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Chapter 1068

It’s a good thing that they could confirm Brother Hong and his four lackeys didn’t carry any firearms, the best they had was just a knife .

They couldn’t follow too closely; they were still in the luring stage, so their ‘brother’ in front will have to take care of themself!

In the following time, Captain Liu continuously received new information . While they were still guessing their tracker’s identity, they didn’t discover any more clues in the next two hours; they couldn’t find anything even amongst the large tracks their targets had left behind…

There weren’t any signs of combat nearby, does this mean their brother ahead of them left by himself? And because he spotted those people, he left behind a mark in passing, see if the border police would spot it?

Capable of leaving behind these markings, and was also capable of planning whether or not the border police would see it, seems like this ‘brother’ had managed to figure out the identity of ‘Brother Hong’ who left in his prison clothes, why would any average person walk around in their prison clothes?

“There’s no more markings? Captain Liu, there aren’t any signs of fighting nearby, most likely nothing has happened . ” After the scout made his quick surveillance of the area, he wiped off the rainwater on his face as he lowered his voice: “Either he left by himself, or he doesn’t plan on leaving behind any more markings . ”

Captain Liu pulled his rain cap lower, sweeping a glance at the same greenish world, he bellowed: “Most likely it was one of our brothers from the other divisions doing wilderness survival, he discovered the situation and gave us a heads up . Since there aren’t any traces of combat, let’s keep moving . ”

Indeed Ye Jian1 stopped following them . At this time, she had arrived at her resting spot for tonight . Naturally, there’s no end for her to keep tailing them .

Besides, she had a feeling the border patrol intended to lag, following after them without a rush…, even the sounds of the dog barks were gone by the end of it, it was like the earlier barks were just to startle Brother Hong, so they’ll start escaping with their lives on the line .

The artificially carved out cave was just enough for one person to sleep in there with their legs curled up, Ye Jian already had experience with sleeping in the outdoors, what she needed to do for the first step, and the second step, she knew them by heart .   

First, use the rain tarp to block out wind and rain . After padding the ground with moisture-proof mats, start sprinkling powdered deterrent against snakes and insects, with necessary protective measures in place, place the most important sniper rifle to the innermost side . Finally, it was time to go to bed before 11 o’clock .

Raindrops hit on the rain tarp, the tapping sounds did not affect Ye Jian from entering her slumber, but she was soon woken up .

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Someone was moving forwards in the rain, fast pace but not in a panic; their breathing was also very calm, the figures of the border police squad flashed in Ye Jian’s mind .

After calculating the time, they still kept their distance within half an hour of Brother Hong’s departure .

They’re really calculating their time precisely, intentionally keeping half an hour’s distance away .

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Ye Jian did not continue meddling in the affairs of the border police, they must’ve seen the messages she’s left behind, in case she continued leaving behind messages, it’s likely she’ll make them confused, after telling them their target has reinforcements, there’s no need for her to leave behind more messages .

Ye Jian controlled her sleeping time within six hours, at 5 a . m . , Ye Jian had already finished packing up and again continued her journey in the damp rainforest .

At 7 a . m . , she arrived at the location where she pings her coordinates, turning on her locator, she sent her location to Principal Chen, this was the positioning coordinates of the military, as long as the locator’s signal was sent out, they’ll be able to locate her accurately .

Ye Jian drank her first mouthful of water since waking up this morning, and ate one hardtack, she only had five minutes of resting time, after that, her figure disappeared into the endless rainforest in the blink of an eye .

After walking for about fifteen kilometers, Ye Jian hugged her sniper rifle . She launched her body horizontally into the bush at her side like a slingshot . There was the scent of gunpowder in the air and the smell of blood!

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