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Chapter 957: The Second Piece!

Chu Liuyue’s figure rapidly disappeared, and the crack in the barrier quickly fixed itself.

In the blink of an eye, the two Xuan formations that were forced apart connected once again.

The silver light flashed and later dimmed. The barrier regained its peace and looked transparent again. It was as if… everything hadn’t happened.

Wu Yao closed his eyes and looked dazed. Then, he couldn’t help but pinch his face.

“Si—” The sharp pain jolted him awake, and he hurriedly stopped himself. But at the same time, it made him realize ever so clearly that everything which happened previously was real! Her Highness actually opened the Beiming Imperial Palace’s barrier!

“Damn…” muttered Wu Yao. “Did Her Highness just find a place to cultivate during these two years?”

If not, how did she do it just now?

But after some careful thinking, it didn’t seem to be the case.

Big Brother previously sent news saying that Her Highness had indeed changed her physical body and used her identity as Chu Liuyue to return to Xi Ling from Country Yao Chen step by step. It seems like the physical body used to lack a Yuan meridian… However…. It’s no wonder Her Highness could calmly say that she wanted to sneak in. Perhaps she has other trump cards? Wu Yao rubbed his temples and felt his head ache. With such an outstanding Master, it’s very hard on us as subordinates, okay?!

Chu Liuyue’s figure perfectly merged with the night sky.

She was agile and moved very quickly. Additionally, her entire journey was smooth as she had previously carved the palace’s entire map into her memory clearly. This was the case as she sprinted all the way to the Eastern Palace.

She met a few patrolling palace maids on the way, but she had already hidden her aura, so they didn’t discover her.

In this manner, she finally reached the Eastern Palace’s exterior about 15 minutes later.

Perhaps as the Crown Prince wasn’t around and it was currently nighttime, the guarding of the Eastern Palace wasn’t very strict.

It was probably because nobody thought that someone would be so daring as to sneak in here at night. They wouldn’t even expect that this formidable barrier couldn’t stop some people.

Chu Liuyue silently slipped into the yard.

Once she stepped through the yard’s barrier, Chu Liuyue immediately felt that the inside was obviously different from the exterior!

In many corners of the dark hid strong and concealed auras! Other than the ones guarding on the surface, there were quite a few strong warriors guarding in the dark.

Luckily, Chu Liuyue was already adequately prepared. As long as she didn’t meet them head-on, these people couldn’t discover her so easily.

Chu Liuyue hid in the dark, closed her eyes, and held in her breath to focus, trying to find Chu Ning’s aura.

Back when she was at Country Yao Chen’s Imperial City, Chu Ning always worried about her as she frequently got into trouble. Due to this, she later specifically hid something with Chu Ning so that they could detect each other’s presence within a certain distance.

Now, she didn’t know if she could use this to find him.

The surroundings were deadly quiet as Chu Liuyue waited calmly.

After some time, a weak ripple came over.

Chu Liuyue suddenly opened her eyes and looked in a certain direction! He seems to be in the study!

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows slightly. Wu Yao previously said that Father entered this study one and a half months ago, but the aura within is already very faint as if he has left for quite some time. However, this ripple indeed came from the inside! Perhaps he is hidden in a secret place beneath the study or some unknown location…? No matter what, I have to go in to take a look.

But it was a pity that there were many people guarding outside the study, so it was difficult to enter silently.

Just as Chu Liuyue was in deep thought, she heard footsteps coming from not far away.

She quickly looked back and saw a man walking from the outside yard. Following this, she immediately hid her entire figure!

The footsteps sounded nearer and nearer, and that man’s figure and face gradually became clear.

As the night was dark, only the stars were shining slightly.

Chu Liuyue could only see the rough outline of that person, but for some reason, she actually felt that this person looked quite familiar.

Very quickly, she discovered that this man seemed to be heading toward the study!

Walking to the door of the study, the soldiers in charge immediately greeted this man respectfully,

“Greetings, Officer Shang!”

Shang Binghe nodded. “Is there anything amiss with the inside?”

“No.” The guards shook their heads in unison.

“Mm, that’s good.” Shang Binghe nodded with one hand behind his back and looked oppressive. “The Crown Prince isn’t around, but we mustn’t let our guard down!”


One of the guards hesitated for a moment and couldn’t help asking, “Officer Shang, didn’t you already come once in the day? Why did you come so late again?”

Shang Binghe glanced at the tightly shut door. For some reason, I’ve felt very uneasy the last two days.

He originally planned to rest, but his heart kept beating wildly. He also couldn’t calm down, so he decisively came to take a look.

“Nothing much. The Crown Prince isn’t around, so I wanted to take an extra look to ensure that everything is safe.”

The two guards nodded in understanding.

Shang Binghe had always been very meticulous and strict with his work, so it wasn’t strange that he would do this. The rare thing was that the Crown Prince seemed to trust him a lot and gave him great authority, so he could walk around this yard.

He was thought highly of, so the people below definitely treated him with extreme respect and polite manners.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong, Shang Binghe planned to turn around to leave. But the moment his feet turned around, he suddenly stopped in his tracks and stared closely at the lock at the entrance.

Detecting the change in his aura, the two soldiers were rather dazed and nervous. “Officer Shang, why—”

“Did anyone enter the study during the day?” interrogated Shang Binghe coldly.

“Y-yes, Qian Dehou came before… He said he came on the Crown Prince’s orders…”



Before they could finish their sentences, the two of them were slapped by Shang Binghe respectively and flew backward!


The two of them fell onto the floor harshly and spat out blood!

“Stupid!” Shang Binghe’s face was green. “What kind of person is that Qian Dehou?! How would the Crown Prince possibly give him instructions alone?! Do you have brains?”

The two soldiers were hit until they couldn’t speak. They were paralyzed on the floor and kept vomiting blood, gasping for air.

Shang Binghe was very strong, and he didn’t hold himself back when he was angry, so how could these people be his opponents?

He walked toward the study with big steps and directly unlocked it to enter.

Chu Liuyue stared at the open door, and her gaze flashed slightly.

At this point, a commotion was heard from the golden bell!

She looked down and was slightly shocked. Yuwen Jinghong’s golden bell was also crushed!

She clenched her teeth and circulated her force!

The peach blossom engraving on her wrist suddenly lit up. The next moment, her figure silently disappeared from the ground!

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