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Chapter 1019

“Ye Jian1! “

“Jing Jing!”

Along with Ye Jian’s sudden move and her scream from the rooftop, the teachers rushed over . Yang Heng, who was nearest to them, flew over and tried to catch Ye Jian’s ankle .

Yao Jing knew how to hook herself onto the steel bar with her instep, so how would Ye Jian not know about it?

When Yao Jing’s hands throbbed towards her, Ye Jian was already prepared, she was just waiting for her to do it .

Does she want to jump off the building?

Sure, no problem . What’s the point of not jumping after spending such a long time up here? How about I let her experience it herself, what’s it like to jump off a building .

Yao Jing, who was pushing herself towards Ye Jian, grinned fiercely as she said softly: “Go to hell, Ye Jian!” She used her waist to push Ye Jian . Ye Jian didn’t move, she tried again, but Ye Jian still didn’t budge at all .

At this time, Yao Jing was a little flustered .

“Yao Jing, I’m not interested in jumping off the building . I think you should go down . ”

The thin and cool voice sounded light, thinly and coldly into Yao Jing’s ears . Her face changed in a flash; her expression and her eyes were full of terror .

Her panic was real, and it came from the bottom of her heart . Her pupil tightened suddenly as she stared horrifyingly at Ye Jian .

She fell over to Ye Jian . Ye Jian only needed to grab Yao Jing’s arm and use all her five fingers to press on the bone of her elbow . It was painful enough for Yao Jing to release her instep that was supporting the steel bar .

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“Ah…” Yao Jing fell down . She screamed out loud as she fell backward from the roof .

She fell down . Ye Jian also did not let herself stand on the rooftop steadily . Similarly, she followed quickly and “fell down . ”

“Jing Jing!”

“Jing Jing!”

As Yao Jing fell, the ones who were screaming the most on the rooftop were naturally her parents . The screaming of Mr . Yao and Mrs . Yao was so loud that they could break the air on the rooftop .

Yang Heng didn’t manage to grab Ye Jian’s ankle; things happened too quickly . Even if he rushed over as soon as possible, he didn’t manage to catch Ye Jian .

“Ye Jian!”

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Teacher Tong and President Cao yelled Ye Jian’s name at the same time . In such panic and chaos, Teacher Tong’s tears rolled out from her eyes as she staggering a few steps toward the end .

All the teachers rushed over . At the forefront were Mr . Yao and his wife . They rushed to the roof at the fastest speed and looked down the roof with horror .

Yao Jing fell down, but Ye Jian didn’t fall .

“Don’t let go, Ye Jian!”

Yang Heng didn’t know how Ye Jian grabbed on the steel bar . He didn’t catch her ankle, but he saw that her right hand suddenly caught the steel bar at the moment she fell!

How did she fall and how did she grab on the steel bar, only Ye Jian knew the answer .

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Unlike Yao Jing, who fell backward, she slid down . From the scene, it looked like Yao Jing pushed Ye Jian, but she accidentally slipped and fell .

In a matter of life and death, her right hand grabbed the copper bar and held it tightly . Her whole wrist rolled against the edge of the rooftop, and it seemed that her bone would break off in the next second as she fell down together with Yao Jing .

“Give me your left hand, hurry!” Yang Heng clasped both of Ye Jian’s hands tightly . His handsome fair face turned red because of all the strength he was using .

He was about one meter and seventy or sixty centimeters . He could hold on to Ye Jian with his long hands and feet, but even if he grabbed Ye Jane’s hands now, he also had no strength to drag her up .

Ye Jian, who was hanging in the air, did not say anything . She was not afraid, she wanted to shout… but she couldn’t shout .

Upon hearing Yang Heng, Ye Jian, whose expression could not be seen, said: “I’m fine, I can hold on . ”

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