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Chapter 960: Perilous Situation!

Chu Liuyue leaned against the chair lazily, and her lips curled up. “Senior Dantai, your words are pretty interesting. This is the Beiming royal family’s business, and my view doesn’t seem to be important. I’m afraid you’ve asked the wrong person.”

As she spoke, she surveyed the surroundings.

Jun Qizhi hadn’t come yet; he seemed to be delayed by this incident. However, Chu Liuyue didn’t feel that Shang Binghe would tell the full story to Jun Qizhi.

Dantai Chen lightly grunted. “The rest of us have been here for the past two days, and we haven’t gone back since, except for you who went back to the city yesterday. Yet, such a thing happened… Do you think it’s a coincidence?”

Chu Liuyue straightened her body and looked at Dantai Chen calmly in a seemingly smiling manner. “If you put it this way, Senior Dantai, do you think this is related to me?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“But don’t you mean it? You’ve already put it in that way, and everyone heard it. The few of us present aren’t fools… Or do you expect me to help investigate this matter?” Chu Liuyue seemed to be joking, but her words were very direct.

Dantai Chen didn’t expect her to be so ruthless and felt awkward for a moment. This Chu Liuyue is banking on the backing that she has and is becoming increasingly rude! She was still quite polite previously, but she doesn’t even care for my face now!

However, Dantai Chen didn’t think that even a normal person couldn’t continue tolerating their repeated bullying.

Besides, Chu Liuyue was never a master that liked to be disadvantaged. If other people owed her something, she had to get it back! Thus, she had no intentions of being superficial with him now.

“I was just asking casually. Why do you need to be so agitated?” Dantai Chen’s tone became cold.

Chu Liuyue smiled brightly. “If I question the Taiyu Dynasty in such a manner, I wonder if you can still smile at me?”


The atmosphere immediately became tense and cold.

Without Jun Qizhi around, there was nobody to control the crowd.

Gongsun Xiao took two glances but didn’t say a word.

As for Ning Yuan, he didn’t seem to care about these arguments from the start as he kept looking at the rainbow barrier and waited patiently.

Dantai Chen couldn’t win against Chu Liuyue, and he could not speak further in front of so many people.

Even if he won the argument, it would be happiness at that moment. In the blink of an eye, others might secretly say that he was bullying a younger person. If he lost the argument, he would be even more humiliated.

He decisively shut his mouth and didn’t glance at Chu Liuyue again. If Ruoli and the rest can win against the Tianling Dynasty in Ancient Phoenix Mountain, nothing else matters!

After finally having peace, Chu Liuyue rubbed her temples.

In actual fact, she was far from being as leisurely and relaxed as she looked on the surface. On the one hand, she was worried about her father’s situation. On the other hand, the situation of Jian Fengchi and the rest in Ancient Phoenix Mountain didn’t seem to be good.

She only gave these golden bells to the few of them out of precaution. After all, nobody knew what kind of situation Ancient Phoenix Mountain would be in since it hadn’t opened in thousands of years. Nobody knew what dangers one would meet either.

She didn’t expect that three of them would get into trouble after entering for such a short period of time.

It was a pity that this barrier was blocking her, so she couldn’t find out what exactly happened inside.

If everyone met with the same danger, it was reasonable. But if it were only them… it would be perilous.

Time slowly trickled past.

When it was evening again, Jun Qizhi still didn’t appear. Perhaps he was busy with imperial court matters or the incident at the Eastern Palace.

Without thinking, Chu Liuyue also knew that Lin Zhou City had to be bustling with chaos in secret at this point. However, she was unaffected since she was staying at the foot of Ancient Phoenix Mountain.

From another perspective, this was also a good way to hide her identity.

As she was in a hurry back then, she didn’t restore the bookshelf to its initial state. Thus, it would definitely cause many strict checks.

Of course, she didn’t bring back that weird mirror.

That mirror had an obvious and special aura to it. If I had brought it with me, the other party would’ve found me easily. I still have to make another trip to that study, but it clearly can’t be done in these two days. While Chu Liuyue waited, she breathed in, focused, and started to cultivate.

Even though this place was outside the barrier, the intensity of the force was still quite high as it was at Ancient Phoenix Mountain’s edge.

Actually, after she broke through to become a peak stage-six warrior, she could clearly feel that the force in her body hadn’t been used up and that she had much of it left.

In other words, she had faintly touched the barrier of a stage-seven warrior when she broke through to become a peak stage-six warrior.

Perhaps because she had dueled with Rong Xiu for quite some time, so she knew her strengths and weaknesses better. Thus, she could naturally find her breakthrough point.

As the force in her body kept accumulating, the distance between her and that barrier was reduced.

Just like this, two days passed.

Jun Qizhi had come once in between before leaving in a hurry again.

As Chu Liuyue was cultivating, she didn’t go back again.

Most of the people didn’t care about Chu Liuyue cultivating. In their eyes, no matter how hard Chu Liuyue cultivated, it wasn’t worth a mention compared to entering Ancient Phoenix Mountain.

Since she willingly gave up on this chance, she couldn’t blame anyone else.

With nobody disturbing her, Chu Liuyue cultivated in peace and tried to reach a higher level bit by bit.

It was now the sixth morning.

Chu Liuyue finished the last Heavenly Cycle and finally opened her eyes before gradually breathing out. Her eyes seemed to be brighter than before, and her aura had obviously strengthened.

Then, she looked up at the rainbow barrier.

Suddenly, the golden bells on her wrist vibrated twice.

Chu Liuyue was stunned and suddenly stood up!

It was actually Jian Fengchi and Qiang Wanzhou crushing their own golden bells one after another!

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