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Chapter 558: Battle of Dao Sacrificial

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With a shocking bang, the two forces collided violently and instantly spread out. Everything within ten thousand miles instantly fell silent.

“What terrifying power. Is this the power of the Dao Sacrificial realm?”

Seeing this scene, even Ming Yue revealed a shocked gaze. The impact just now had already severely injured her. She coughed heavily and spat out a mouthful of blood. Her face was pale, and was very desolate, making people pity her.

Compared to her injuries, Ye Qiu’s injuries were even worse. Ming Yue blocked the first wave of power, but all the subsequent power was blocked by Ye Qiu. At this moment, he was already riddled with holes. If not for his powerful physique, he would have been slapped to death.

“Ahem ahem…”

Ye Qiu opened his eyes with difficulty and revealed a bitter smile. It was a very bleak smile, as if he was mocking himself.

“Junior Brother, are you alright?”

Ming Yue couldn’t help but ask with concern when she saw that he had woken up. She slowly helped him up, feeling very worried. How could she not be grateful that Ye Qiu had risked his life to save her at that critical moment?

Ming Yue hated owing others favors the most in her life. However, today, she really owed Ye Qiu a favor. At least, that was what she thought.

Logically speaking, she didn’t owe anyone anything because the reason why she was in danger was to save Ye Qiu. If the two were offset, it could be said that no one owed each other. If she really wanted to investigate, Ye Qiu probably owed her more.

It was just that she didn’t think so. Perhaps in her heart, it was her duty to protect her junior brother.


Ye Qiu took a deep breath and spat out another mouthful of blood. His chaotic inner breath could not calm down, and his internal organs felt like they had been shattered. Ever since he debuted, he had never been so seriously injured. He was incomparably angry.

Sooner or later, he would return all of this tenfold or a hundredfold. He wanted to wash away today’s humiliation.

After simply adjusting his breathing for a moment, Ye Qiu stood up again and comforted her, “I’m fine, Senior Sister. Thank you for stepping forward just now. I, Ye Qiu, will remember your kindness.”

Ming Yue didn’t say anything after hearing his determination. She didn’t think that Ye Qiu would owe her anything if she stood up for him. This was her duty as the Heaven Mending Saintess. No matter which disciple of the Heaven Mending Pavilion was here today, she would protect them.

Ye Qiu looked at her expressionless face. He didn’t know what she was thinking. After a while, he took out two Extreme Spirit Pills from his storage jade. He then said, “Senior Sister, you were seriously injured just now. Eat this pill for the time being and recover first. With Elder Gu here, I believe that old thief Nanhua won’t be able to do anything big.”

Ming Yue nodded and didn’t refuse. She took the Extreme Spirit Pill from Ye Qiu, pursed her lips, and swallowed it. After eating the pill, she quickly found a quiet place to meditate.

On the other side, Ye Qiu also began to quickly regulate his breathing and recover in the shortest time possible.

Time passed bit by bit. The two ultimate experts in the sky fought intensely. The two of them were comparable in strength to begin with, and they had been opponents for many years. They were very familiar with each other. Their moves were incomparably ruthless, and every move was fatal. The aftershock of the battle almost flattened the entire world.

Such strength was terrifying. No one present dared to breathe loudly. They were so nervous that they were drenched in sweat.

“Phew… This is too terrifying. This is a true battle between immortals.”

“These two people have similar strength and endless methods. It’s impossible to determine the victor in a short period of time. If this continues, the entire world will probably be flattened. At that time…”

No one dared to imagine the consequences. However, no one could stop them now. Under this balance, only those with similar strength could approach that battlefield. Apart from that, anyone who approached would instantly be reduced to ashes. This was not an exaggeration at all. Just the aftershock of the battle could crush them.

The two people on the battlefield became more and more enthusiastic as they fought, as if the blood feud that had been suppressed for many years had finally erupted.

“Gu Sanqiu! Today, we will settle our old and new grudges together. I will return the punch you gave me ten thousand years ago.”

Exalted Immortal Nanhua gradually became furious. He pushed with both hands and evolved a supreme immortal technique, attacking with the Dao Sacrificial Law. For a moment, the world trembled and the Nine Heavens rumbled. The void seemed to have shattered.

Facing that aggressive punch, Gu Sanqiu’s expression did not change. He had yet to draw his sword. Don’t forget that his truly terrifying methods were not his fists, but the iron sword behind him. However, for some reason, he did not use it until now, as if he had some concerns.

“Haha… Nanhua, is this all you’ve got?”

Facing Exalted Immortal Nanhua’s furious roar, Gu Sanqiu chatted cheerfully and teased, “After ten thousand years, you still haven’t improved at all. You’re short-sighted and a frog at the bottom of a well. You weren’t my match ten thousand years ago. Today, you’re still not my match.”

After saying that, he suddenly punched over again. In an instant, the two powerful forces collided intensely.


It was dazzling. Exalted Immortal Nanhua was actually forced back hundreds of miles by Gu Sanqiu’s punch and was clearly at a disadvantage.

“No… This is impossible. It’s impossible for me to lose.”

After being at a disadvantage in one move, Exalted Immortal Nanhua’s eyes were filled with panic. He could not accept this reality. Through this short exchange, he had already discovered that Gu Sanqiu’s strength had advanced by leaps and bounds in the past ten thousand years.

Moreover, his fists had been cultivated to a terrifying realm. They were extremely powerful, as if they could break the shackles of chaos and darkness with a single punch. It was a shocking punch.

“Old thief, take another punch from me!”

Just as he was still unable to accept this reality, Gu Sanqiu punched over again, as if he wanted to blast open the darkness in front of the world. It was unstoppable.

Seeing this scene, Exalted Immortal Nanhua immediately understood that if he held back, he would definitely lose today.

“Hmph! Arrogant old man, bring it on. Dazzling Chaos of the Heavenly Demon!”

With a furious roar, Exalted Immortal Nanhua’s aura suddenly soared. At that moment, a black aura covered the sky. In the turbid darkness, it was as if there was a fatal demonic aura that continuously devoured all living beings.

Gu Sanqiu frowned. He did not expect that the old thief Nanhua had cultivated such a strange forbidden technique all these years. This was more like a forbidden technique of a lost race. It had been lost for countless years and had reappeared in the world today.

“Haha! Gu Sanqiu, die.”

As the demonic energy covered the sky, Exalted Immortal Nanhua’s confidence surged in his heart again.

Unexpectedly, Gu Sanqiu’s gaze changed, and his murderous aura instantly soared. The force of his fist suddenly underwent an earth-shattering change.

“What a good move, Dazzling Chaos of the Heavenly Demon. Today, I will use these two fists to blast open your so-called darkness.”

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