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Chapter 905: Who is Scolding Me

Chu Liuyue did not expect her father to come for this, so she couldn’t help but laugh and nod. “That is true. Father, where did you hear this news from?”

Shangguan You didn’t expect his daughter to admit it in such a straightforward manner, and he was slightly shocked. “Oh, I coincidentally talked to Old Song for a while the day before…”

Everyone in Chong Xu Cabinet knew of Rong Xiu’s existence. After all, he had personally visited them and even gave them quite a few substantial gifts, so it was hard to even forget about him.

Chu Liuyue had been busy with court matters for the past few days, so she didn’t even have the chance to sit down and talk to Weichi Song and the rest. However, she originally had no intentions of hiding it, so she nodded in understanding. “I see… I didn’t think of hiding this from you. I was just too busy recently, so I didn’t have the time to talk to you about it.”

Shangguan You felt more at ease. It should be fine if my daughter is so honest about it.

“Then… How is he as a person? I heard that he’s a prince from Yao Chen. He’s called… Rong Xiu, right? How old is he? What’s his cultivation level? Most importantly, how does he treat you?” Shangguan You didn’t hold it in and voiced all his doubts.

Chu Liuyue looked at him strangely. “Father, you didn’t come here to see me today but to specifically ask about Rong Xiu, right?”

After being exposed, Shangguan You was embarrassed for a moment. This concerned his most precious daughter’s marriage after all, so he naturally had to be meticulous and careful about it. “Ahem! K-kind of! He’s your husband after all, but I haven’t even seen him yet…”

With Jiang Yucheng’s incident fresh in his mind, Shangguan You was now scarred and terrified that Chu Liuyue would meet another indecent chap. He didn’t want the incident of two years prior happening again.

Even though Chu Liuyue saw that he looked very nonchalant, how could she not notice the worry and nervousness in her father’s eyes? Her heart felt warm as her red lips curled up, and she nodded seriously. “He’s very good and treats me very well.”

Shangguan You observed her expression in detail and saw that she looked secure when she talked about Rong Xiu and that her eyes would shine brightly. It was as if spring bloomed on her face.

This was the expression one would only have when they liked someone very much.

He had never seen such an expression on his daughter before. Even when she took the initiative to say that she wanted to get engaged with Jiang Yucheng back then, she didn’t show such an expression.

Shangguan You had lived more than half his life after all, and as a former ruler, he was very good at reading people.

My precious daughter really likes that Rong Xiu! Shangguan You heaved a slight sigh of relief but became vaguely worried.

On the one hand, he was worried that Yue’er would be very defensive after experiencing the double betrayal from Jiang Yucheng and Shangguan Wan and would push everyone outside her wall. On the other hand, he was also afraid that this Rong Xiu wouldn’t be able to give Yue’er the best.

She had already suffered too much. He didn’t want her to endure even a little more pain.

“Since this is so… Now that many things in Xi Ling have been solved, why don’t we find a time and ask him to come to Xi Ling?”

It’s natural for Father to want to see his son-in-law. Chu Liuyue raised her brows slightly. “Sure.”

After all, it isn’t like he hasn’t come before. Now that everything is settled, I also want to tell him about my true identity seriously.

Hearing Chu Liuyue say this, Shangguan You nodded but still looked hesitant.

Chu Liuyue inched closer toward him in confusion. “Father, is there something else you want to say?”

Shangguan You immediately denied it. “No, no!”

Chu Liuyue looked at him lazily, and it was clear that she could see through him.

Shangguan You instantly felt awkward as he stuttered for a while before softly asking, “Actually, it’s nothing much. B-but… I just heard that Rong Xiu doesn’t seem to be in the best of health?”

Chu Liuyue almost burst out into laughter. “Did you go and check on Rong Xiu’s background when you didn’t come here for the past few days?”

After being exposed on the spot, Shangguan You instantly felt very awkward as his face flushed. “I was just worried about you, so… I asked around in private…”

Country Yao Chen was outside Heaven’s Canopy, but it was still possible if Shangguan You wanted to ask around for some news. However, the things he heard were rather unsettling.

Everything else is fine, but his physique… It seems like he was ill when he was in his mother’s womb and couldn’t get better afterward. This made Shangguan You worried.

Chu Liuyue finally couldn’t help but laugh, and her eyes curved up. “Don’t worry. He’s not any less talented or capable than me, and he’s even stronger than me. Everything else is just hearsay.”

Shangguan You was first stunned before he raised his brows slightly, looking like he did not believe her. “Yue’er, even if you want to put in a good word for him, you don’t need to exaggerate to this extent, right? Even in the entire Xi Ling, we might not even be able to find a person that’s more outstanding than you, let alone one Yao Chen?”

It wasn’t that he looked down on Yao Chen, but it was indeed rather insignificant when compared to the Tianling Dynasty.

Chu Liuyue shook her head and said sincerely, “If you don’t believe me, you’ll naturally find out when he comes.”

Actually, there were still some unknown things between her and Rong Xiu—like her identity as the Princess and… his identity as His Grace!

Seeing how confident Chu Liuyue was, Shangguan You half-believed her but still nodded in agreement. “Yue’er, don’t worry. As long as he’s as outstanding as you claim, I’ll definitely support you two! You don’t have to care about the rest!”

Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes. “The rest…? What other things?”

Shangguan You’s eyelids twitched, and he stammered, “N-nothing much…”


“Ahem, just… You see, now that you came back safely and have been crowned as emperor, the imperial court officials are all quite concerned about your marriage…” Shangguan You carefully glanced at her. “This… You also know that there are quite a few handsome and talented young men in Xi Ling City who… For you, the second son of Officer Zhao hasn’t married anyone yet… The Xun family has also been requesting to see you for a few days already…”

Chu Liuyue’s eyelids twitched harshly. What is going on? I haven’t even sat stably on the throne, yet they’re already starting to propose marriage to me?

“There is no need to be in such a hurry…”

“How can they not be in a hurry? Most of the emperors in the Tianling Dynasty were already married when they ascended the throne, and some of them got married on their ascension day. The minority of them also had marriage agreements. Only you—they don’t really know about your marriage agreement now. But even if they know…”

Shangguan You didn’t finish his remaining words, but Chu Liuyue knew what he meant: Even if they knew that she already had a marriage agreement with Rong Xiu, they wouldn’t care for it.

Even if he was a prince, he wouldn’t be worthy of the distinguished Tianling Emperor—Chu Liuyue—in their eyes as he was from a small country outside Heaven’s Canopy!

At the same time, in Ping Liang Square outside Xi Ling City.

A bulky figure just walked out of the transportation formation. He wore a hood and covered his face, so he looked rather unreal.

Not many people walking back and forth noticed him.

He looked up at the ancient and vintage Xi Ling City and suddenly sneezed.

Rong Xiu rubbed his nose and muttered softly and nasally, sounding extremely lazy. “Who is scolding me?”

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