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Chapter 874: Smear

This scene was too ridiculous and laughable.

Shangguan Wan was clearly of the royal family’s bloodline, the successor to the throne, yet she was coldly reprimanding and asking Chu Liuyue—who had nothing to do with all of this—to return the Tianling Power Staff!

If word got out, many people would laugh until their teeth dropped out!

Chu Liuyue looked relaxed as she raised her chin. “Third Princess, I didn’t take this Tianling Power Staff as my own, so how do I ‘return’ it? If you want it back, can’t you just take it yourself?”

Shangguan Wan was stumped, and her face flushed red. If it was really as easy as what Chu Liuyue said, why would I have such a big headache? This Tianling Power Staff is a little weird as it was very resistant toward me at the start. When I asked Senior to help me, I was directly blown away and rolled down nine flights of stairs!

Now, she didn’t dare to try again no matter what. She didn’t dare to imagine what would happen if the same incident happened twice! However, if I really don’t do anything, what if the Tianling Power Staff doesn’t come back? It’s still quietly floating in front of Chu Liuyue, living as if it is her accessory!

Jiang Yucheng gently nudged her. “Wan’er, you’re of the royal family’s bloodline after all. The Tianling Power Staff won’t do anything to you. Just go over and personally invite it.”

Shangguan Wan suddenly turned her head and looked at him angrily. Not do anything to me? Did he not see what happened just now?! I’ve already humiliated myself once! If I fail again… I can just die!

But Jiang Yucheng was very insistent. Other than Shangguan Wan, who could do anything about it?

Elder Chen Ke and the rest are in charge of the entire Lang Kun Hall and the Xuan formation on the black Xuan stone, but they clearly said that they couldn’t control the Tianling Power Staff! Are they just going to watch on like this? Shangguan Wan clenched her teeth as she couldn’t argue with Jiang Yucheng.

She moved a step forward as she took a deep breath in, looked at the Tianling Power Staff, and tried to make her tone sound sincere. “Junior Shangguan Wan respectfully invites the Tianling Power Staff to return!”

The moment she said it, the Tianling Power Staff didn’t even move as if it had no reaction.

It had a certain spiritual strength to it, so it naturally could understand Shangguan Wan’s words. Hence, the scene became even more awkward instantly.

The surrounding crowd fell silent, and the people had various expressions. The Tianling Power Staff flung her away in contempt, and it even ignored her sincere begging… I think it only happened to Shangguan Wan after all these years, right?

In this uncomfortable silence, the air was suffocating.

Shangguan Wan’s face flushed red and then turned greenish-white as her entire body trembled.

Nobody knew if she was too frustrated or humiliated.

Anyway, at this point, Shangguan Wan deeply understood what it meant by utter humiliation!

At this moment, Chu Liuyue’s clear voice rang out and broke the silence. “Hey, the Third Princess is inviting you back.”

Chu Liuyue was talking to the Tianling Power Staff. Even though she really wanted to hold the Tianling Power Staff directly, it didn’t seem very appropriate at this time…

The Tianling Power Staff listened to her and finally moved. Its surrounding light turned on and off as if it was breathing; then, it directly flew to Chu Liuyue’s side and stuck itself to the floor!


The end of the staff slammed into the white stone and let out a low sound.

Actually, it was just a fist away from Chu Liuyue’s leg. As long as Chu Liuyue reached out, she could hold it up.

Chu Liuyue looked down, her eyelids twitching. Does it think that it hasn’t caused enough trouble? This is even more impactful than me directly going over to snatch it!

There wasn’t a single more humiliating incident than this. Nobody could ignore such a stark contrast even if they wanted to.

On the one hand, Shangguan Wan was sincerely begging the Tianling Power Staff to return, but the staff completely ignored her. On the other hand, Chu Liuyue was convincing the Tianling Power Staff to leave, but the staff just stuck to her.

Everyone saw this clearly, and they now knew that the Tianling Power Staff wanted to stay with Chu Liuyue!

In the venue, the two women standing opposite each other had a very strange atmosphere.

Nobody expected such a thing would happen in an ascension ceremony.

Shangguan Wan stared at Chu Liuyue with a deadly gaze. That’s not right! There must be a problem! There are so many people here. Why would the Tianling Power Staff choose Chu Liuyue?! If they said that she didn’t use any tricks, I wouldn’t believe it even if I died!

“Chu Liuyue, what exactly do you want?! The Tianling Power Staff is a holy item of the entire dynasty! Even if you want to play tricks, you should know your limits! How can you set your eyes on this?!” Shangguan Wan clenched her fists tightly and painfully yelled, “It’s fine if you snatched the legendary fiend back then, but now, you won’t even let go of the Tianling Power Staff that my Shangguan family’s ancestor left behind?! You’re outrageous!”

Once she said this, the crowd was stunned. What is Shangguan Wan talking about? Snatch a legendary fiend? What happened? Hearing this… Could it be that Chu Liuyue snatched the legendary fiend that originally belonged to the Third Princess?

Chu Liuyue’s expression became cold as she looked at Shangguan Wan in a seemingly smiling manner. There seemed to be a cold light shimmering in her eyes. “Third Princess, what do you mean? Why do I not understand you?”

Shangguan Wan coldly sneered. “I went to Dahuang Swamp for my father back then, and we coincidentally met a fiend that was going to break through and become a legendary fiend in the Mystic Forest. It’s a pity that there was a barrier outside and people guarding it, so nobody could enter. When I was fighting with that person, you took the chance to enter and made an agreement with the legendary fiend while the lightning tribulation struck it! Quite a few people saw this. How dare you deny it?!”

“You snatched that legendary fiend, yet I didn’t hold it against you because I took into account the fact that you were willing to give up its blood to treat Father. It’s also your ability to be able to make an agreement with that legendary fiend! But this time, I won’t ever agree if you want to play tricks and snatch the Tianling Power Staff!”

The crowd burst into an uproar.

They had long heard that Chu Liuyue had made an agreement with a legendary fiend and came back, but they didn’t know that there were so many twists and turns in between. If it’s really like what Shangguan Wan said, then Chu Liuyue’s behavior isn’t legitimate…

Seeing that the surrounding people seemed to be leaning toward her, Shangguan Wan felt much better and sighed deeply. She then said, “I know you come from a lowly background and that it’s inevitable for you to feel greedy whenever you see something nice. I tried my best to satisfy whatever you wanted previously, and I even gave you the legendary fiend! How are you not satisfied?! If you want anything, you need to do it legitimately! If you have such despicable thoughts and use such methods every time, things won’t truly belong to you even if you get them! Also, how can you feel at ease?!”

Shangguan Wan was sure that Chu Liuyue had used some tricks to cause the Tianling Power Staff to be so crazy. That was why she was so rude and kept insinuating that the latter did wrong!

When the crowd heard this, quite a few people expressed their doubts. That’s right! No matter how capable Chu Liuyue is, this Tianling Power Staff won’t go find her for no rhyme or reason! Did she… really do something in secret?

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