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Chapter 906: Cancel Marriage Agreement

Chu Liuyue—who was in the palace—had yet to know the news of Rong Xiu arriving at Xi Ling. After comforting her father with much difficulty, she went straight to Huayang Palace.

The once glamorous and crowded Huayang Palace was now cold and quiet. Other than the Black Guards guarding inside and outside the palace, there wasn’t even a single palace maid serving them.

Chu Liuyue walked straight all the way and directly entered the main hall of Huayang Palace.

After entering the room, an awful smell attacked her nose!

The entire room was in a mess and extremely dirty. Inside that mountain of rubbish, one could forcefully see a person lying there—it was Shangguan Wan!

As nobody took care of her injuries, they kept rotting repeatedly. But every day, Qi Han would specifically make a trip here to feed her a pill and extend her life.

Due to this, she couldn’t die or faint and could only tolerate this terrifying pain clearly.

Day and night, without an end.

Hearing the noise, Shangguan Wan thought that Qi Han was here, so she didn’t move at all. Anyway, she had no strength to struggle and could only live every day in a deathly state.

After the long torture in the past few days, she was already void of all thoughts. The only wish she had was to be lucky enough one day to die directly.

“It seems like you’re living quite well.” A familiar voice sounded.

Shangguan Wan was stunned as she looked up in shock and realized the incoming person was Chu Liuyue!

Today, the latter was wearing a pure white dress. Her hair drooped down, with only a peach blossom hairpin attached to it.

At first glance, she was pure, elegant, and charming. Who would’ve expected that such a person would use such a cruel method to force Shangguan Wan into such a state?

It was as if the surrounding dirt had nothing to do with her as she stood there in a high and mighty manner.

Shangguan Wan knew that she had come back. She really came back!

“Wh-what do you want?” Shangguan Wan struggled to spit out that sentence, but it was weak.

Chu Liuyue simply smiled. “I came here to ask you who exactly the soul that escaped that day was. How is he related to you, and what did he help you do?”

Shangguan Wan kept silent for a moment. “I can say it if you want me to, but… If I say it, you have to promise that you’ll directly kill me!”

I really can’t carry on living such days!

Chu Liuyue raised her brows, and her eyes had a hint of a smile. “Do you think you still have the right to bargain with me? Say it if you want, but if you don’t… I have a lot of time to wait.”

Then, she directly turned around and seemed to leave!

Seeing how decisive she was, Shangguan Wan panicked. “Wait—I’ll say it! I’ll say it now!”

As if afraid that Chu Liuyue would go back on her words, she took a deep breath in and spurted out everything in her mind. “I-I don’t know when that person entered my body, and I don’t know who he is. All these years, he has always been the one instigating me to do things. H-he was also the one who hinted me to harm you back then! and the way to heal my Yuan meridian…”

Chu Liuyue half-squinted her eyes and thought for a moment. “He was the one who taught you to attack those people at Dahuang Swamp back then?”

“Yes! Yes!”

“This means that he long hated me from the start and manipulated you into doing so?!”

“That’s right! If it weren’t for him, I definitely wouldn’t have the guts! I swear!”

Chu Liuyue paused, and many thoughts flashed across her mind. Given Shangguan Wan’s current appearance, her words must be true. I purposely locked her up and tortured her for so many days. On the one hand, I want her to repay her debt from back then. On the other hand, I want to push her to the breaking point and make her honestly speak the truth. At this point, she has no reason to lie anymore. It seems like I can’t find out more from this end.

Chu Liuyue was slightly disappointed. It’s expected that such a strong person can control Shangguan Wan. Perhaps Shangguan Wan doesn’t even understand that person as much as Ancestor.

“Was it your idea to attack me or Jiang Yucheng’s?” Chu Liuyue changed the topic.

“It was his idea! He willingly came to look for me. H-he said that he liked me and wanted to be together with me forever…” Shangguan Wan said, but her voice gradually trembled. She felt that she was a fool played by Jiang Yucheng, but she didn’t even know!

It was a pity that she had a crush on Jiang Yucheng for many years back then, so how could she differentiate the truth?

“When he looked for me back then, he had already started poisoning you. From start to end, it was always Jiang Yucheng who wanted to harm you! Even though I hate you, I never had the plan or the guts to do it… Speaking of which, I was just his assistant. If you want to take revenge, just look for him!”

As Shangguan Wan talked, she laughed in a self-mocking manner. “Speaking of which, it’s quite funny. His study has a portrait of you from ten years ago. He already liked you since the day you became of marriageable age, but in the end, didn’t he kill you as well?”

Chu Liuyue didn’t say a word. I can’t live up to Jiang Yucheng’s so-called ‘like.’ As for why he wanted to harm me, I have to ask him clearly to find out the truth.

Thinking of this, Chu Liuyue turned around to leave.

Shangguan Wan hurriedly called her and wanted the latter to end her, but Chu Liuyue’s figure had long disappeared.

After yelling so much, Shangguan Wan’s throat became hoarse. It also bled again, and she gradually fainted.

Not long later, Qi Han came over and woke her up again so that she could endure the pain and torture that would never end!

Chu Liuyue didn’t care much about what happened in the main hall.

The Thirteen Yue Guards had been by her side for a very long time, so they naturally would help her with a lot of things.

After stepping out, she turned and entered the side hall.

Jiang Yucheng was inside, and his condition wasn’t any better than that of Shangguan Wan. However, his mental state was much stronger than that of the latter.

Hearing the noise, he gradually looked up.

When he saw the familiar yet strange face, his heart tingled slightly, and his eyes rippled.

Even though Chu Liuyue didn’t dress up elaborately today, she no longer hid her aura after she recovered her status. She was even colder and more distant than before.

Even if she was only wearing a simple dress, she was still so captivating that one couldn’t look away.

Perhaps it was a hallucination, but Jiang Yucheng vaguely felt that Chu Liuyue seemed to become increasingly similar to Shangguan Yue from back then.

If one previously said that she was only 50% similar—with 20% being due to her features and the other 30% being due to her mannerisms— then the appearance of the young woman gradually blooming was already 70% similar to how she was back then. This was especially so when Shangguan Yue was also this age back then…

They really did seem to be carved out of the same mold.

How could there be two people born in such a similar manner in the world? Perhaps they became increasingly similar as the inner soul changed?

Chu Liuyue didn’t know what he was thinking at this point as she openly asked, “I came here to ask you about something today. Have I ever told you to cancel the marriage agreement?”

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