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875 Ye Wuhen’s Shock


Ye Wuhen instantly sucked in a breath of cold air when he saw the immortal aura revealed between Linglong’s brows.

Such a powerful immortal aura was rare in the world. Only those with the true bloodline of the Ten Fiends or the true emperors could possess it.

Moreover, the parameters were incomplete, and they were not as pure as Linglong. Usually, only the reincarnation of a true Great Sage could do this.

Ye Wuhen never thought that a small Violet Cloud Training Hall could gather so many geniuses. Moreover, all of them were one in a million geniuses. At such a young age, they had already displayed astonishing talent.

Not to mention Yaya, just Lin Qingzhu or Linglong were enough to shock Ye Wuhen.

What made him feel the most incredulous was Linglong. At her age, she actually had an incomparably domineering power, and her entire body emitted a peerless invincible aura. This power seemed to have the same effect as his domineeringness, but it seemed like the other party’s power was purer.

“What a shocking genius!” Ye Wuhen immediately sighed and hurriedly walked in front of Linglong. He pinched her little face and said softly, “Little fellow, what’s your name?”

Linglong widened her eyes at him. Her small head was filled with curiosity. If it was in the past, she would have punched someone she didn’t know if they dared to pinch her little face like this. However, she did not attack as she looked at the white-haired uncle in front of her.

It wasn’t because she had restrained her temper, but she suddenly felt that the temperament revealed by the uncle in front of her was very familiar and related. She had only felt this feeling from her master before. She carefully sized him up and felt that he was more and more familiar.

They looked alike!

“Senior Sister, he really looks like our master…” After observing for a while, Linglong suddenly shouted happily and did not answer Ye Wuhen at all.

Lin Qingzhu was stunned when she heard this. Although she felt that it was the case, Linglong’s words were more or less a little rude. She hurriedly stopped her and said, “Linglong, don’t spout nonsense.”

She understood that such a peerless expert must have many taboos in his heart. She was afraid that Linglong’s words would anger him and hurriedly stopped her.

However, her worry was clearly unnecessary. Not only was Ye Wuhen not angry, but he also revealed a gentle smile in surprise and teased, “Then who do you think is more handsome, me or your master?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Lin Qingzhu was stunned, and Yaya was even more shocked.

Good lord, the dignified head of the Ye family, a Killing God, actually came to Violet Cloud Training Hall to discuss this topic with a little loli.

Wasn’t this a little indecent?

You’re an expert! Where’s your poise?

Linglong didn’t care about this. She thought about it seriously and said incomparably seriously, “I think my master is more handsome. You’re too old…”

Lin Qingzhu broke out in cold sweat.

Good lord, you’re really not polite. You dare to say anything.

As expected, the corner of Ye Wuhen’s mouth twitched when he heard this. He was a little offended.

Am I old? Please, I’m in my prime now. Apart from my white hair and my handsome appearance, how am I old?

Ye Wuhen was more or less unconvinced, but on second thought, there seemed to be no need to compete with a little fellow.

“That’s right. Your hair is white, even whiter than our Sect Master’s hair. You’re old and sloppy.” Linglong made a disdainful expression as she spoke.

“Haha!” Ye Wuhen laughed, clearly amused by Linglong’s words. After so many years, this was the first time she dared to speak to him like this. Others would be scared to death when they saw his white hair.

Not only was this little fellow not afraid, but she also had a look of disdain. In the end, she was still bold.

“Linglong, don’t spout nonsense!” Lin Qingzhu broke out in cold sweat as she watched from the side. After stopping Linglong, she hurriedly explained, “Senior, please forgive us. My junior sister is still young and her words carry no harm. If she has offended you, I apologize to you here. I hope you won’t blame me.”

“It’s fine.” Ye Wuhen said very easily. He wasn’t angry. Instead, he liked this strange little girl very much. He suddenly felt that if only he had such a strange little fellow by his side.

Unfortunately, his son wasn’t hard working enough! All these years, it was fine if he didn’t give birth to a granddaughter for him, but he didn’t even have a confidante by his side.

How embarrassing!

When I was your age back then, I was already a famous young man with countless confidants around me.

Many times, Ye Wuhen wondered if this kid was his son. The difference was too great. There weren’t many, but there had to be at least one, right? Good lord, not a single one!

Currently, Ye Wuhen had never seen any of them. One had to know that he had been paying attention to his son’s situation.

In the past, he thought that Ye Qingxuan could take down Ming Yue. After all, the two of them were a perfect match. In the end, he realized that Ming Yue was not interested in him at all and had always treated him as a child.

It was fine if Ming Yue looked down on him. After all, she was a genius. It was normal for her to look down on his useless son.

Why did the others look down on him too?

Ye Wuhen didn’t believe that there wasn’t a stunning woman in this huge Heaven Mending holy land who could catch his eye.

This was completely impossible.

Then again, he still didn’t have a confidante. Was his ability insufficient?


It was very likely.

Sigh, in the end, he did not inherit his father’s good qualities.

Disappointment, such disappointment.

Fortunately, Ye Qingxuan was not here and could not hear the complaints in his father’s heart. Otherwise, he would cry to death.

Is this his biological father!? Who would slander your son like this? As a father, it’s fine if you don’t help, but you’re even making sarcastic remarks.

“Haha!” Ye Wuhen didn’t care about this. He liked these little girls even more because of Ye Qiu. He stood up and looked at Lin Qingzhu. He asked curiously, “Girl, what’s your name?”

Lin Qingzhu was slightly stunned. She introduced herself, “Violet Cloud’s head disciple, Lin Qingzhu, greets Senior.”

“Oh! You’re the head disciple of Violet Cloud?”

Hearing this, Ye Wuhen was clearly stunned for a moment before quickly reacting. His eyes were filled with satisfaction.

As expected of the eldest disciple. Her talent was worthy of this great responsibility. He had given Lin Qingzhu full marks in terms of character, conduct, and actions.

Her words revealed her magnanimity. She had the bearing of the head of a lineage. She was neither arrogant nor rash and knew her limits. She was not proud and indulgent just because she was talented.

Ye Wuhen admired her very much. It was as if he saw Ye Qiu’s shadow in her. He thought that Ye Qiu should have nurtured her as his successor, so he spent a lot of effort nurturing her to be so outstanding.

“Haha, not bad, not bad. As expected of Ye Qiu’s disciple. You’re indeed very outstanding.” After praising them with satisfaction, Ye Wuhen said, “I didn’t see you the last time I came. I thought that Violet Cloud only had Yaya as their disciple. On the other hand, I was careless, so I didn’t specially prepare any gifts for you. However, it doesn’t matter. What I don’t lack the most are treasures. Come, come, come.”

As he spoke, Ye Wuhen took out his storage jade and took out a large pile of treasures. He said heroically, “Hehe, pick whatever you want. Take whatever you like. You don’t have to be polite to me.”

What a local tycoon’s style. It was really likable.

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