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Chapter 4: Let’s Escape

Wouldn’t it be fine as long as I escape?

After thinking that, I only had one course of action. Although I despaired at what happened at noon with my brother, it’ll be fine as long as I escape.

Luckily, this place is a territory that we maintain and is rural area at the border that isn’t monitored as much. So far, I’ve been forced to live in our residence near the royal capital, and even if I were to escape, my path would be blocked by the number of servants there.

But if it’s here, I can do it!

I packed my bag with only the essentials and a large amount of cash. Since it’s me we’re talking about, I could probably live as a commoner. In fact, it may even suit me more. I’ll be a female fisherman. Let’s do that.

After finishing the preparations, I touched the window. If I leave from the entrance, someone may discover me. When you think of escaping, according to conventional wisdom, it’d be from the window.

I opened the window with my bag with me and jumped down. Since it was from the second floor, my feet became more or less numb with shock, but that’s not a problem. All right, let’s run!

“I won’t let you escape.”

I tried to run, but instead, something stepped on the hem of my dress, and I tripped. My face crashed into the ground. Because of the impact, my eyesight flickered.

“If you run away, I won’t be able to escape the princess training.”

The culprit who knocked me down was Burikko, who was still stepping on my dress.

“Didn’t you sympathize with me and said that it’d be troublesome if I do it during the day?!”

“I do sympathize with you, but I can’t let you escape.”

“So mean! And here I thought that we could at least get along just a little bit!”

“It’s not because I didn’t think of that, you know!”

I tried to somehow pull out my dress from under her foot that was still stepping on it, but it wouldn’t budge one bit. What leg strength!

“I’ve been told that if you go back, then I won’t have to do the princess training. That’s why I definitely won’t let you run away.”

I see, from the start, she came along with my brother to stop me from escaping.

“Now, now, just overlook this.”

“And just who is overlooking this?!”

“Since you’re my substitute, the public thinks you’ll be the queen! You did it!”

“Didn’t I tell you that I already quit?!”

Hmm, she’s somehow not backing down. Or rather, I’m trying to remove her foot with all my might, but it’s not moving at all. Her strength’s really amazing! Is she a hidden macho?!

As I was doing this and that, another person appeared.

“Leticia, it’s the middle of the night, shut up.”

“Nii-sama, help me with this Burikko!”

“I told you, it’s Brianna!”

“If you let me go, I’ll let you marry nii-sama!”

While having desperate thoughts, I called out to Burikko, and she looked my way.

“What was that?”

…This might work!

“Eldest son of the Duke, 22 years old, superior intellect, perfect reflexes, a considerably tall, good-looking man. It’s not an exaggeration to say that his future is guaranteed! What do you think?”

“I’ll take it!”

Burikko took off her foot.

“Thank you, I won’t forget you guys. Nii-sama, spend life being lovey-dovey.”

“O-oi, Leticia.”


Thinking that I shouted that too early, I started running. From behind, I heard my brother shout, but I ignored it. Burikko, if you want to commence with the marriage, do your best, because established facts are the fastest way to do that!

I ran with light footsteps — step, step, step.

However, an arm quickly came from behind me and grabbed me around the waist.

Because of the momentum, the arm sunk into my stomach, and brought me back.

Did brother catch up to me?

As I thought that, I let out a retching noise, and the hand lets me go. Behind me is the fiancé-sama that wouldn’t let me break off the engagement.


‘His beautiful smiling face looks scary in the dark,’ I earnestly thought.

Clark-sama brought his mouth close to my ear.

“The main dress will be white, so I was wondering what color we should do for the reception.”

I don’t think that’s what we should be talking about right now.

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