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Chapter 951: Opening of the Ancient Phoenix Mountain!

Chu Liuyue shook her head. “All the dynasties’ emperors will be waiting outside, and I won’t be an exception.”

Only five people could go in, and she brought five with her from the start, so it was just right.

“With Jian Fengchi and Little Zhou around, there shouldn’t be much of a problem. I’ll just wait for you guys outside.”

Seeing that Chu Liuyue seemed to have decided, Mu Hongyu knew that there was no use in convincing her, but she still felt regretful. “But this is a rare chance…”

If she misses it just like this, won’t it be a pity?

Chu Liuyue’s eyes curved up. “Don’t worry. I have my own plans.”

Hearing her say this, Mu Hongyu could only nod.

“Elders, please go ahead.”

With the command of an elder, the strong warriors from the few dynasties started to take action and stood still according to the agreed plan.

In front of this gigantic rainbow barrier, the strong warriors each took a corner and formed a huge pentagon.

At the pentagon’s five corners, the five warriors from the dynasties formed a small pentagon on their own. Out of all of them, the weakest one was still a stage-eight warrior! The strongest was the elder that spoke earlier, the Beiming Dynasty’s oldest elder—Hua Qian, a stage-nine warrior!

Rumors had it that he was only a step away from a stronger realm, and he was undoubtedly a strong warrior! Many people secretly guessed if he would be the second warrior to reach Apotheosis in the Beiming Dynasty!

Hence, he was naturally the one leading the opening of Ancient Phoenix Mountain!

“Rise!” With Hua Qian’s command, everyone took action.

Chu! Chu! Chu!

At that moment, different-colored forces flew out and intersected in midair, forming a ball in the middle of the pentagon.

As time passed, the ball of light gradually expanded.

Below, the young talents from all the dynasties were already positioned properly and prepared to enter in sequence.

The group at the front was naturally the Beiming Dynasty, who planned to go in first.

Jun Jiuqing was right in front, and standing beside him were three young men and a woman.

The few of them looked like they were younger than twenty, but their surrounding auras couldn’t be underestimated. At this point, the few of them gathered together and seemed to be discussing some arrangements for post-entry.

Jun Jiuqing lazily listened on as if he was nonchalant. But after doing so for a while, he found it boring and turned his gaze to look at the Tianling Dynasty’s group. Then, he raised his brows slightly.

“This is a golden bell. Every single bell can detect each other. After going in, you can use this to contact each other.” Chu Liuyue took out a gold bracelet from her Cosmic Ring and used some strength to separate the pearls on it before passing them to Jian Fengchi and the rest respectively. She left the biggest one for herself, which was engraved with a pattern. “If you meet with danger, you can squeeze it. It contains an eighth-grade Xuan formation, and it can help you block one attack.”

Hearing this, the few of them looked shocked as they didn’t expect that a round and smooth golden pearl like this would be so formidable.

Jian Fengchi sized it up and glanced at Chu Liuyue. “If I didn’t recall wrongly, this golden bracelet was broken back then, right?”

Chu Liuyue shrugged and said nonchalantly, “Yeah, so I fixed it.”

Jian Fengchi was speechless. Forget that I even asked! Why did I forget that this person is a pervert? Even if she has restarted and no longer has a Tianjing Yuan meridian, her talent is still outstanding. I originally thought I could win one round using this chance, but it looks pretty difficult. It’s infuriating to compare with people!

“Once the eighth-grade Xuan formation within it is used, its suppression will disappear. If you meet with danger again, the only way is to rapidly break it to alert the rest. Once this golden bell breaks, the other people with golden bells will immediately receive the news, including me! After it breaks, it will also release a special scent that will stay on the person’s body for three days. This way, the others can quickly find the person who needs help. Of course, the condition is that the person in need must ensure their safety during this period.”

Wu Ming glanced at the rainbow barrier and softly said, “Your Majesty, with Ancient Phoenix Mountain’s opening, the most important thing is the Three Yuan Convention. Everyone should be focused on it. Even if there is competition with the rest, they won’t be overboard, right? After all… The emperors from all the dynasties will be waiting outside.”

If they really came out severely injured or dead, how could they explain it when they came out?

“Stupid!” Yuwen Jinghong poked him with his elbow and raised his chin. “Wu Ming, you’re so devoted to cultivation that your brain isn’t working! Do you really think these people are so kind as to let us snatch all the benefits? It’s precisely because the Three Yuan Convention is too powerful and the temptation is too great that it’s the most dangerous! Look, who present doesn’t have equipment with them and appears very ready? If we don’t prepare ourselves more, we won’t even know how we will die later!”

Wu Ming followed his gaze and found that it was indeed so.

The young talents from the other dynasties seemed to be gathered together and discussing something with a solemn expression. The atmosphere was tense with a slight hint of danger to it.

“This means that I’ve been thinking too simply…” Wu Ming felt awkward, but he still clenched his fists. “Your Highness, don’t worry. I’ll definitely do my best!”

No matter what, I can’t embarrass Her Highness!

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly and didn’t really care about this as she looked at the few of them and said seriously, “All of this is secondary. Safety is your utmost priority.”


“It’s a pity that Shangguan Yue doesn’t plan on entering…” Dantai Ruoli had been observing the Tianling Dynasty’s situation from afar and couldn’t help being disappointed when she saw that Chu Liuyue was patiently instructing the other five people. I originally wanted to take this chance to teach her a harsh lesson! Outside, she can use her status as an emperor to flaunt her authority, but after entering Ancient Phoenix Mountain, it will be the true battle between each other’s capabilities!

“She probably knows that she can’t beat us, so she purposely hid from it,” Yu Zefeng said in contempt. “But Ruoli, you don’t have to worry. Though we can’t teach her a lesson, we’ll still be able to get back some interest if we make the remaining of them suffer.”

Dantai Ruoli lightly grunted. “Of course!”

The group from the Tianling Dynasty was the weakest out of all the people from the dynasties. They could easily teach them a lesson.

“The most powerful of them seems to be that Jian Fengchi only, but I heard that he’s a heavenly doctor, so his combat skills should be ordinary. There’s no need to mention the rest.” Yu Zefeng looked at Dantai Ruoli eagerly. “Ruoli, I’ll vent your anger for you at that time!”

Dantai Ruoli nodded. “We have to let that Shangguan Yue know who she can offend and who she can’t!”

When the crowd was adequately prepared, the last hint of red in the sun was drowned out by the black mountains.

Elder Hua Qian commanded, “Open Ancient Phoenix Mountain!”

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