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Chapter 968: What a Vicious Lady

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Isn’t this exactly the same as the one formed by the soul that used to live in Shangguan Wan’s body? Chu Liuyue recognized the black rune despite it being incomplete as soon as the thought formed in her head. Her lips curved into a cold smirk. “I couldn’t tell that the Taiyu Dynasty has connections with Black Demon Hole…”

“What Black Demon Hole?! What nonsense are you spouting?!” Yu Zefeng played dumb, although he was faltering on the inside. How come Shangguan Yue… seems to know what this is? When His Majesty took out this rune, split it into five parts, and hid one portion in each of our bodies, he only said that this was a precious item he found and that it allowed us to communicate with each other inside Ancient Phoenix Mountain. Should anything happen to us, we can even use it to send an alarm. Moreover, each rune contains an extremely powerful force that can be used for self-preservation.

He clearly remembered how Dantai Chen previously mentioned that ordinary folks wouldn’t be able to recognize the item since it had some sort of background. The latter had also repeatedly instructed them not to gather the runes together unless they were in a dire situation. Based on what His Majesty said, nobody should be able to recognize this thing. So how did Shangguan Yue recognize it after just taking one look at it? She didn’t look like she was lying either.

“You’re denying it?” Chu Liuyue burst out laughing, though there was no sign of amusement in her eyes. She really didn’t expect that she would find something related to Black Demon Hole here. Even if Yu Zefeng and the others don’t know what’s going on, Dantai Chen surely knows! I couldn’t tell that that wily old fox still had such a trick up his sleeve!

Chu Liuyue raised the Long Yuan Sword and struck it down.


For a moment, the roar of a dragon was heard.

Fear surfaced in the eyes of Yu Zefeng and the others.

“Quick! We have to activate the rune fast!” shouted Yu Zefeng in a panic. Even if it’s incomplete, it’ll surely be of some use once it’s activated!

And so, they hurriedly channeled their internal force. The edges of the black rune started burning up in black flames, exuding an eerie and gloomy aura.

However, a cold sword aura suddenly flew toward them as soon as the words left Yu Zefeng’s mouth.


With a teeth-numbing cracking sound, the Long Yuan Sword split the black rune into two.


The two forces clashed together and formed terrifying turbulence that spread out in all directions. Broken stones flew everywhere, and the ground started to cave in.

With a flick of Chu Liuyue’s wrist, the Long Yuan Sword’s murderous sword aura flew out again.

“You—” A bloody hole appeared in Yu Zefeng’s neck right then. His eyes bulged as fresh blood gushed out from his wound and quickly stained his shirt red. He then stiffly collapsed to the ground.

His two other companions wanted to rescue him, but they were equally helpless themselves. Soon, the two collapsed one after another, along with two cries of pain.

It was then that the black flames on the black rune were finally put out and extinguished.

As Tuan Zi flapped its wings, strong winds rushed in as red flames swept in to swallow the five bodies. It didn’t take long before their bodies turned to ashes and dissipated with the wind.

Meanwhile, Dantai Chen—who was waiting outside the mountain—suddenly shot up to his feet almost at the same time his people died. His eyes widened in shock, his lips turned pale, and his back broke out into a cold sweat. T-that was…

He looked at his palm in disbelief, where a faint image of the rune appeared and faded before it could show up clearly. Thunderstruck, his vision went black as his legs gave way, making him stagger and nearly fall to the ground.

“Brother Dantai, what’s wrong?” Gongsun Xiao and Ning Yuan immediately looked over and realized that something must’ve happened to the Taiyu Dynasty’s people when they saw the look on Dantai Chen’s face.

However, Dantai Chen remained stunned in place as if he hadn’t heard their question. Five of them… All five of them are dead? How can that happen when they…

Not long ago, he was still fantasizing that his daughter and the others would surely achieve good results this time and that they would be able to let everyone see the Taiyu Dynasty’s prowess. However, all of them died in just the blink of an eye. They didn’t even have the chance to leave a clue behind at the end.

He felt like there were tens of thousands of arrows piercing his heart. His eyes turned bloodshot, and like a madman, he rushed toward the rainbow barrier.

Frowning, Elder Hua Qian stretched out his arm to stop him. “What are you doing, Dantai Chen? Don’t tell me that you’re going to enter Ancient Phoenix Mountain by force like Shangguan Yue?”

The moment Dantai Chen heard that name, his head immediately shot up, his eyes burning with hatred and fury. “It’s her! It must be her!”

Within the barrier.

The last spark of flame died out.

Apart from the collision traces, there was nothing left on the spot where the Taiyu Dynasty’s people originally were. If anyone came, they would probably just think that a huge fight had broken out in this area, but they wouldn’t know who had died here.

As Chu Liuyue slowly put the Long Yuan Sword away, she kept replaying the scene of the Taiyu Dynasty’s people’s last moments in her mind. How is the Taiyu Dynasty… related to Black Demon Hole?

When she still couldn’t figure it out after mulling over the question for a while, she decided to ask Dantai Chen herself when she was out of the mountain. Thus, she simply put the thought aside and turned around to look at Mu Hongyu and the others. “We—”

Clap, clap, clap.

Before Chu Liuyue could finish her sentence, she heard a low and husky voice saying, “Tsk, what a vicious lady.”

Chu Liuyue turned her back in shock.. Jun Jiuqing!

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