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Chapter 966: Don’t Leave Anyone Behind

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Once she said this, the crowd saw a ray of burning red color rush down from midair! It went straight for Dantai Ruoli!

Dantai Ruoli was stunned! Even though she wasn’t weak, she definitely wasn’t this legendary fiend’s opponent!

She went on her toes without thinking and rapidly moved backward as she flung out a three-sectioned whip at the same time! “Soul-Calling Whip!”


A crisp and loud ear-piercing sound was heard!

That three-sectioned whip was completely black, and every section was tightly connected with a silver ring.

When she moved it, one could still vaguely hear a sharp howl coming from it!

Tuan Zi’s gaze turned cold and nonchalant while it looked at her as if it were looking at a clown.

This three-sectioned whip didn’t slow down Tuan Zi at all! The fiend spread its wings and left a few scarce figures in midair as it reached Dantai Ruoli’s head in the blink of an eye!

The distance between the human and the fiend rapidly decreased.

Detecting the frightening suppression coming nearer, Dantai Ruoli became increasingly nervous as deep horror overwhelmed her. She hurriedly injected even more force into that three-sectioned whip.


Many more sharp pricks suddenly emerged at the top of the three-sectioned whip! Under the reflection of the sun, they shone a dark-blue color!

The whip was clearly poisoned! As long as one touched it—

Tuan Zi’s gaze turned sharp as it suddenly waved its claws to hit the three-sectioned whip away!


The next moment, the three-sectioned whip actually broke into countless pieces from the force’s impact! At the same time, the red fire rolled out and directly burned it into ashes!

From start to end, it didn’t threaten Tuan Zi at all!

After the three-sectioned whip was taken away, Dantai Ruoli—who was already appalled—had her face turn pale when she saw this scene. She instinctively moved backward, but the moment she took a step back, she heard a spark behind her.


Tuan Zi waved its wings, and countless sparks flew out, exploding around Dantai Ruoli’s body!

At that moment, stones flew everywhere as the firelight shot out in all directions!

Dantai Ruoli felt that the surrounding air seemed to burn! The terrifyingly high temperature wrapped around her—it was hard to get rid of it!

She rapidly surveyed her surroundings, but she hopelessly discovered that she had no path to escape! At this moment, she had undoubtedly become meat on a chopping board, allowing others to deal with her however they wanted!

“Ruoli!” Upon seeing this scene, Yu Zefeng and the rest were instantly dazed as they rushed forward to save her. But the moment they tried to get close to her, they flew backward due to the terrifying fire waves!

How could it be so easy to break through a legendary fiend’s suppression?

In his panic, Yu Zefeng rapidly looked at Chu Liuyue standing at the side.

At this point, the latter was currently holding onto her sword as she watched the scene unfold in front of her leisurely and nonchalantly.

“Shangguan Yue, you really dare to kill us?! After we go out, the Taiyu Dynasty won’t let you off!” hollered Yu Zefeng furiously.

Chu Liuyue’s gaze turned, and she glanced at him lightly in a seemingly smiling manner. “As long as you stay here forever, won’t nobody know about this? To think about it, you taught us that just now.”

Yu Zefeng was stumped, and his face flushed white. He wasn’t stupid, so he could tell that Shangguan Yue was planning to get rid of them completely! She isn’t joking or threatening us! She is for real!

Right at this point, Tuan Zi got increasingly near and harshly slashed across Dantai Ruoli’s face!

A hurried and short scream was heard as Dantai Ruoli directly collapsed onto the floor, her face filled with blood!


“Princess!” When Yu Zefeng and the rest saw this scene, their hearts almost stopped.

Dantai Ruoli ignored the pain on her body as she touched her own face immediately.

Her face was filled with sticky blood; she could even feel the badly mangled scratches on her face! There was a wound on the corner of her left mouth, which directly sliced to her cheekbones! Without checking the mirror, she also knew how terrifying she looked!

“M-my face!” Dantai Ruoli’s face trembled slightly, and her entire body also shook like a vein! She collapsed onto the floor and widened her eyes in panic and hopelessness as she kept vomiting blood.

Not only did Tuan Zi’s scratch destroy her face, but half her body’s strength as well.

Even cultivators of the same level as the fiend would be weaker than it, let alone her—who wasn’t even a stage-eight warrior. How could she compare with Tuan Zi?

She would be completely destroyed!

Tuan Zi flew back to Chu Liuyue and obediently lowered its head as it stared at her pleasingly, waiting to be praised.

Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up, and she gently patted Tuan Zi’s head. “You did great.”

Tuan Zi squinted its eyes in comfort and elation. That’s right! It really isn’t that hard to deal with such a minor character.

Chu Liuyue glanced at it from above. “Pfft, I just told you to tear her lips. Why did you destroy her entire face? How inappropriate.”

Tuan Zi lightly grunted. The remaining was for free! Didn’t you see how she looked down on Congcong previously? I stood up for it too!

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but laugh out loud, and she didn’t control it too strictly. She then jumped up and lightly landed on the floor, walking to Mu Hongyu and the rest.

“Liuyue!” Mu Hongyu couldn’t conceal her agitation and excitement. She had many things to tell her friend, but she knew that it was inappropriate now. They had more important things to do.

“Liuyue, quickly look at Wu Ming! He has been unconscious for a few days!”

When Yuwen Jinghong heard this, he hurriedly agreed.

The two of them could still hold on, but treatment for Wu Ming’s condition couldn’t be delayed.

“Don’t worry.” Chu Liuyue nodded and hurriedly walked to Wu Ming. She first took his pulse and then knitted her brows slightly.

Seeing Chu Liuyue’s expression, Mu Hongyu and Yuwen Jinghong’s hearts hung high.

“Liuyue, how is he…” asked Mu Hongyu worriedly.

Chu Liuyue took out a pill and fed it to Wu Ming as she nonchalantly looked in front.

At this point, Dantai Ruoli was kneeling on the floor and hanging onto her last breath. Yu Zefeng and the rest went around the crazily burning fire with much difficulty to rush to her.

“Princess, Princess, how are you…” Seeing Dantai Ruoli’s current condition, the few of them were stunned.

Yu Zefeng hurriedly hugged her in shock and anger. “Quick! Bring the medicine over!”

“Oh! Right, right! Medicine! Didn’t we prepare—” When the people at the side heard this, they hurriedly searched around.

“You don’t have to waste your efforts,” said Chu Liuyue calmly. She then gestured for Yuwen Jinghong to take good care of Wu Ming before standing up. “The injuries caused by a red-tailed phoenix can’t be treated with any medicine apart from a legendary fiend’s blood.”

When Yu Zefeng and the rest heard this, they were petrified. “You—Shangguan Yue, I didn’t expect you to be so vicious!”

Chu Liuyue ignored them. When she thought about the injuries Wu Ming’s group of three had suffered, cold murderous intent gradually surfaced in her eyes.

She looked up slightly at Tuan Zi and lightly said, “Don’t leave anyone behind..”

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