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Chapter 875: A Gamble!

Chu Liuyue very patiently listened to the Third Princess talk, but she didn’t look guilty or humiliated at all as she was exposed or scolded. Instead, she smiled. I haven’t even spoken these words to Shangguan Wan, yet the latter has played the blame game first. She can really distort the truth.

“It seems like I’m really someone who can do everything in your eyes, Third Princess. Not only can I casually make an agreement with a legendary fiend, but I can even play with the Tianling Power Staff at will,” she said coldly, and a smile was suddenly plastered on her face. “Third Princess, since you think so highly of me, won’t I be letting down your ‘kind intentions’ if I don’t do anything?”

Originally, Shangguan Wan was still quite delighted. She thought that she had the upper hand and would definitely be able to force Chu Liuyue to give in.

But upon hearing the other girl say this, she felt uneasy again. Isn’t Chu Liuyue saying that I look down on the Tianling Power Staff?

“I-I don’t mean it that way!”

“Elder Chen Ke, there’s something I would like to ask.” However, Chu Liuyue ignored Shangguan Wan as her gaze moved until she looked at Elder Chen Ke by the side.

“W-what?” Elder Chen Ke didn’t expect Chu Liuyue to suddenly talk to him, so he was instantly stunned.

Chu Liuyue glanced at the Tianling Power Staff beside her hand as her red lips curled up slightly and smiled deeply. “Just like what the Third Princess said, the Tianling Power Staff is the Tianling Dynasty’s holy item and is extremely dignified. Rumors have it that whoever can lift the Tianling Power Staff up can successfully ascend the throne. Then… What if I do it?”

Elder Chen Ke instantly widened his eyes in shock. Is Chu Liuyue crazy?! Does she even know what she’s saying?! Lifting the Tianling Power Staff… Is she trying to usurp the throne openly?!

“Impossible!” Before Elder Chen Ke could react, Shangguan Wan shrilly denied it. “Even if you use some method to make the Tianling Power Staff lose control temporarily, you definitely can’t lift it up or receive its recognition!”

Shangguan Wan said this confidently. This was because Shangguan Jing was the one who left the Tianling Power Staff behind. From olden times till now, only the people with the Tianling royal family’s bloodline could get near the Tianling Power Staff and receive its recognition!

What background does Chu Liuyue have to have such a thought? She must be dreaming!

“Oh? Then, why don’t we make a bet?” Chu Liuyue wasn’t frustrated as she shrugged her shoulders.

Shangguan Wan became alert. “What bet?”

“If I can lift this Tianling Power Staff and receive its recognition, then—”

“In your dreams!” Shangguan Wan immediately interrupted her words violently. “Chu Liuyue, considering your background, do you really think you can be related to my Tianling royal family?! Don’t even think about it!”

If Chu Liuyue dares to say that and uses it to fight for the throne, I will definitely order people to lock Chu Liuyue up and convict her to death for rebelling!

Chu Liuyue lightly laughed. “Third Princess, why are you in such a hurry? I haven’t finished my sentence. If I can do these things, I would like you to reinvestigate the Princess’s death!”


Chu Liuyue’s sentence was like thunder striking beside the crowd’s ears! Countless people widened their eyes in shock and looked at her in disbelief. Did Chu Liuyue say to reinvestigate the Princess’s death? What does that mean? Didn’t the Princess die because she went crazy from cultivation? Reinvestigation… Does it mean that there’s another reason behind the Princess’s death?

Quite a few people had doubts about this issue, but they all stopped their investigations due to various reasons in these past two years. Gradually, nobody brought this up again.

Some people even felt that they should keep mum about everything regarding the Princess for some reason.

That dazzling woman who was as high as the sun finally landed like a shooting star and completely disappeared, falling into eternal silence. Barely anyone even brought her up.

When Chu Liuyue said that she wanted to make a bet, quite a few people guessed what request she would make. However, nobody ever thought that she would mention such a thing!

Shangguan Wan was also dazed. She even thought she had misheard something for one moment. “W-what did you say?”

Chu Liuyue slowly repeated her words. “What, are you reluctant, Third Princess?”

“Do you know what you’re saying?” At the side, Jiang Yucheng finally recovered his senses. His face seemed to be covered by a layer of frost as he knitted his brows tightly and coldly asked, “The Princess’s death already had its conclusion back then, yet you want to reinvestigate it. Do you not trust us?”

No matter how much he liked Chu Liuyue, he couldn’t stand her saying such things.

Whining or causing a small commotion wouldn’t harm the greater good. He wouldn’t even care if Chu Liuyue mocked and targeted Shangguan Wan. However, he couldn’t show any mercy if it concerned the Princess’s death!

Chu Liuyue didn’t seem to hear the threat in his words as she honestly nodded. “Yeah, I just don’t trust you.”

Jiang Yucheng was suddenly stumped and said after a while, “This matter is very serious. How can we do as you say?”

“Isn’t there the Tianling Power Staff?” Chu Liuyue blinked and smiled. “Could it be that the distinguished Tianling Power Staff can’t even exchange for a chance to reinvestigate the Princess’s death?”

Chu Liuyue’s words were too crafty, and nobody dared to say ‘no.’

The Princess’s identity was dignified, and she was very reputable, but she was still a step lower when compared to the Tianling Power Staff. Whoever dared to deny the Tianling Power Staff would be akin to defaming Shangguan Jing!

Jiang Yucheng could only change his tune. “It’s not that you can’t, but if you insist on this, you have to at least produce some evidence to prove that the incident back then was amiss! It has to prove that there was indeed something amiss with the Princess’s death! If not, I definitely can’t agree to this!”

We committed the crime back then without leaving a single loophole, and we also didn’t leave behind much evidence. No matter why Chu Liuyue suddenly became related to this, she definitely can’t find any clues or discover the truth about that matter!

But when Chu Liuyue heard this, she relaxingly nodded. “Okay! As long as you accede to my request, I can produce evidence today. Third Princess, Prince Consort, I hope that… you won’t regret it by then.”

When Jiang Yucheng saw how calm Chu Liuyue looked, his heart suddenly skipped a beat as he felt very uneasy. Being so confident about this in front of so many people means that Chu Liuyue definitely didn’t do this for fun. If she’s so determined, could it really—

“I’ll agree to your request!” Before he could reject her, Shangguan Wan directly agreed! “If you can lift the Tianling Power Staff and receive its recognition, I’ll accede to your request to reinvestigate! But if you can’t do it… Then, you need to sacrifice yourself to Tianling! What do you think?!”

The crowd gasped. Chu Liuyue just wants to reinvestigate the Princess’s death, yet Shangguan Wan is planning to drive the former to her death.

Chu Liuyue raised her chin slightly and slowly smiled, her gaze as sharp as daggers. “Okay!”

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