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Chapter 1936: Not For Love (4)

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Dongfang Shuman’s words made Ah Cai start to worry. She also remembered the things that happened before, and her expression became a little heavy. Those memories were really not a good thing.

“President Shu don’t need to worry too much about Manager Ah Xue’s matters. After a lesson, she will definitely understand a lot more. Moreover, she is already at this age. She should be able to handle emotional matters better. We can’t worry about it,” said Ah Cai.

“It’s not up to you, especially at this time. This child is still my child after all. You can’t really not worry about it. It’s fine if you don’t talk about it. Let’s take it one step at a time.”

“Yes. President Shu, you still have to take care of your health first. For other matters, do your best.”

“All these years, it’s all thanks to you. In the future, when I’m not around anymore, you should also stop and rest. You’ve been tired after following me all these years. It’s good to return to a small town in the countryside and live a peaceful life,” said Dongfang Shuman.

“President Shu, please don’t say that. I can still serve you for many years. After so many years, I don’t know where else I can go besides being by your side. So, President Shu, don’t say these things anymore.”

Upon hearing this, Dongfang Shuman glanced at her and finally did not say anything else.

When they returned to the house, the tea had already cooled down. Dongfang Liuyun brewed a new pot of chrysanthemum tea. It was made by the fire without sugar, and it tasted a little bitter. She poured Qi Lei a cup and made him drink it. Then, she poured a second cup, “Drink more. The weather has been dry these past two days. You even had hotpot. Drink more to lower the heat.”

“Didn’t I drink two large cups last night? I’ve become a water bucket.”

Qi Lei frowned as well. As he spoke, he took the tea from her hand and drank it all in one gulp.

“Being a water bucket is better than enduring the pain later on. Don’t you care about your health?”

As Dongfang Liuyun spoke, she took the cup from his hand and poured it for herself. After drinking two cups, she sat down and continued to work on the documents.

Night fell quietly. By the time the couple came back to their senses, the sky had already fallen silent. They hurriedly packed the documents and left.

They did not go anywhere else. Dongfang Liuyun brought Qi Lei to Debao House to check on the recent business situation. Later on, the couple went to a university’s cafeteria for dinner.

The night was already very dark. When they walked out of the cafeteria, it was already night time. The campus was quite quiet for a while. When they walked past the sports field, they even saw the students who were not in class playing ball in the stadium.

“Do you know how to play ball?”

Dongfang Liuyun, who was walking beside him, suddenly stopped and asked the man beside her.

Qi Lei was stunned. He turned to look at Dongfang Liuyun. After some thought, he asked, “You want to watch?”

Dongfang Liuyun’s eyes lit up. She looked at him expectantly. “With someone performing, I’ll definitely be a good audience. But this time, I want you to watch me charge. What do you think?”

“It’s so cold. I’m afraid you’ll hurt yourself.” Qi Lei thought about it and replied.

However, Dongfang Liuyun had already taken off her windbreaker and handed it to Qi Lei. She tied up her long hair and wore combat boots, that was convenient. She was only wearing a loose shirt.

“No, I haven’t played for a long time. It’s rare for me to be interested. I used to spar with Lan Xiu and the others.”

Dongfang Liuyun smiled at him as she spoke. “Now, let me show you a few moves. Although my skills might not be very good, I’ll show you some.”

Qi Lei suddenly smiled when he heard this. Seeing that she was in such a good mood, he nodded in acquiescence. “I’ll wait and see. However, you have to be careful. The weather is cold, and it’ll hurt when the ball touches your hand.”

“I’m not that delicate. Sit aside, I’ll consider it a warm up too.”

As Dongfang Liuyun spoke, she pointed at the stone bench behind Qi Lei and walked towards the basketball court.

On the basketball court, the game was ongoing. However, they happened to be students from Dongfang Liuyun’s elective class. The students recognized Dongfang Liuyun at a glance.

Dongfang Liuyun was the most beautiful teacher in the school back then, and she was very outstanding. Many students had a deep impression of her. So, when Dongfang Liuyun walked over, the students had already gone up to greet her.

Dongfang Liuyun briefly explained her purpose for coming over, then she quickly joined the game.

Dongfang Liuyun’s basketball skills were indeed not that great, but they were still passable. With this kind of ability, she could still play as the main force in the women’s team of the previous school.

Of course, this was only in front of a basketball expert like Qi Lei. Qi Lei himself was similar to Mu Yuchen, who loved basketball. Previously, he would occasionally spar with Zhou Zimo, Mu Yuchen, and the others.

Dongfang Liuyun’s movements were very smooth. It could be seen that she was having a good time.

Qi Lei sat like this and used the bright light to see the smile on her face. The corner of his heart suddenly became exceptionally soft as he looked at her with enjoyment.

It was as if he had suddenly returned to his student days. At that time, he was the one running wildly on the basketball court. Now, it was the other way around. He had become the audience, and she was the main character. In his heart, or perhaps in his life, the only main character.

If he had met her at that time, it would have been such a wonderful thing. He would have been like those young couples on campus, having a little relationship and adding a bright color to his youth.

However, there was nothing wrong with meeting her later. After all, she was the one who was by his side now.

Every day, he would take another look at her, and the feelings in his heart grew with each passing day. Qi Lei could feel that she was holding more and more weight in his heart. Now, he did not dare to explore the answer.

There was no way to explain how deep the feelings were.

Just as Qi Lei was quietly looking at her, his phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated. A call came in.

Qi Lei quickly took it and saw that it was from Vice President Wang Chun.

“Hello? It’s me.”

Qi Lei’s deep voice was heard.

Just as Qi Lei finished speaking, Wang Chun’s excited voice came from the other end

“Second Master, hurry and come to the hospital. The doctor said that President Qi has woken up. The doctor is examining him now.”

Qi Qiming has woken up?

As soon as Wang Chun finished, this information still took a long time to reach Qi Lei’s mind…

“Second Master, I told you that President Qi would definitely wake up!”

Seeing that Qi Lei did not speak, Wang Chun said excitedly on the other end.

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