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Chapter 917: Take Your Pick

Chu Liuyue’s face darkened. “Zhao Zicheng—”

Rong Xiu grabbed her hand, gave her a placating look, and let out a laugh. It appeared that Zhao Zicheng’s words had no effect on him, for he didn’t seem bothered or angry. “If I can prove that I’m good enough for Yue’er, then you’ll have to take back your words and promise not to disturb her ever again. What do you think about this?”

Zhao Zicheng didn’t expect this response from Rong Xiu. He frowned and returned the other’s question with more of his own. “Prove? How can you prove it?”

“Whatever you can think of.” Like a cold and misty landscape painting, Rong Xiu exuded an indescribable aura as he stood there calmly. His voice was light and calm as if he didn’t take this matter to heart at all. The confidence he had could only be found in cultivators who were really strong.

The word ‘ridiculous’ immediately appeared in Zhao Zicheng’s mind, and his feelings of annoyance and indignation grew exponentially. He sure thinks highly of himself for him to be able to say such things! Does he even know the kind of existence the Tianling Dynasty has? A random person here might be able to crush him easily! A conceited man like him doesn’t deserve to be with Her Majesty! Even if she doesn’t like me, I’ll have nothing to say if she chooses another handsome and talented young man to be her husband. However, Rong Xiu… doesn’t make the cut!

Zhao Zicheng squeezed his fists as he said, “Okay. Since you dare to confront me head-on, I won’t make things difficult for you. It’s pointless to compare family backgrounds since one can’t choose their birth origins, so I’ll consider it my defeat if you can prove that you’re outstanding enough! May I know what cultivation path you practice? Are you a warrior, Xuan Master, or a heavenly doctor?”

Rong Xiu raised his eyebrows slightly. “May I know which you are best at, Second Young Master Zhao?”

“Xuan Master,” replied Zhao Zicheng seriously with a straight back after he got over his initial surprise by the question. He was actually also somewhat skilled at the other two cultivation paths, but he was most talented at being a Xuan Master. His Xuan Master cultivation level was the highest among the three cultivation paths.

“Xuan Master it is then,” said Rong Xiu.

Their surroundings immediately went quiet.

“Xuan Master? Are you sure?” asked Zhao Zicheng with widened eyes a moment later. I just said that I’m best at being a Xuan Master, yet he still chose this?

“Yes, but I’ll naturally follow your wishes if you wish to compete in other areas.”

The calm and patient smile on Rong Xiu’s face irked Zhao Zicheng to no end. “Fine! We’ll have a Xuan Master competition then! If you can win against me, I won’t interfere in this matter ever again!”

“You’ll also have to keep your distance from Yue’er,” reminded Rong Xiu.

Zhao Zicheng was at a loss for words. “Fine!”

Rong Xiu nodded in satisfaction upon hearing this answer.

Chu Liuyue glanced at Rong Xiu. Is he… doing it on purpose? Why do I get the feeling that he deliberately induced Zhao Zicheng to say all these things?

Zhao Zicheng became serious. “In that case, let’s set a date—”

“Make it today!” Before Zhao Zicheng could finish speaking, a deep and powerful voice resonated from nearby.

The trio looked back and saw Shangguan You, who had come out of Yuan He Palace at some point in time. Clearly, that voice belonged to him.

Chu Liuyue greeted, “Father.”

Rong Xiu cupped his fist and paid his obeisance to Shangguan You. “Greetings, Your Majesty.”

Zhao Zicheng—who didn’t expect Shangguan You’s appearance—nervously paid his bow at the thought that the latter had heard what he said.

Hints of astonishment and appreciation shone in Shangguan You’s eyes as he sized Rong Xiu up. He had been waiting for Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu at Yuan He Palace for some time, but nobody showed up. It was only later when he heard from the servants that there was some sort of argument outside that he came out to take a look.

He saw his precious daughter from afar at first glance. His gaze then shifted and landed on the man in white clothes standing next to her. Based on how close they were standing to each other, he had an idea of who the man might be.

Although all he saw was the man’s back, he could faintly detect the air of nobility and elegance from him. It surprised him much, for not even the ordinary scions could carry themselves in this manner. Having been the emperor for a long time, Shangguan You had naturally developed an eye for judgment. Only someone who’s in a high position and status will have such a demeanor. I’ve seen the Emperor of Country Yao Chen a few times, but the way he carried himself is totally different from this young man. There’s no way Country Yao Chen can produce someone like this…

“So you’re Rong Xiu…” Now that Shangguan You was facing Rong Xiu and looking at him from a close distance, he got a clear look of the latter’s appearance. He couldn’t help raising his eyebrows in surprise. H-his looks are out of this world.

Even the former emperor had to admit that he had never seen such an ethereal appearance in his life. Even Jiang Yucheng—who was deemed as the most good-looking man in Xi Ling—paled in comparison to Rong Xiu. It was like comparing a glow-worm with the sun and the moon—there was no competition at all.

Just one look, and he immediately understood why his daughter would like Rong Xiu. In fact, all the young ladies would be infatuated with him. Had he not eavesdropped on the trio’s conversation for a while and thought that this young man was pretty responsible and gutsy, he would pretty much suspect that his precious daughter was solely attracted to his alluring face.

“Father, we were on our way to meet you when we ran into Second Young Master Zhao. You’re not angry by the delay, are you?” asked Chu Liuyue with blinking eyes.

Shangguan You laughed, knowing that his daughter was speaking up for Rong Xiu, but he also couldn’t help feeling somewhat displeased when he saw how protective she was of Rong Xiu. “Do I look like such a petty person?”

S-so they’ve arranged to meet? Doesn’t that mean he… Zhao Zicheng became even apprehensive.

Shangguan You sighed inwardly when he saw Zhao Zicheng standing at the side. Even though Zhao Zicheng is outstanding in all aspects, there is nothing I can do about it if my daughter doesn’t like him.

He knew that Zhao Zicheng had left Xi Ling heartbroken when Shangguan Yue was engaged to Jiang Yucheng. Now that Jiang Yucheng had fallen from grace and was imprisoned, there was nothing wrong with Zhao Zicheng coming forward to ask for her hand in marriage since he was still fond of her. Unfortunately, he was one step too late again.

“Since both of you have agreed to compete, then why not just do it today?” It just so happened that Shangguan You wanted to see how capable Rong Xiu was too. He wasn’t fully convinced about the latter’s abilities when his daughter sang his praises. Thus, the only way to confirm it was to see it with his own eyes. “There’s a training ground behind Yuan He Palace, so we can have it there!”

Since Shangguan You had given the word, the rest of them naturally wouldn’t object to it. Thus, everyone started moving toward Yuan He Palace.

Chu Liuyue tugged on Rong Xiu’s sleeve and whispered to him, “When did you become a Xuan Master? Zhao Zicheng is extremely talented at this. Are you… up to it?”

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