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Chapter 88: Investigation

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Unlike the bustling Phoenix Restaurant, the atmosphere in Crown Prince Mansion had been exceptionally tense in recent days.

All the servants in Crown Prince Mansion knew that His Highness had been in a bad mood ever since Tian Lu Academy’s mid-term assessment.

Everyone had been treading on thin ice, worried about incurring his wrath if they did anything wrong.

As usual, Rong Jin sat in his study, reading. However, he couldn’t take in anything because of his irritable mood. A beautiful girl’s face also kept popping up in his mind, and he couldn’t shake it away.

He was still staring at the same folder after one hour without actually reading a single word. Finally, he put it away and rubbed the area between his brows. “Song Yuan, how’s the situation at the Chu family?”

Song Yuan—who had cautiously been waiting outside—came in when he was called. He bowed respectfully. “Your Highness, Third Missy Chu is still recuperating in her bed. Her condition doesn’t seem to be good…”

Rong Jin opened his eyes and looked at him.


The prince slammed his palm against the tabletop and spoke in an icy tone. “You know very well what I was asking!”

Song Yuan shuddered and fell on his knees immediately. “Your Highness, the Chu family sent news overnight. Hardly any restaurants in the entire Imperial City have accepted their reservation…”

Rong Jin closed his eyes, his mood somewhat improved. So what if Chu Liuyue is a double genius? Without support from her family clan, she is isolated on her own! She will know the consequences of going against me! When she is at the end of the rope, she will regret dissolving our marriage agreement on purpose!

“I own a restaurant in my name. Send word to her. Tell her I am willing to forgive her and offer my help this once if she comes and begs for my mercy in person.”

Song Yuan stood rooted to the spot. His expression became awkward. “Your Highness, i-it’s… Chu Liuyue has found a restaurant for her banquet…”

Rong Jin froze.

“Zhen Bao Pavilion has booked the whole Phoenix Restaurant for Chu Liuyue’s celebratory banquet…”


Rong Jin swept everything off his table. He had a murderous look on his face.

Song Yuan dared not look up. He, too, had been shocked when he heard the news. However, this was not the most surprising thing!

“Your Highness, because of this, a rumor has started to spread in the Imperial City that Chu Liuyue has Zhen Bao Pavilion to back her up. Many people have gone to Phoenix Restaurant on account of Zhen Bao Pavilion…”

A mighty pressure descended on Song Yuan! He didn’t dare to resist. A blow struck his chest as he flew backward and slammed onto the ground!


Song Yuan spat out a mouthful of blood but still managed to stand on his feet almost immediately. “Your Highness, please calm down!”

Rong Jin tightly clenched both his hands into fists. His entire being was being consumed by the anger inside him!

Calm down? How am I supposed to calm down? I dissolved his marriage agreement with Chu Liuyue after much difficulty, even going as far as bearing Father’s scolding. What about Chu Liuyue?

She became a genius in the blink of an eye, and she is celebrating without a care! It’s as though she wants everyone to know that she has been accepted into Tian Lu Academy! This is clearly a provocation from her to the Chu family and me!

The more glamorous Chu Liuyue became, the more people would mock Rong Jin and the Chu family!

“And here I was thinking about how she could muster up so much courage to…” It turns out that she had already secured her position with Zhen Bao Pavilion!

Rong Jin frowned as he paced in his study, and finally coldly said, “Send someone to investigate immediately. I want to know everything about Zhen Bao Pavilion!”

“Your Highness!” Song Yuan looked up in surprise. He scrambled to discourage the prince. “Your Highness, please think twice! Zhen Bao Pavilion has a mysterious background and is incredibly wealthy. It’s not wise to mess with them! As you know, people have tried to investigate Zhen Bao Pavilion secretly, but they failed to achieve their goal miserably! You really don’t need to get yourself into trouble because of this!”

How could Rong Jin not know this? Even his father treated Zhen Bao Pavilion like it was something important that must be kept secret. Otherwise, he never would’ve given up on that whole hunting ground matter so easily in the first place!

Tolerating it once or twice only means it will happen more in the future!


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