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Chapter 872: Who are You Calling Fierce?

Chu Liuyue’s heart shook.

The Tianling Power Staff traveled very rapidly and left a straight, silver line in midair as it flew out of Lang Kun Hall the next moment!

An ear-piercing howl was heard!


The sound of something breaking was heard.

The crowd looked over and shockingly discovered that the barrier Elder Chen Ke set up earlier was easily broken!

One had to know that Elder Chen Ke was a stage-eight warrior, and one could just imagine how great the barrier’s defensive power was!

But in front of the Tianling Power Staff, it was instantly broken like a thin piece of paper.

Countless people looked up nervously, and their gazes followed the Tianling Power Staff! They saw it cut through the sky and go straight for the crowd!

The terrifying suppression exuded in all directions, and many people subconsciously moved backward!

“Quick! Move back!”

The Tianling Power Staff’s strength wasn’t something they could easily tolerate!

The crowd was especially shocked and anxious!

When the few royal family elders standing on the stairs saw this scene, they all panicked. “Elder Chen Ke, what should we do? Do we need to think of a way to stop the Tianling Power Staff?”

Elder Chen Ke clenched his fists tightly, and he seemed to have more wrinkles on his face. Stop it?! That’s easier said than done though. Even if the few of us join hands, we might not be able to control this Tianling Power Staff completely! Besides, this item suddenly went crazy and caused such a commotion! I have witnessed three ascension ceremonies, but I have never seen this scene before!

However, he only silently thought this in his heart.

Given the messy situation now, it will definitely spell unthinkable trouble if we can’t control it in time!

Elder Chen Ke was in deep thought for a moment before deciding swiftly. “Quick! Activate the black Xuan stone!”

The black Xuan stone was the black crystal that held the Tianling Power Staff! There was an elite Xuan formation printed on it, and it was specifically used to suppress the Tianling Power Staff.

The Xuan formation on this black Xuan stone was usually activated, and the Tianling Power Staff would be in hibernation mode. Only in such special times would they turn off the Xuan formation on the black Xuan stone in advance. After the successor successfully lifted the Tianling Power Staff and received its approval, the Xuan formation on it would automatically be activated again when they put it back.

However, they didn’t expect that they had to do this on this occasion.

The few elders hesitated. Once it’s activated, the black Xuan stone and the Tianling Power Staff will not be touchable for a short period of time. By then, the choosing of a new emperor will have to be delayed yet again. However, the Tianling Power Staff seems to be out of control, and this is the only way.

The few of them looked at each other and nodded in determination. Their figures then moved as they respectively stood around the black Xuan stone, surrounding it!

One of them reached out, and endless silver force flew out! “Activate—”

“Hold on!” Elder Chen Ke suddenly hollered.

The few elders hurriedly stopped and saw that Elder Chen Ke was looking in a certain direction in shock. Following this, they instinctively looked over and couldn’t help but gasp.

They saw the crowd—which was originally lined up tidily—suddenly being cut in the middle by an invisible, sharp sword.

At the end of the crowd, a woman in red stood still.

It was Chu Liuyue, and the Tianling Power Staff actually stopped a foot in front of her!

At that moment, time seemed to stop as the surrounding air was also frozen inch by inch! It was dead quiet between heaven and earth.

Everyone was watching this scene with their eyes open and mouth agape. They were so stunned that they couldn’t say anything.

The Tianling Power Staff was extremely resistant toward Shangguan Wan and exploded relentlessly, yet it flew to Chu Liuyue in the blink of an eye. W-what does this mean…

After a temporary daze, someone finally thought of Shangguan Wan and stiffly turned around.

At this point, Shangguan Wan had already rolled down from the nine flights of stairs. Probably because the earlier impact was too great, but she struggled on the ground for quite a while before she stood up.

But at this point, she was in a very unkempt state.

Her face and hands were grazed, and blood kept flowing down while her intricately pretty makeup was completely ruined. Her head accessories had already fallen, and her cloud-like loose strands of hair fell around as an elegant phoenix hairpin was stuck messily in her hair.

Perhaps because she suffered from an internal injury, but her face looked paler than ever. However, her brows and the corner of her lips turned black.

She looked extremely strange.

Nobody expected Shangguan Wan—who was still the glamorous, imperious Third Princess the previous moment—to end up in such a state now!

Some people gradually recovered their senses and had complicated gazes. I-if we didn’t remember wrongly, Shangguan Wan seemed to have been blasted away by the Tianling Power Staff’s strength, right? This isn’t even a matter of her not being able to lift up the Tianling Power Staff! Instead, she simply incurred the Tianling Power Staff’s hatred! Even though there were failures before, this kind of situation didn’t seem to happen! Shangguan Wan is the Third Princess, and she truly has the bloodline of the Tianling royal family!

Such an appearance was akin to harshly slapping her in front of so many people!

Shangguan Wan felt utterly humiliated as her limbs turned ice-cold, and her blood seemed to freeze. Only her face was scorching hot!

At this moment, everyone’s gazes seemed to be filled with mockery and contempt!

The previous scene kept replaying in her mind, and she wanted to dig a hole, bury herself, and completely disappear!

“Wan’er, how are you?” Jiang Yucheng still reacted considerably fast. He immediately walked down and rushed to Shangguan Wan’s side as he knitted his brows and made an inquiry.

The moment Shangguan Wan wanted to open her mouth, her blood tumbled in her chest.


She spat out a mouthful of blood!

Jiang Yucheng was standing beside her, and the blood instantly landed on him!

He quickly knitted his brows, but he still reached out to help Shangguan Wan.

At this point, Shangguan Wan didn’t care about him. After she vomited blood, she still stubbornly looked up and saw Chu Liuyue in the distant crowd.

“W-why… T-Tianling Power Staff…” She spat out these few words with much difficulty and stared in front with a deadly gaze! The vengeance in her eyes was like a knife about to slice Chu Liuyue in half!

Jiang Yucheng knitted his brows and looked over.

Why wouldn’t he be curious as well? In actual fact, everyone who saw this scene in the large Lang Kun Hall was equally confused.

Since when was Chu Liuyue related to the Tianling Power Staff? Why would it solely fly to her out of nowhere? Especially when compared to Shangguan Wan, this scene looks even stranger.

Jiang Yucheng’s face drastically changed. “This Tianling Power Staff is extremely dangerous. Be careful—”

Before he could even finish his sentence, the Tianling Power Staff seemed to understand his words as its ferocious aura suddenly weakened. After that, it inched forward as if it was sucking up to her and then gently poked Chu Liuyue’s face.

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