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Chapter 805 Sweet Not Just The Past

Xueluo finally walked out of the Shallow Water Bay.

This time, it was not for Feng Xinglang, nor for his son Linnuo, it was only for himself.

Living under the sunlight, living well, he had not wasted the new life that he had gone through with his life!

He couldn't let his hazy past affect his current life.

And his own future.

Linnuo's little friend still chose to sit in his father's car and go to the kindergarten.

"Feng Xinglang, what is a diploma? Isn't it very beneficial? "

In response to his son's innocent inquiry, Feng Xinglang's raised his eyebrows slightly, looking as if he was doting on his son.

"To put it more artificially: that is the seal of knowledge; to put it simply, that is a piece of paper that is hard enough to rub a PP!"

Feng Xinglang's words were extremely easy to understand. And he was still in the range that his own son could understand.

"That's impossible! How can it be worse than a piece of PP paper? My dear mother said that if she did not have a diploma, she would not be able to survive in Shen City! "

The little guy turned around, "Feng Xinglang, do you have any way to get a lot of diplomas? "That way, you can please my Mommy!"

Looking at his son's cute and adorable appearance, Feng Xinglang reached his warm palm to stroke the little guy's hair.

"Daddy will try to please your mommy! By the way, what else did your mommy tell you last night? "

The little guy lowered his little head, "Mommy originally wanted to take me with her to leave this place. However, he later said that he was not planning to leave! Actually, I think Mommy must want to leave! Because she's not happy to be here at all! "

Feng Xinglang's heart was in pain, he stopped the carriage by the side of the road and took the little thing from the front seat to sit in his embrace.

"Your mother actually doesn't want to leave Shen City! She can't bear to leave me, and even more so, she can't bear to leave you! "But …"

"But what?" the little fellow asked.

"It's just that your mommy still has a knot in her heart that she can't open."

Feng Xinglang sighed lightly and used the tip of his nose to kiss his son's fleshy cheeks.

"I got it: Mommy must want that Great Witch Lan Youyou to die! Feng Xinglang, can you kill her? "Then Mommy will be happy!"

The little guy explained in his own way.

Feng Xinglang slightly frowned at his son's hostility.

"Maybe your mother won't be happy if Lan Youyou really dies … What she wanted was for Lan Youyou to receive the punishment he deserved! Get her a psychological justice for you and yourself! "

These words of Feng Xinglang, went deep into his bones. Although that woman could not hear him, he still understood her.

"Then punish that Lan Youyou severely!" The little fellow said in a stern and dissatisfied tone.

"But she's Mommy of the Bundle, and also the wife of your uncle …"

Feng Xinglang exhaled a mouthful of impure Qi.

"Feng Xinglang, I finally know why Mommy didn't want to talk to you anymore! It turns out you have always been biased towards that Feng Tuantuan who likes to cry and her mother! No wonder Mommy won't forgive you! Now, even I don't want to bother with you anymore! I want to get off! "

The little guy's hostility came at once.

"Nuonuo, I believe my father will give you and Mommy a satisfactory answer! My father needs time to think it over. At the very least, it must be harmless, given that I do not want to hurt you! "

Feng Xinglang hugged his son who was struggling to get off the carriage in his embrace, and kissed him again warmly.

No matter what, it couldn't kiss this stubborn little thing enough.

This was his life, the continuation of Feng Xinglang's life!

"Alright! I'm sorry! But don't make me wait too long with Mommy! "

The little guy was just putting on an act. To be honest, he really couldn't bear to part from his father's warm embrace.

He really enjoyed being alone with his father, Feng Xinglang.

"Feng Xinglang, I don't want to go to school … Why don't you just hug me like this? "

The little guy began to act cute with a purpose.

"Good!" Then let's not go to school today! Father will carry you like this. Father and I will enjoy the sunlight and time together! "

Feng Xinglang calmed his seat a little, and just like that, the father and son hugged each other.

It was as if he wanted to make up for all the fatherly love he had experienced in the past five years!

Because they were separated by so much time, the school did not accept Xueluo's request to re-cultivate for a year.

No matter how much Xueluo begged, the academy rejected him for various reasons. He said that Xueluo had left the school on his own accord and did not apply to the school.

Simply put, Xueluo wanting to cultivate for another year to get back his diploma and diploma was not going to work.

Xueluo was a little discouraged after being rejected.

It was only then that he realized that he shouldn't circle around his son and man everyday in this boundless universe! He should also have his own life! It was not just an accessory of others!

Yuan Duoduo's phone could not be reached. Presumably, he was still in the Bai's mansion, taking care of the seriously ill Gentleman Bai.

Xueluo stopped and walked around the campus. The girls' dormitory from before had already been demolished, and a new dormitory was rising from the ground. Even the stories from before had been erased.

Just like that, Xueluo once again walked to the English corner.

It was actually still here. And it was even larger than before.

The moment Xueluo stepped into the arched door, he heard a low hum that was similar to a girl's … A boy and a girl were kissing.

They did not stop because of Xueluo's intrusion. They continued kissing and touching their bodies as if no one else was present.

Xueluo was a little embarrassed. She wanted to sit in the English Corner for a while because she felt she had nowhere else to go.

But the pair of male and female students were getting more and more intense, using even louder voices to shout at Xueluo.

In the end, Xueluo chose to leave, leaving the space for the male and female students.

He couldn't help but mutter in his heart, "Why are students so self-conscious these days?" He knew there was someone coming, but he was still so engrossed in the kiss?

Alright, it seems that I am unable to keep up with this era.

Thinking back to when he was here with Feng Xinglang … … He also seemed to be kissing her passionately!

Thinking about that scene where he had kissed and touched her, Xueluo felt his heart palpitate.

The times had changed. When Xueluo thought about how she was actually kissed and hugged by Feng Xinglang when she was unaware of the fact that Feng Xinglang was her legal husband, she really felt embarrassed, was self-conscious, and was bold and open-minded!

At that time, Feng Xinglang was his own 'brother-in-law'!

It seemed that the flames of love could really burn away one's rationality!

Xueluo patted her cheeks that were inexplicably red, and lowered her head as she walked straight ahead.

All of a sudden, he crashed into a solid wall …

"This student, your way of striking up a handsome face is already very old-fashioned …" But I still like it! "

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