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Chapter 1490 - Zhan Wushuang again!

Everyone has a dark side.

This was also known as the 'evil side'.

Under the punish evil mirror, no one could escape.

After Long Fei was possessed by the evil demon, no matter what, his body would still contain traces of Evil Qi. Furthermore, when he fought, he hated evil like he hated evil, and had a heart full of evil idea s towards beauties.

If someone like him were to shine in front of punish evil mirror, he would definitely reveal his true form.

However …

Yet, he stood in front of the punish evil mirror fearlessly, and even asked playfully: "Who is the most handsome person in the world?"

Everyone looked at him with contempt.

He was destined to be unable to escape this calamity.

Even if wang shishi had the Spirit Opening Badge, it wouldn't be able to protect him.

Demonic beasts were not allowed to exist in tower question of god!

Everyone looked at themselves in the mirror, waiting for the results.

The punish evil mirror also flashed a white light that enveloped Long Fei's entire body, just like an advanced instrument, the red light scanning Long Fei's entire body.


A few seconds passed, but there were no changes to the punish evil mirror.

The reflection was still Long Fei's handsome face. Long Fei also grinned: "As expected, I am the most handsome person in the world."

"Hahaha …"

But he was secretly contemptuous in his heart: "A bunch of idiots want to mess with me? "You are still very young."



The evil energy in Long Fei's body had been completely absorbed by the Magic Body. He was the combination of all the evil spirits. The evil side of Long Fei's body could be said to be as pure as a lamb, purer even than his mother's angel.

Want to find his evil?

It was a joke.

Everyone looked at Long Fei strangely.

That elder lowered his head and muttered to himself, "Impossible, the punish evil mirror cannot be like this. Every person in the world has an evil side to them, it is impossible for him to not have one."

wang shishi then asked: "Clan Elder, is Long Fei's examination over?"

Long Fei also laughed: "Clan Elder, the test has ended, right?"

The elder's face was ashen, looking somewhat ugly to behold.

He had originally thought that the punish evil mirror would be able to kill Long Fei, but then … He did not expect the punish evil mirror to have no reaction, his soul was pure?

He wouldn't believe it even if he was beaten to death.

Just when the elder was silent, Long Fei suddenly moved his punish evil mirror forward slightly and said: "Mirror, mirror, who is the ugliest person in the world?"

The punish evil mirror suddenly turned and shone on the elder's body.

The elder's expression changed and he jumped away.


He was still illuminated by the punish evil mirror, and a ray of blood flashed out from the mirror.

A series of ghostly wails and wolf howls came out from the punish evil mirror.

This was the roar of the elder's evil being revealed, as if his scars had been opened up.

Long Fei pretended to be extremely shocked, and said: "Clan Elder, the evil in your body is very strong, you can't be the demon apostle hiding in the tower question of god, right?"

The red light in the mirror showed everything.

The elders and saint s in the hall were all stunned as they stared at the elder without moving.

The elder's face sunk, he stared straight at Long Fei and shouted: "Long Fei, how dare you, you dare touch the punish evil mirror?"

Long Fei grinned and said: "It's just a joke, don't be so serious. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone that you're the Evil Demon Apostle."

While they were talking …

Long Fei held onto the punish evil mirror with one hand as he glanced at the elders in the great hall and said softly, "Who else wants to test their strength? This mirror is pretty fun. "

wang shishi pursed his lips and smiled.

Everyone had greed and a dark side to them. As long as they had these, they would not be able to escape.

At this moment.

No one in the hall dared to speak. With the punish evil mirror in Long Fei's hands, if it really caught sight of them, then it would really be too late for them.

The elder's expression was flustered and exasperated, like a cat stepping on its tail. He shouted solemnly: "Long Fei, this is a tower question of god, it is not a place for you to behave atrociously."

"Considering your low talent in blood vein, the blockages in your veins, and the various damage done by Pubes, you are not suitable to enter the tower question of god."

"As you have passed the examination, I will now appoint you as a service disciple of the tower question of god."

He quickly said.

Without waiting for Long Fei to speak, the elder continued: "Those who agree with my decision raise their hands."

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

All of them raised their hands in unison.

As agreed.

Without any consideration, he hesitated.

The elder immediately said: "temple qustion of god has unanimously passed. Long Fei, you are now just a service disciple.

And then …

An elder of the beast control hall stood up and said: "holy saint, our beast control hall needs a service disciple to dig out the feces."


"I'll give it to your beast control hall." The elder laughed coldly and said: "Congratulations to you, Long Fei, for becoming a service disciple of beast control hall."


"The meeting is over!"

The elder laughed coldly and said: "Long Fei, if you don't accept this, you can complain to the Tower Lord. I'm sorry to tell you, but we don't know where the Tower Lord is either. "

"Hahaha …"

"If you don't accept it, you have to accept it too, do you understand?"

The Elder was extremely pleased with himself.

Originally, he wanted to use the punish evil mirror to kill Long Fei, but... Without detecting that Long Fei had an evil side, he would not be able to use force to suppress him.

However …

He remembered what Zhan Wushuang had told him. He absolutely could not let Long Fei enter the tower question of god.

Stealing the feces of a service disciple meant that the tower question of god would never be able to rise again in its entire life!

Enter the tower question of god Trial?

That was a joke!

wang shishi said angrily: "Elder, Long Fei clearly passed the examination, how can you do this?"

The elder laughed, "I'm just like that, what can you do? wang shishi, if it wasn't for the Spirit Communication Badge in your hand, you wouldn't even be able to enter the temple qustion of god, and you're telling me all this? "


"Who do you think you are?"

Very contemptuous.

wang shishi was furious, he was about to go crazy.

He was just worried that he would not have the chance to go berserk. As long as wang shishi took action, he would use all his strength to kill him.

This was the opportunity he had been waiting for.

Long Fei suddenly took a step forward and grabbed wang shishi's arm. I'll agree to it. "

wang shishi's brows tightened, and said. "Long Fei, this is unfair to you."

Long Fei laughed: "To whom has this world been fair?"

The elder laughed in pride: "You are right. Who has this world been fair to? I don't care if you're a dragon or a tiger, but if you're a dragon or a tiger, then you have to lay down and let me down, understand? "

"I'll tell you something else."

"You won't have a good ending if you go against Lord Wushuang."

"Zhan Wushuang?" Long Fei's eyes darkened, and said coldly: "It's Zhan Wushuang again! When we go back and tell your master, I will definitely enter the tower question of god, and he, Zhan Wushuang, will definitely be trampled to death by your father!"

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