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Chapter 920: Do You Admit Defeat?

Like a brilliant sun slowly rising, light gathered above the Xuan formation and shot out from above. It was so blinding that everyone could hardly open their eyes. The temperature around them suddenly shot up, and the people who stood near Zhao Zicheng could almost feel a burning pain.

Looking solemn, Elder Chen Ke waved his hand in the air and cast a barrier around the training ground. There was a hint of shock in his eyes as he mumbled quietly to himself, “Are these two people bent on destroying this place?”

Although Yuan He Palace and its training ground were carefully built to withstand extremely strong force, one mustn’t underestimate Zhao Zicheng’s full-force attack as he is an eighth-grade Xuan Master now. Not to mention that he’s joined by the man in white and the white lion. I might not know who that man is, but it’s obvious that he’s extremely powerful too, seeing how he easily dealt with Zhao Zicheng’s Xuan formation. If these two fight for real…

Of course, they’d go all out. This matter concerns Yue’er after all. Shangguan You snorted when he heard what Elder Chen Ke said to himself. He was initially worried that Rong Xiu might not be a match for Zhao Zicheng and would embarrass his daughter if he lost the match, but he now realized that his worries were unfounded since the latter probably had some sort of tricks up his sleeves for him to be capable of contracting with a legendary fiend. But the question is… How did a mere Seventh Prince of Country Yao Chen become so capable?

Black scorch marks could be found on the ground, which was the result of the Xuan formation. It wasn’t hard to imagine how terrifying it would be if the force had landed on a single person.

Zhao Zicheng’s face turned somewhat pale as force gushed out of his body. The Sun Formation was an eighth-grade Xuan formation, as well as the highest level Xuan formation he could execute at the moment. In order to understand this Xuan formation fully, he spent three whole years studying it.

Even when dueling with others, he rarely executed this Xuan formation because the toll on his body would be extremely huge if he wanted to fully execute it at his current level. Regardless of whether he won or lost, there would be no more fight in him once he executed it. In other words, he had to win with this one move.

With much difficulty, he drew the last stroke of the formation and pushed it forward with all of his might. “Go!”

The dazzling Xuan formation speedily flew toward Rong Xiu, burning the ground in its trail. Even the air seemed to be burning up.

The distance between Rong Xiu and Zhao Zicheng wasn’t wide in the first place, and the latter had used his full force in this strike. Thus, it took only a blink of an eye for the Xuan formation to reach five steps in front of the former.

Turbulent force intertwined above the Xuan formation and formed a squall. As the hem of Rong Xiu’s clothes fluttered in the wind, one could see faint golden lines on his clothes, which were like a clear lake’s sparkling reflection of a starry night.

It was at that moment Rong Xiu finally moved; he lifted his right hand and drew a light stroke in the air with his long and bony finger.

A silver light immediately appeared in front of him. Then, his finger moved again to draw another stroke, and the two strands of silver light moved to form a cross that was slightly bigger than a palm. It was nothing compared to the size of Zhao Zicheng’s Xuan formation though.

“Isn’t it too late for you to start constructing a Xuan formation?” said Zhao Zicheng as he stared closely at Rong Xiu. He’s too arrogant for his own good!

Rong Xiu looked up with a smile. “I’m done.”

“What?” asked Zhao Zicheng in confusion. He completed his Xuan formation? Just that little cross? What kind of Xuan formation is this?! Even a stage-one Xuan Master won’t call these two lines a Xuan formation! Why did he insist on competing in this aspect when he obviously has no knowledge about Xuan formations? Is it just for the sake of saving his face? But what’s the use if he’s going to lose anyway? A man with such poor abilities and character isn’t worthy of standing next to Her Majesty!

Annoyance surged within Zhao Zicheng. “There are many ways for you to prove your abilities. Why do you have to—”

Before Zhao Zicheng could finish talking, he saw Rong Xiu push the cross forward.

From afar, the latter’s Xuan formation looked like a fluttering butterfly, flying lightly in the air as it reached the front of the gigantic Xuan formation in no time. Then, it flew straight through the other Xuan formation.


A soft rustling sound was heard, which made Zhao Zicheng stop talking. He looked at the scene in front of him in shock and disbelief. D-did that cross just fly through my Xuan formation?! The Sun Formation can’t be easily destroyed because it has abundant force. Not to mention that little thing—

Just then, the gigantic, terrifying Xuan formation stopped three steps away from Rong Xiu. Its light quickly dimmed, and a thick layer of frost covered it.

A strong feeling of unease hit Zhao Zicheng. “No—”


A clear and crisp cracking sound resounded throughout the training ground, followed by the shattering and disappearing of the Xuan formation.

“Cough!” The heavy blow made Zhao Zicheng jolt. He coughed up blood as he staggered backward, almost falling to the ground. The aura around him dissipated quickly, and he looked as if he was physically and mentally drained. The shock and horror in his eyes, however, revealed his current emotions.

“Y-you…” he said with much difficulty, only to taste the metallic blood in his mouth.

Aside from him, everyone present was just as incredulous. D-did… Rong Xiu just defeat Zhao Zicheng with that cross Xuan formation?!

The cross Xuan formation made a U-turn and flew back to Rong Xiu, who caught it easily with his fingers. The whole process was so simple that it seemed as if he had just thrown a dart.

It was deathly quiet as Rong Xiu—who was seemingly oblivious to the reactions of the people around them—looked at Zhao Zicheng calmly and asked, “Do you admit defeat?”

Zhao Zicheng’s heart trembled as he looked into those deep and cold phoenix eyes that seemed to conceal countless ripples of emotions. It was at that moment he finally admitted that Rong Xiu was indeed far stronger than him. While others might not know it, he distinctly felt an unbeatable pressure coming from the cross Xuan formation when his own Xuan formation was destroyed.

That was indeed a Xuan formation! If I’m not wrong, those strands of light contained higher levels of Xuan formations within them. It’s just that Rong Xiu didn’t fully execute them—the cross Xuan formation alone was more than enough to deal with me. Zhao Zicheng closed his eyes. “I… concede!”

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