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Chapter 955: Heaven Is on My Side

“Really?” Chu Liuyue’s gaze focused. She didn’t actually harbor much hope when she approached Wu Yao for help. After all, she wasn’t familiar with places and people in the Beiming Dynasty, so her search for Chu Ning would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Wu Yao was the only person among the Thirteen Yue Guards who had ever been to the Beiming Dynasty, and he was quite familiar with the place.

Actually, the Thirteen Yue Guards were rushing back to Xi Ling one after another upon receiving news of Chu Liuyue, but considering that Chu Ning was very likely trapped in Lin Zhou, she decided to make Wu Yao turn around and come straight here instead.

Though, she didn’t expect that he would really manage to find a clue.

Wu Yao nodded as he curiously studied the look on Chu Liuyue’s face. “Your Majesty, how is that person… related to you? Why are you so concerned about him?” She’s not the type of person to wear her emotions on her sleeves, and there aren’t many people in this world who can make her so worried.

Previously, Wu Yao had only received orders to look for someone, but he didn’t know who that person was.

Chu Liuyue explained, “That’s my father, Chu Ning.”

Wu Yao immediately understood what she meant after his shock wore off. Her father Chu Ning? I guess that’s the father of the original Chu Liuyue. That explains why she’s so worried about him. It looks like she’s very close with him.

“I see…” After figuring out Chu Ning’s identity, Wu Yao managed to string a lot of things together and form his own understanding.

“You said that you found traces of my father in the study of the Beiming Dynasty’s Crown Prince?” Chu Liuyue asked.

“That’s right.” Wu Yao became much more serious. “Didn’t you send me a belonging of his that has his scent on it? I carefully searched every corner of the study, and I dare say that he appeared there before.”

Wu Yao liked making wine and had a very sensitive sense of smell. On top of that, it just so happened that he owned a Wind-Smelling Beast, which made it all the more convenient when looking for someone.

“Based on my estimations, he was here one and a half months ago.”

That must be when Father was first brought to Lin Zhou. Not long after that, Jun Jiuqing sent me a note telling me that we would meet a month later. I wonder how Father spent his time here and where he is now? Chu Liuyue was deep in thought. “Is it possible to find my father with this clue?”

Wu Yao knitted his eyebrows slightly. “I’m afraid that it’ll take some time. After all, too much time has passed. His scent must be pretty gone by now. It had taken me a lot of effort to ascertain that he had been to the study before. What’s more…”

He paused and looked up. “The fact that Chu Ning was able to enter Jun Jiuqing’s study proves that the latter is behind the former’s captivity. The entire Lin Zhou is Jun Jiuqing’s territory, so he can easily wipe out any traces if he wants. If he has the intention of hiding your father, I’m afraid that the search for your father will only become more difficult.”

“Two may keep counsel, putting one away. If he’s done it, he’ll definitely leave clues behind.” Chu Liuyue pondered for a second before adding, “Since Jun Jiuqing has entered Ancient Phoenix Mountain, he won’t be out for the time being. Everyone else’s attention will also be diverted to this matter. As long as we continue looking into it, we’ll surely be able to find some clues.” These two weeks are the best chance we’ve got!

So Her Majesty didn’t enter Ancient Phoenix Mountain because of this… It looks like she really has a tight-knit relationship with Chu Ning for her to willingly give up such a great opportunity and do her best to find him… This matter rose to the top of Wu Yao’s priority list when he realized this. Upon seeing the frown on Chu Liuyue’s face, he smiled and confidently declared, “Don’t worry, Your Majesty. Even if I do lose my sense of smell, I’ll make sure that your father is found!”

Chu Liuyue broke into laughter. “How is the credit yours when it’s the Wind-Smelling Beast who’ll be doing all the work?”

“Heh, it’s my fiend, so its credit is naturally mine as well.”

Chu Liuyue shook her head in amusement and didn’t bother to give a retort. Although Wu Yao was carefree in nature, he was a bold and meticulous person who had proven to be very reliable. Hence, she had never needed to worry when she tasked him with something.

“Actually, I think that your father might still be trapped in the palace.” Wu Yao became serious once more.

Chu Liuyue paused. “Why do you think so?”

“The Beiming Dynasty’s Crown Prince has always lived in the Eastern Palace. Even though he has come of age, it doesn’t seem like he has any intention of moving out. Besides, the Eastern Palace’s security is far stricter than that of any other palace. I wanted to go check out the other places at the same time, but I wasn’t able to do that. Just getting into the study alone had taken me a lot of effort.”

Every room of the Eastern Palace’s inner courtyard was guarded by someone. Apart from Jun Jiuqing, nobody was allowed to enter the rooms, which was strange in itself.

Having spent some time in the Beiming Dynasty before, Wu Yao had heard a lot about Jun Jiuqing. But even so, it wasn’t until today that he knew that the Eastern Palace was so heavily guarded. It was clear that something fishy was going on in there, but Jun Qizhi didn’t say anything about it, which was probably because Jun Jiuqing had always been acting in such a willful and presumptuous manner.

Chu Liuyue tapped her finger against the table as she fell deep in thought and only raised her head again a moment later. “If we want to know the answer, we’ll just have to find it out ourselves. I’m going to the Eastern Palace tonight!”

“You can’t do that, Your Majesty! That place is heavily guarded and protected by several barriers! You might end up being discovered if you go now!” Shocked, Wu Yao rushed to dissuade her. Even I had to spend several days making plans before I snuck in with a new identity. It’d be dangerous if she breaks in by force. It’ll be like entering a lion’s den!

Chu Liuyue, however, smiled. “Is it because of my current cultivation level that you think that I’ll be discovered and won’t be able to get away?”

“N-not exactly… I-I’m just… worried about you…” whispered Wu Yao in a fluster. He could tell that Chu Liuyue’s cultivation was currently only at the peak of the sixth stage. While it was considered pretty good when compared to ordinary people, he reckoned that there was no way she could sneak inside the Eastern Palace alone with her current abilities. “I know that you’re not weak and that you have a legendary fiend, but there are countless experts within the Beiming Dynasty’s imperial palace! Even if you can escape those people’s notice, you won’t be able to open the barriers that are made of ninth-grade Xuan formations surrounding the palace!”

Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows slightly. “Did you just say that… the barriers surrounding the palace are ninth-grade Xuan formations? Are they the same as the ones at the border?”

“I-I think so… W-what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Chu Liuyue’s eyes glinted as she smirked. “It’s just that even heaven is on my side!”

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