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Chapter 958: Found Him!

After Shang Binghe entered the study, he immediately conducted a thorough check. But after surveying the surroundings, he didn’t find any traces of anything being flipped over, not even a sign of anyone entering.

However, this made Shang Binghe even more uneasy. This means that the other party didn’t come in for the items but for something else! Who knows what intentions they had when they purposely entered the place and were so meticulous not to leave anything behind?!

In the end, Shang Binghe walked to the bookshelf and felt around for a while.

Then, a secret compartment jumped out behind the bookshelf.

He took out something from the compartment. After looking at it for a while, he seemed to heave a sigh of relief and put it back again. “Luckily…”

His voice was very low, but one could still hear the thankfulness and fear in his voice.

After standing rooted to the ground for a while, he pushed the secret compartment back and did some actions to the rack as if restoring the mechanism on it.

A while later, he then turned around to walk out when he confirmed that everything was fine and locked the door again.

Shang Binghe stood before the steps and said coldly and harshly, “Go and find Qian Dehou immediately!”

Realizing that something was amiss, the soldiers in charge respectively recovered their senses and hurriedly answered, “Y-yes!”

Following that, they hurried on their way.

The soldiers previously beaten by Shang Binghe lay on the floor with their faces and bodies badly mangled, but they didn’t even dare to beg for mercy as they shuddered in fear. They knew very clearly that they would be the first to die if something happened!

Shang Binghe glanced at the two of them coldly. “Someone, tie the two of them up! They will confront each other when Qian Dehou comes!”


Outside the study, the bloody aura permeated everywhere, and the sinister and cold atmosphere was suffocating.

And inside the study, Chu Liuyue could finally breathe as she moved her wrist and neck, feeling the sourness.

When Shang Binghe came in earlier, she took the chance to follow and teleport in as well.

In the end, Shang Binghe searched around this place for a while, causing her to crouch in this extremely narrow space until her entire body was stiff. Luckily, he finally left and closed the door again.

This undoubtedly benefited Chu Liuyue greatly, and even she couldn’t help but admit that her luck was heaven-defying tonight!

After confirming that the people outside were still waiting to capture Qian Dehou, Chu Liuyue felt slightly relaxed as she silently went to the study.

Previously, she only vaguely saw Shang Binghe touching around the area before opening the secret compartment. She didn’t clearly see how he did it, so she had to quickly find a way to solve it now.

At first glance, this bookshelf didn’t look any different from a normal one. There were no barriers and no Xuan formations, not even a special pattern—it was normal and ordinary.

Chu Liuyue stared at it for a while before taking action hesitantly. She had once learned about mechanisms and compartments from Cen Yi for a while, so she could forcefully recognize that this seemed to be some sort of a mechanism.

However, even she couldn’t confirm whether she could open it successfully.

She tried a few methods afterward, but this item still didn’t move.

“Officer Shang, Qian Dehou is here!” A piercing announcement was suddenly heard from outside.

Chu Liuyue was stunned. I don’t have much time left! I must open this compartment as soon as possible!

In her hurry, she tried again!

And this time, the bookshelf finally had a change!

The originally smooth surface suddenly split into a few parts; some were high, and others were low as they intersected. It was a pity that the secret compartment didn’t jump out.

“Qian Dehou, do you know why you’re asked to be here?” This was Shang Binghe’s voice.

Tiny beads of sweat broke out on Chu Liuyue’s forehead as she was very nervous and tried again!

“I-I don’t know…” Qian Dehou’s voice was dazed with a hint of horror. I was originally sleeping soundly when someone suddenly dragged me out of bed and directly brought me to the palace! And this is even the Crown Prince’s study yard!

Seeing Shang Binghe’s expression, he knew that something bad had happened. However, he didn’t even know what exactly happened!

“They said that you entered the Crown Prince’s study today?” said Shang Binghe coldly and then immediately hollered, “How impudent!”


A resounding slap was heard.

Chu Liuyue’s heart seemed to be gripped by something tight as she immediately tried again.

The compartments changed, but the secret compartment area still remained motionless.

“I-I didn’t!”

“Say it! What exactly is going on?”

Qian Dehou’s argument sounded very weak and useless at this point.

“Could it be that the people in the yard worked together to target you?! Do you want me to bring you in now and jolt your memory?!”

Following this, a commotion could be heard from the yard. Amidst this commotion, footsteps were approaching! It seemed like they really wanted to come in and take a look!

Chu Liuyue’s back was almost drenched by the sweat!


That was the unlocking sound!

Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth, and her hands quickly felt around the bookshelf as she tried for the last time. If I really cannot do it this time, I have to give up no matter what.


She heard an extremely soft sound, and the secret compartment finally sprung out again!

Chu Liuyue immediately went forward and retrieved the item within—it was cold to touch and rather heavy.

When Chu Liuyue saw what was in her hands, shock flashed across her face.

It was actually a copper mirror! But different from average copper mirrors, this mirror’s surface didn’t reflect the mirror-holder’s face and was instead covered by intense blood!

At first glance, the blood filled the area, looking stunning!

The sinister and horrifying aura that spread from within was suffocating!

An indescribable harsh feeling rose from the bottom of her feet, and Chu Liuyue shuddered. For some reason, she could feel an extremely terrifying and sinister murderous intent just by taking one glance!

She tried her best to control her urge to throw this mirror away as she stared at it for quite some time.

Gradually, the blood on the mirror dissipated bit by bit, revealing a blurred scene. It seemed to be a cage, and the surroundings were pitch black.

She couldn’t see anything at all.

There was only a blurred figure within that metal cage. He kneeled on the floor, and there was a chain around his neck as his head was lowered. His body was covered by bloodstains, and he was motionless.

Chu Liuyue’s heart harshly skipped a beat! The moment she saw this figure, she knew that it was Chu Ning!

She bit her lips to restrain herself from shouting.

After not seeing him for so long, he seemed to have become thin as his clothes looked empty. She could even see his wrists hanging out of his sleeves—they were so thin that she could see his bones.

Endless fire burned in Chu Liuyue’s chest as it almost exploded!


Coincidentally, the door was opened at this point!

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