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Chapter 974: Yue

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Wu Ming recovered his senses and had a face filled with envy and admiration. “Her Majesty is indeed a miracle-like talent…”

Some people might not even see a legendary fiend once in their lives, let alone make an agreement with one. In the Tianling Dynasty’s entire thousand-year history, there were less than three people who had made agreements with a legendary fiend.

And Chu Liuyue didn’t only have one, but two… If she talked about it, nobody would dare to believe her!

Yuwen Jinghong rubbed his face harshly to confirm that what he was seeing was true. Then, he felt complicated.

In the past, she had the Tianling Dynasty, and she was the top talent that the Tianling Dynasty had. Due to her existence, many other talents paled in comparison—Yuwen Jinghong was one of them.

After being impacted a few times, he resigned himself to his fate.

Some people were born to be stronger than you, so strong that one couldn’t even be jealous. Who could bridge the gap that was as wide as the distance between heaven and earth? They should just give up!

She was secretly set up later on, and she committed suicide by burning herself before returning with a different identity and physical body.

This time, she didn’t have a Tianjing Yuan meridian, right?

This time, she hadn’t cultivated in all sorts of areas since she was young, right?

This time, they could finally be better than her by even that little bit, right?

Knowing that his cultivation level was actually much higher than her, Yuwen Jinghong was over the moon. Even though he knew that she would exceed him in the future, every such happy day counted!

But it was only now that Yuwen Jinghong sorrowfully discovered that he wasn’t better than her, even for a single day.

Other people came back with a legendary fiend from the start—and she even had two!

What about him? If she didn’t leave Tuan Zi behind to protect them, he wouldn’t even be able to touch the fur of a legendary fiend!

He stared at Chu Liuyue, and he finally couldn’t help but speak. “Your Majesty, you should leave quickly!”

It’s too eye-catching to casually bring along two legendary fiends in front of us!

Seeing his expression, Chu Liuyue knew what he was thinking and couldn’t help laughing. Even though Yuwen Jinghong doesn’t have as strong a competitive nature as Jian Fengchi, he still has it somewhat. It seems like he’s quite affected this time…

“Jinghong, I’ll leave Wu Ming with you.”

Once he heard this, Yuwen Jinghong felt more energized. “Don’t worry, Your Majesty!”

A smile flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes as her gaze turned, and she looked at the gully below. “Let’s go!”

The legendary three-eyed eagle’s wings vibrated as it stirred strong winds! The black figure instantly formed a black arrow, and it went straight forward!

“Go left a little, yes. Right. Go forward a bit more—”

The legendary three-eyed eagle brought the two of them down while Mu Hongyu kept giving it directions, choosing the easiest path for them to enter.

Chu Liuyue clearly felt that the lower they went, the greater the resistance. But with Mu Hongyu’s help, they did avoid a large portion of the turbulence.

Even though they couldn’t see it physically, the pressure coming from the interaction of the spaces became increasingly strong.

There were quite a few times in between when Chu Liuyue felt her surroundings seemingly have an invisible spiral that wanted to drag them away. Luckily, they all avoided this one by one.

They were also becoming increasingly closer to the two of them.

“Turn right ten feet in front; then, continue forward. Yes—” Mu Hongyu stared closely with all her focus, not daring to relax the slightest bit.

“I really don’t know why this place is so strange…”

It wasn’t that she hadn’t been to places with turbulence, but it was the first time she saw turbulence caused by such messy and strong forces. If one wasn’t careful, they might be greatly disadvantaged.

This was definitely the reason why Jian Fengchi and Qiang Wanzhou were trapped here and couldn’t get out.

“Why would such a strange place be in Ancient Phoenix Mountain? I wonder what caused it…” Mu Hongyu was very confused.

Chu Liuyue was also thinking in her heart. A thousand years ago, the Beiming Ancestor broke through that barrier and successfully entered an even higher cultivation realm. So logically speaking, Ancient Phoenix Mountain and the continuous mountains should be wrapped by the same wave of force. However, this isn’t the case.

But Chu Liuyue didn’t spend too much time thinking about this. The most important thing now is to save the two of them first.

“Little Zhou!” They got increasingly close, and Chu Liuyue yelled downward.

Qiang Wanzhou had collapsed onto the floor and was motionless as if he had already fainted.

At this point, Mu Hongyu’s voice became nervous. “Liuyue, the situation isn’t good. The turbulence in the space below is even more complicated and terrifying than the ones above! You mustn’t get near it!”

Almost at the same time, a few waves of invisible force came over!


The legendary three-eyed eagle flapped its wings, and countless icicles rapidly flew out!

Chu chu chu!

Ice shards suddenly appeared on the ground, and some messy cracks started expanding! However, the retaliation power couldn’t be underestimated!

Chu Liuyue clearly felt that the surrounding space kept shrinking toward the center, and her entire body became as heavy as ever.

“The legendary three-eyed eagle is huge, so it will easily be attacked here!” Mu Hongyu knitted her brows.

An idea popped up in Chu Liuyue’s mind, and she wanted to jump down directly!

Mu Hongyu held her back and urgently asked, “What are you doing?!”

“Go down and save them.” Chu Liuyue’s words were brief.

Previously, Mu Hongyu had already explained very clearly that it wasn’t appropriate for the legendary three-eyed eagle to go near the space near the ground.

But in regards to her, she was slim, so it would be more convenient for her.

“No! You can’t! The strength of the space below is crazy. It has almost become a meat shredder! You—”

“This is precisely the reason why I have to go down!” Chu Liuyue pulled her hand away, jumped down, and went straight for Qiang Wanzhou!

“Liuyue…” Just as Mu Hongyu was worried, a terrifying force suddenly came from the side.

Her heart skipped a beat, and she immediately turned around.

His face pale, Jian Fengchi sat cross-legged on the floor with his eyes tightly shut. He was currently experiencing something unknown as his brows were tightly knitted. Pain was written all over his handsome face.

An invisible force was slowly and determinedly going for his chest!

Upon closer inspection, one could still see the vague black color near its edges! That was the sign of the space breaking!

Without thinking, Mu Hongyu directly rushed over!

On the surface, this place looked calm and peaceful. But in actual fact, one had to be part of it to realize the strangeness of this place!

There seemed to be all sorts of forces nearing them in all directions, wanting to rip the person apart!

Chu Liuyue walked within—quick sometimes and slow at other times. This was caused by the varying force in the spaces!

But luckily, the pure gold armor had managed to defend against most of the attacks.

Just like that, she inched closer toward him.

At this point, Qiang Wanzhou seemed to have recovered some of his consciousness as his fingers moved slightly. Then, he slowly got up and looked forward.

A figure appeared in his blurred vision.. He was dazed, and then his eyes suddenly revealed a great amount of surprise and disbelief. “Yue?!”

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