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Chapter 1422: 1422
Chapter 1422: The Girl Who Ran Away from Home

When Su Cancan heard that, her face immediately turned black . “Monk, why are you so mischievous? You are nothing like Abbot Fangzheng at all . ”

Fangzheng said in surprise, “You know Fangzheng well?”

Su Cancan looked up and said proudly, “Of course . Back when I was traveling south, I suddenly heard someone shout that Abbot Fangzheng is here! I went over to take a look… You may not know, but Abbot Fangzheng is very handsome! He wears a white monk robe . Tsk, tsk… he’s so elegant… unlike you . You are so sloppy that you can act as Ji Gong . ”

Fangzheng was instantly dumbfounded as he scratched his nose . He did not know if he should laugh or cry .

“Alright . This Penniless Monk thinks that we should discuss why you cried . ”

When Su Cancan heard that, she pouted . “What? You want to learn from Abbot Fangzheng? Trying to redeem people?”

Fangzheng said helplessly, “Can’t This Penniless Monk give it a try?”

Su Cancan came over and carefully sized up Fangzheng . After a while, she looked like she pitied him and said, “Alright, I’ll tell you . I’ll let a young monk like you understand how difficult it is to be Abbot Fangzheng . ”

Fangzheng nodded with a smile .

Su Cancan thought for a moment and her smile slowly turned bitter . “Sigh… How should I put it? I don’t know how to begin . ”

Fangzheng said, “Then, say whatever that comes to your mind . ”

Su Cancan nodded slightly and said, “I’m still in high school . I’m going to attend university soon, but I don’t want to go to stupid med school . I just want to quietly learn art… Besides, I don’t want to be a good girl either . I just want to play . I want to be a crazy girl who can laugh whenever I want and cry when I want to . But…”

“Can’t do it?”

Su Cancan nodded and said, “Yes… Our family is a doctor family . My grandfather is a doctor, my father is a doctor, my grandmother is a nurse, and my mother is a nurse too… They all wanted me to continue studying medicine and completely transform my family into a doctor family . Therefore, they forced me to memorize medical books and all kinds of prescriptions from a young age… Ah… Can you imagine?

“When other children are out looking at flowers and butterflies, I’m cooped up in a dark pharmacy, identifying those dried and ugly herbs!”

Fangzheng looked at Su Cancan’s bright and sorrowful face and felt that she was rather adorable .

Su Cancan looked up at the sky, puffed up her cheeks, and let out a breath . It was as if she was puffing out all the depression in her heart . Then, she said, “Do you know? I dream of going on a holiday, letting my body and mind go . I want to allow myself to indulge in nature… Then, my dad took me to the mountains and brought me back to look for herbs!

“You might be unaware, but when I learned that we entered the mountain to look for herbs, I nearly went crazy! I only wanted a little bit of my own space and to have my tiny wishes fulfilled . Why must they add their conditions on me?

“It made my originally happy mood suddenly… Oh… that feeling… It was as though I had been waiting all day for physical education class only to have the math teacher suddenly come in and tell us that the physical education teacher is sick and that he would be in charge of the physical education class! Or it’s like when the school finally organizes a movie outing and everyone walks over happily . But before we can step out, the teacher tells us to watch the movie carefully . All of us have to write a three-thousand-word reflection .

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“Oh my god! What could be worse than this?”

Fangzheng shared the same sentiments when he heard that . He had experienced these experiences back when he was in school . The feeling of powerless despair and frustration was indeed unbearable . The teachers and parents might be doing it for the children’s good, but they never considered that children needed their own time . It was not easy for them to last until they had some free time of their own, but they still needed to complete their homework . Only children could experience such exasperating feelings .

Fangzheng said, “What does this have to do with your crying? If This Penniless Monk remembers correctly, it should be summer vacation soon . ”

Upon hearing the words “summer vacation,” Su Cancan was first excited, but then depressed… She hugged her knees and said, “It’s summer vacation… What summer vacation? It’s just switching from the classroom to the enrichment classes . It’s the kind of class that doesn’t even have a physical education class…”

Fangzheng sighed and said, “So you ran away and don’t want to go home?”

Su Cancan nodded and said, “I don’t want to go home . I only want to stay outside . Although I’m a little scared, but… at least the time now belongs to me . ”

Fangzheng nodded in agreement .

Su Cancan suddenly asked, “Monk, if you were me, what would you do?”

Fangzheng thought for a moment and said, “If This Penniless Monk were you, This Penniless Monk would choose drawing . ”

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Su Cancan curled her lips . “That’s impossible . My parents and grandparents won’t agree . ”

Fangzheng said, “In that case, learn medicine . ”

Su Cancan pursed her lips and said, “I don’t like to study medicine . Besides, I don’t think I’m that good either . I usually use my spare time drawing . I won awards for them . But after learning medicine for so long, I can’t even do an IV . ”

Fangzheng was taken aback . “You don’t even know how to do an IV?”

Su Cancan said, “Hmm… I don’t know why either . Every time I give someone an IV drip, the burgeoning blood vessels would resemble slippery worms… Eh… I can’t bear to do it . ”

Fangzheng: “…”

Su Cancan said, “I feel like it’s hopeless . I don’t like medicine and I’ll be a burden . I even have to be forced to learn medicine… so I ran away . But I don’t know where to run to . This is the only place that’s still open in the middle of the night, so I waited at the door . But there are so many mosquitoes outside . It’s so annoying to be bitten, so I cried…”

Fangzheng was rendered speechless . This lass wasn’t sad . She was crying because of mosquitoes!

Salted Fish couldn’t help but send a voice transmission .  “Master, this child is a genius! A genius among oddities!”

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At that moment, the door opened and the two people rushed in . The moment they entered, they happened to see Su Cancan . Following that, the woman shouted, “Cancan!”

Hearing this, Su Cancan was so frightened that she immediately shrank her neck . However, she still replied, “Mom, how did you guys know I’m here?”

Su Cancan’s mother seemed to be in a panic . Her eyes were red . “How did we know? If not for our neighbor, Auntie Ma, seeing you sitting at the entrance, we would have searched the entire city! You darn child, why are you so disobedient? Why didn’t you return home when it’s so late? What are you doing?!”

Although she was scolding her, Su Cancan’s mother cried first .

Su Cancan’s father patted her on the shoulder and said, “Enough, let’s talk back home . Cancan, come home with Daddy . ”

“No… I’m not going back . ” Su Cancan hurriedly hid behind Fangzheng .

Su Cancan’s father looked at Fangzheng and was clearly taken aback when he saw that it was a monk . He frowned and asked, “Venerable One, do you know Cancan well?”

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