsome face faintly eased as he responded to her expression and gently held up his glass too. Sentimentally, he agreed, "Mmm, we'll live a happy life and being a good Mrs. Mu would be the best way for you to thank me."

The husband and wife clinked their glasses to that toast.

"Earlier, Grandpa called me. My mother's just returned from completing an academic report and they want me to make time to visit the Chen residence in another two days. Do you want to come along?"

Since they decided to let nature take its course and continue this journey, Xi Xiaye did not plan to hide anything. While she understood very clearly that if she really wanted to let her grandpa and mother stop worrying, she would need to tell them about this marriage.

No matter what, they had already reached this point, so they should at least be loyal towards this marriage journey that was about to begin.

"When are you planning to go back?"

Mu Yuchen now more or less understood her situation. He knew that her grandpa had been comrades with his grandmother when they were younger.

"This weekend," she answered before she picking her chopsticks up again.

"We should visit them, and at the same time, discuss the wedding. Have you ever thought about the kind of wedding you want?" He said as he scooped food into her bowl.

Xi Xiaye was startled. She seemed like she was at a loss with the extra food in her bowl. If she remembered correctly, no one had ever taken food for her ever since she had grown older, yet today...

There was suddenly a faint warmth that blossomed in her heart. As she thought about his words, she felt her heart tighten. She thought about it for a long while and finally said, "Let's set the wedding aside. It's about to be Chinese New Year soon and the company has been very busy. Besides, now's not a good time to have a wedding. I don't care about those things either..."

As she said this, she suddenly laughed at herself. There was a moment when she suddenly realized that she had actually been holding on for so long and just needed a reason to feel relieved. Now, she seemed to have found her reason, so everything else did not matter anymore.

Now, how many people would be willing to share her happiness, her anger, sorrow, and joy with her?

So, all those things did not seem to matter anymore.

"Grandpa is a very loving person. Oh, did you already know my grandpa from before?"

Xi Xiaye suddenly remembered that previously when their blind date was arranged, her grandpa had aggressively recommended him, so they should know each other. However, the man across her thought about it and shook his head."I've heard about him, but I've never met him."

"But Grandpa had nothing but high praises for you. Are you sure you've never met my grandpa?"

Xi Xiaye looked a little suspiciously at him, but when she saw that he looked serious and thoughtful, she could not help but say, "I still feel like there's something odd about you two."

"If you really insist on some sort of connection, then I can tell you that previously in France, I did have some business relations with your grandpa. Although I've never met the man himself, now he seems to have become my grandpa too. This relationship would clearly be more of substance then," Mu Yuchen answered.

He thought about it and added, "Wait till your injury has recovered further, then I'll bring you back to the old Mu residence. I'm sure they will be very satisfied with you. Let's eat."

Xi Xiaye's fair little face was vaguely surprised. She analyzed him from the side before silently lowering her head to eat.

Xi Xiaye never would have thought that a man's culinary skills could be this impressive. She had just taken a bite of the scrambled eggs with fresh tomatoes when she could not help but gobble it all up. Across her, Mu Yuchen kept adding food to her bowl. but she did not even pretend and just accepted it all.

When the meal was over, she had guzzled more than half of the food. She had eaten two whole bowls - an amount shocking even to herself.

"Did you specialize in culinary?" Xi Xiaye put her chopsticks down with satisfaction and asked.

She felt that his skills were even better than her mother, Chen Wenna's. Realizing how almost all the plates on the table were cleaned by her, her elegant face could not help but reveal two faint clouds of scarlet spots.

Mu Yuchen thoughtfully looked at the plates and then turned to her. He did not miss the way she looked all embarrassed and he laughed softly. "When I'm free, I sometimes try my hand at it to pass the time, but I couldn't tell that you actually had the potential to upgrade to a foodie."

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