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Chapter 871: No Means No!

In the square that was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop, this soft voice was especially loud.

At that moment, it was like a drop of water landed into a pot of oil!

The crowd started to become restless, and quite a few people exchanged glances. It… does seem like something is wrong. Seeing Shangguan Wan’s appearance, she must’ve used all her strength previously. However, the Tianling Power Staff didn’t budge an inch!

“It can’t be… Isn’t the Third Princess a stage-seven warrior? Logically speaking, she should be able to lift it…”

“But the Tianling Power Staff really didn’t get lifted!”

“If the Third Princess really can’t do it today, it’ll be too embarrassing!”

The soft discussions traveled to Shangguan Wan’s ears, and every word made her even more humiliated and tortured.

She clenched her teeth and tried again, but the Tianling Power Staff still didn’t look like it had moved!

The commotion below gradually became louder, and the few royal family elders at the side started to have hints of doubt on their faces.

Shangguan Wan’s heart beat wildly, and it almost jumped out from her chest. In a short amount of time, her forehead was filled with tiny beads of sweat.

The Tianling Power Staff in her hands was chilling to the bone, but it wasn’t colder than her heart. It was like a bucket of cold water had splashed down on her, causing her to shudder and tremble uncontrollably. Why can’t the Tianling Power Staff move? I risked my life to heal my Yuan meridian. Even though it’s not top-notch, it’s still a Dijing Yuan meridian! Besides, I accumulated this force with much difficulty… Why can’t I lift this Tianling Power Staff?!

Shangguan Wan became increasingly anxious. But the more anxious she was, the more panicked she was.

She originally wanted to gather all the strength in her body to try again, but her limbs gave way for some reason, making her unable to use her strength at all.

However, she didn’t dare to let go—that would be directly admitting that she couldn’t do it!

Hence, Shangguan Wan held the Tianling Power Staff and didn’t move.

Actually, she kept trying, but it was to no avail. So to the surrounding crowd, it seemed like she was just standing rooted to the ground stiffly.

At this moment, time seemed to be passing especially slowly.

The few royal family elders exchanged glances and saw the worry in one another’s eyes.

The gentle smiling intent on Jiang Yucheng’s face finally dropped. If Shangguan Wan can’t successfully lift the Tianling Power Staff today, she won’t be able to ascend the throne smoothly! The more important thing is that she will never have a second chance to try again! Then, even I will be greatly implicated! At that time, all our hard work from before will be wasted! It’s impossible for me to find a third princess to marry!

Jiang Yucheng couldn’t hold back and said, “Wan’er, don’t be nervous. Try again slowly.”

At first glance, his expression seemed very calm. But if one took a closer look, they could see the anxiety and worry in his eyes.

Shangguan Wan turned around and glanced at him. She knew very clearly that Jiang Yucheng wasn’t encouraging her but warning her!

If I fail… Thinking of the terrifying consequences, Shangguan Wan pressed her lips against each other tightly and looked at the Tianling Power Staff in front of her once again. I’m afraid I can’t do it if I use my own strength. Then…

“Senior, can you help me?” asked Shangguan Wan in her heart.

The next moment, the nonchalant and cold voice sounded. “Just like I expected. Even though your Yuan meridian has healed, it’s still lacking. That’s not surprising though. Your original Yuan meridian standard was so-so after all, and it became a mess after it was burned by the Tianjing Yuan meridian’s fire. It’s already very hard for you to recover to this stage.”

That voice said these few sentences very calmly as if it were narrating a very ordinary minor matter, but it wasn’t so to Shangguan Wan. This was because she felt that she was being mocked and despised.

Deep horror crept into her heart. If it weren’t for Shangguan Yue, it wouldn’t be so hard for me today!

“Your Highness, do… you still want to continue?” asked Elder Chen Ke cautiously after seeing Shangguan Wan not moving.

Once he asked this, the crowd fell silent again as they looked at Shangguan Wan with varying gazes.

If she continues, she might not succeed and will very likely be ridiculed as being useless. But if she gives up now… It would mean that Shangguan Wan has thoroughly failed! Let alone ascending the throne, her days won’t be any better if she just lives as the Third Princess.

The previous few that failed all had a terrible outcome.

Shangguan Wan immediately said, “Of course!”

Seeing her determination, Elder Chen Ke was hesitant with his words.

Actually, according to his previous experience, Shangguan Wan was destined to fail. But since she wanted to continue trying, he couldn’t say anything further.

“Third Princess, please—” Elder Chen Ke looked more solemn. If Shangguan Wan still can’t do it this time… We really need to consider what to do later…

Shangguan Wan nodded slightly and knitted her sharp brows. “Senior.”

Light laughter sounded in her ears; then, Shangguan Wan felt her vision shake.

A strong and vigorous aura suddenly exploded from within her body!

At that moment, endless force rushed out like an open tap as a black symbol instantly appeared on Shangguan Wan’s brows! But as she was standing in a special position and that symbol flashed too quickly, nobody noticed it.

Following this, there seemed to be violent winds storming in the depths of her eyes!

Sinister! Cold!

It seemed like she had become a completely different person!

Then, she clenched her hands tightly and tried to lift the Tianling Power Staff again!


A whirring sound was heard, and lights sparkled!

The next moment, the Tianling Power Staff finally moved!

Shangguan Wan’s lips moved as if smiling, but it seemed slightly stiff.

The black crystal immediately lit up colorfully, and the Tianling Power Staff gradually started moving with Shangguan Wan’s actions!

“It’s moving! It’s moving! The Tianling Power Staff moved!” someone exclaimed.

The crowd became noisy again. Almost everyone fought to look over, afraid they would miss something.

Seeing the Tianling Power Staff finally being slowly lifted by Shangguan Wan, Elder Chen Ke finally relaxed.

The other elders also nodded their heads respectively and secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

The tightly clenched fists in Jiang Yucheng’s sleeves relaxed a little. It’s good that she succeeded, good that she succeeded…

Many people looked surprised. “The Tianling Power Staff is so hard to deal with! The Third Princess only succeeded after so many tries!”

“Then, it still counts as her success in the end, right? From now on, she’ll officially ascend the thr—”


At this moment, a large explosion was coincidentally heard coming from the Tianling Power Staff!

The terrifying wave spread in all directions!

Shock flashed across Shangguan Wan’s eyes.

Without waiting for her to react, a formidable aura went straight to her face. Then, her body instantly flew out!


She slammed onto the floor heavily and actually rolled down the nine flights of stairs directly.

The crowd was stunned, but at this moment, the Tianling Power Staff seemed to fly in a certain direction!

Chu Liuyue seemed to notice something as she looked up and saw the Tianling Power Staff flying toward her!

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