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Chapter 861: Exposed Identity

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“Wow, Tang Hao, what day is it? You still remember that you’re a student!”

Teacher Jiang caught him when he arrived at the university.

“I’ve been busy recently!” Tang Hao said awkwardly.

At the other end of the corridor, Jiang Wanying walked over with her textbooks in her hands and glared at him.

“You didn’t come to visit me during the summer vacation either!” She grunted resentfully.

“Fine, I know that you’re busy! But you have to accompany me tonight!”

After saying that, she put the airs of a teacher and said sternly, “You shouldn’t be like that, Tang Hao! Remember that you have to attend your classes!”

“Yes! Teacher!”

Jiang Wanying turned around and walked away on her high heels.

Following that, Tang Hao went to meet Yan’er. The next day, he went to visit Officer Zhao and the others, and he also made a trip to New Magical Kitchen. He even took the time to contact Thea.

He had to go to Mao Mountain to teach the Taoist masters how to make medicine as well. The goal was to have the Taoist masters make a batch for him before he had to return.

He also planned to bring some jade talismans to sell there.

Finally, he returned to Westridge to accompany Qin Xiangyi.

At night, he continued to make pills.

His time was stretched thin, and he could not stay for too long. He had to return in fifteen days at most.

His stock was only enough for six or seven days. If he closed his store for too long, it would be bad for his reputation.

Tang Hao wanted to make the store a stable source of income. Moreover, Nanping Town was close to the passage, so it would be convenient for him to bring people there in the future.

Before he left, Tang Hao went to Mao Mountain again.

Pill making was hard to learn, but medicine making was easy. The Taoist masters mastered the technique in about a week, and they managed to make quite a lot for Tang Hao.

After stashing the medicine in his pocket dimension, Tang Hao went to Kunlun.

When he returned to Nanping, the small town was immediately in an uproar.

“You’re back, Storekeeper Tang!”

“Oh, Storekeeper Tang, you’re finally back! I’ve been waiting for a few days.”

A group of people surrounded him.

The goods in Ritian Pavilion had long been out of stock. Many people who had come from all over had been waiting in town for several days.

“I have the goods! Follow me!”

Tang Hao brought everyone to Ritian Pavilion and sold more than twenty thousand pills in an instant.

“Brother Tang, this is the income from the past two weeks. Don’t worry, every single crystal is inside.” Zhao Liu handed a bag of holding to Tang Hao.

Tang Hao did not count. He took out fifty thousand crystals and handed them to Zhao Liu. “Thank you for your hard work, Brother Liu.”

“Thanks for your generosity, Bro!”

Zhao Liu looked at the money and smiled happily.

“Next, we have to expand the store. Didn’t the two neighboring stores move out? We’ll rent them as well. Otherwise, this store alone is too small.

“We’ll renovate the place so that lit looks more upscale,” Tang Hao said.

“Yes, yes. Now that we’re famous, we have to make it more upscale. Our store should make an impression,” Zhao Liu hurriedly said. “Don’t worry. I’ll get it settled for you. I’ll make sure it’s done properly.”

“That’s fine too!” Tang Hao nodded.

“Ah! By the way, Brother Tang, I have a book that should interest you.” As he said that, Zhao Liu took out a crumpled ancient book and handed it over.

Tang Hao was surprised when he took it and saw the cover.

“Records of the Nineteen Continents?”

“Yes. A few days ago, I went to a bookstore in Maple City and found it. Didn’t you ask me what it’s like beyond our town? You’ll know after you read it.

“This place is very remote, and it’s rare to find books like this one,” Zhao Liu said.

“Thanks!” Tang Hao said.

“Don’t mention it. See you later!” Zhao Liu said and walked out of the door.

Tang Hao sat down, opened the book, and started reading.

“Nineteen continents and nine seas?”

The more Tang Hao read, the more surprised he became.

There were nineteen continents on this planet, but they did not have names. Instead, they were called the First Continent, the Second Continent, up until the Nineteenth Continent.

Nanping Town was located in the Ninth Continent.

The nine seas were named in a similar fashion, from the First Sea to the Ninth Sea.

‘That’s quite simple. The people must’ve been too lazy to give them proper names when they first arrived,’ Tang Hao guessed.

The book also recorded many notable mountains and islands, as well as all sorts of strange and wonderful creatures. Tang Hao clicked his tongue in wonder.

There were many mythological creatures, but also many creatures that he had never heard of. The descriptions of those creatures were more terrifying than those of the mythological creatures.


After reading the book, Tang Hao sighed in admiration.

He had the urge to make a movie again, and he could not help but chuckle.

He closed the book, and he could feel the sense of yearning in his heart.

So far, he had only explored a remote corner of the Ninth Continent. How were things going on in the other continents?

Where might the invaders be?

The people who owned stardisks must be one of the major forces in this world!

It would be difficult to take revenge!

Thinking of that, Tang Hao sighed.

Then, his gaze turned cold. No matter how difficult it was, he had to take revenge. If he did not eliminate them, Earth would never have peace.

In the next few days, Tang Hao spent less time on making medicine and more on cultivation.

He began to collect medicinal herbs and made them into alchemical pills for himself. This way, it was much faster than cultivating by meditation.

That night, Tang Hao left the inn and rushed to the valley in the depths of the mountain forest to pick up the medicine on the other end of the passage.

Every two or three days, the Taoist masters would send the medicinal pills to the underground palace.

As he flew in the air, Tang Hao suddenly sensed that he was being followed. He could faintly hear the sound of someone or something tearing through the air and rapidly approaching.

He turned his head and heard a whoosh. In the darkness, a white light shot toward him.

His expression changed. He waved his hand, and a few jade swords flew out.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

In an instant, the jade swords clashed countless times with the white ray of light, creating dazzling sparks.

A moment later, the white ray of light turned and flew back.

A figure rushed over, reaching out to grab the white ray of light.

That person looked at Tang Hao with a sinister expression and laughed coldly. “You’ve hidden your true abilities well, Tang Ritian! I’m impressed that you have such a high cultivation base at such a young age.”

Tang Hao looked closely and his pupils constricted.

‘F*ck! Why is that old guy!’

He was shocked.

The person in front of him was an elder from East Peak Mountain who came to investigate him previously. His name was Zhong Tai, and he was a troublesome character.

‘Dammit, did he find out?’ Tang Hao furrowed his brows.

If that old guy came to find him, he must have figured out that Tang Hao was the one who killed Guan Sheng and the other disciples.

Even so, Tang Hao did not show the shock on his face.

“So it’s you, Elder Zhong! I don’t remember that we have a grudge. Why did you want to kill me?” Tang Hao said coldly.


Zhong Tai laughed mockingly. “You can stop pretending now, Tang Ritian. There’s no one else here other than the two of us.”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying, Elder Zhong!”

Tang Hao’s expression did not change.

“Is that so?” Zhong Tai laughed sinisterly, “Don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten about Guan Sheng and the others! Do you think that you can get away with it?

“That’s very bold of you to kill my people of East Peak Mountain! Right, I nearly forgot that killing a few people means nothing to you.

“Isn’t that so, Tang Ritian… or should I call you Ballsy Bro?”

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