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During the competition, although Rosy clouds Dan Saint and other famous Dan Saint Title would not be able to get first place, it did not affect their reputation. The appearance of the Rosy clouds Dan Saint at this time could be seen from how it had attracted so many people.

Chen Xiang was mixed in the crowd, patiently waiting for the Rosy clouds Dan Saint to appear. Unexpectedly, the one who walked out was a beautiful girl, she told everyone that it was not convenient for Rosy clouds Dan Saint to refine pills outside right now.

This made everyone very disappointed, they had waited for so long, and this was actually the result. Just as everyone was sighing in disappointment, the girl said: "Although Rosy clouds Dan Saint s cannot refine pills outside, but we can do it inside, and the hall in our shop is also not small. As long as we do not make any noise inside, we can go in and watch the Rosy clouds Dan Saint refine pills."

This was the territory of the Divine Female Palace, whoever dared to make a ruckus inside would definitely not get anything good, and then everyone lined up in an orderly manner and went into the main hall of the shop.

Chen Xiang naturally followed them in. When he and several thousand people arrived at the great hall, it was indeed very big.

The hall was divided into two parts, one side was very spacious, and the people who came in to see the pill refining were at that part, the other side was separated by a transparent crystal wall, and over there were a few dozen Alchemist s pill refining, among them were Rosy clouds Dan Saint.

Everyone could see that the Alchemist was concocting pills with their eyes closed, but everyone's attention was on the Rosy clouds Dan Saint.

"What pill are they refining?" A man said in a low voice: "Isn't it common for Alchemist to refine pills in their own pill refining rooms? Gathering together to refine pills should be considered a competition."

The young lady from the Divine Female Palace replied: "They are indeed competing. They are all the outstanding Alchemist s from our Goddess City, even if they are not Divine Female Palace's disciples, as long as they contribute to the Goddess City, they can all participate in the competition here. The three Alchemist s who win will have the opportunity to receive the pointers of the Pill God."

Everyone heard and exclaimed in surprise. To be able to get the guidance of the Pill God, it also meant that there was a Pill God visiting Divine Female Palace right now, which was why these Alchemist had the chance.

It was said that every great shrine was on good terms with the Pill God. There were even Pill God overseeing the shrines, but those were rarely seen and were even very mysterious.

Although Rosy clouds Dan Saint s were very famous and had a high level of alchemy, it was still a very rare opportunity for her to get the guidance of the Pill God.

Chen Xiang's heart was moved, he had never seen the Pill God before, he wanted to give him pointers too, but he did not have the chance.

"What pill are they concocting? How are they going to rank the top three?" An old man asked.

The young lady answered with a smile: "The refining method of the Shangpin holy Dan is to refine them into pills for the Pill God to see and let him choose."

The pills they refined were meant for the Pill God to see, so the pressure on Alchemist was not small.

Chen Xiang saw the Rosy clouds Dan Saint, but it was still far away. Originally, he wanted to look at it a little longer, but he knew that refining the Shangpin holy Dan required a lot of time. He did not want to wait any longer, so he decided to leave the hall.

The girl saw that he was about to leave, so she walked over and asked, "Brother, where are you going? Don't run around. I'll bring you out."

With that, the girl looked at the crowd and asked softly if anyone was leaving.

When the people inside saw that Chen Xiang was about to leave, they looked at Chen Xiang in disdain. After entering not long ago, they left, not giving him any face as a Rosy clouds Dan Saint at all.

Chen Xiang ignored their gazes. He was just here to join in the fun, he was mainly here to sell the Holy Pellets in exchange for divine money.

Only Chen Xiang was leaving, so the girl brought him out of the hall. At this time, Chen Xiang opened his mouth and asked: "Miss, do you guys buy the sacred pills here? I have a few pills with me, if the price is right, I would like to exchange them for some divine money."

The girl smiled and nodded: "Of course! Please come with me. I will take you there but there is a limit to how many of us can purchase. If there is too much then we have to inform the elders so that they can arrange it."

"I only sell a few." Chen Xiang was only going to check the price.

"That will depend on the quality of your Holy Elixir. At that time, there will be a special Alchemist to evaluate it." The girl walked a few steps and came to a door. She opened the door and said in a soft voice, "You just have to wait patiently inside."

After Chen Xiang entered, he saw that there were more than 20 large round tables, and every round table had over 10 chairs. There were a lot of people seated, and there were only a few empty seats.

Chen Xiang found an empty seat and sat down. He knew from the conversations of the others that they were all here to sell pills.

"Lil 'Bro, are you here to sell pills or medicine?" A black-robed old man who was sitting beside Chen Xiang asked.

"Senior, how about you, a pill seller?" Chen Xiang laughed, and then asked.

The black-clothed old man took out a small box and smiled, "This old man also sells pills. Because my luck is good, I managed to refine a high quality low-grade saint pill."

Chen Xiang smiled and said: "In that case, congratulations."

Chen Xiang found it funny that he was able to concoct such a high quality pill. It was all because of his good luck.

A bearded middle-aged man sitting opposite to Chen Xiang laughed: "That is at most a medium quality low rank Holy Pellet, it won't sell for much god's money, so does Divine Female Palace want it or not?"

The black clad old man ignored the man and continued their conversation with Chen Xiang. "Little brother, are you also a Alchemist?

Chen Xiang nodded his head, and said humbly: "I refined it myself, and because my luck was good, there were three batches."

"What quality?" The old man quickly asked.

Just as Chen Xiang wanted to answer, the bearded middle-aged man said sarcastically: "He should be grateful to the heavens for being able to refine an Inferior Grade Holy Pellet."

Chen Xiang laughed faintly: "I refined a high quality low rank Holy Pellet, the one facing me, seems like you are also a Alchemist, could it be that you are concocting a divine pellet?"

He purposely spoke loudly so that everyone in the hall could hear him. Indeed, everyone was looking in his direction.

The bearded middle-aged man stood up abruptly and shouted with a vicious expression, "Kid, you are itchy, right?"

Chen Xiang sat there leisurely, and smiled faintly: "My skin is indeed a little itchy, it's good as long as I scratch it, but it's still much better than those fellows with a cheap mouth that spew feces all over their mouth. Right, Lord Pill God, I wonder if you can refine such a cheap mouth pill?"

Everyone could not help but burst out laughing, causing the middle-aged man to fly into a rage. He rolled up his sleeves, although he was well-built, his mind was not simple, and did not immediately start a fight with Chen Xiang. After all, this was the Divine Female Palace's shop, and causing trouble here was simply courting death.

"Kid, if you have the guts, come with me out of the city." The big man said angrily.

"Beat me up if you have the guts. You want to beat me up, and you want me to run all the way out of the city to beat you up myself. Do you think I'll be as stupid as you?" Chen Xiang chuckled: "Of course, if you carry me out of the city, I will consider it.

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