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Chapter 869: Third Princess, Please Hold the Staff!

She had waited for this day for a long time, thinking that her love had finally come to fruition. But in reality, the man in front of her didn’t have the slightest bit of fond feelings toward her.

Melodious ceremonial music reached her ears, and she was currently in the spotlight, high above the masses. She had thought that she would feel proud and be on cloud nine on this day, but she ended up feeling empty instead. As the memory of Jiang Yucheng’s painting surfaced in her mind, her hands started trembling with uncontrollable anger.

Jiang Yucheng was just about to bow to Shangguan Wan when he noticed that she wasn’t doing the same. His eyes gleamed coldly before he called out to her in a gentle and soft manner. “Wan’er.”

From his smiling face and gentle tone, it seemed as if he was afraid of startling her, but the look in his eyes was ever so cold.

As Shangguan Wan currently had a veil over her head, she couldn’t see his appearance clearly, and all she saw was a vague outline. However, she couldn’t help but shiver internally in fear when she heard his voice as the memory of his fear and callous treatment toward her was still fresh in her mind. While trying her best to suppress those emotions, she closed her eyes and bowed toward him, finishing the last of the marriage rites.

Her compliance made Jiang Yucheng feel slightly relieved, and he bowed toward her at the same time.

The elder cheerfully announced, “The rites are completed!”

The crowd erupted into cheers, and firecrackers were set off. However, the bustling activity in the square only sounded jarring in Shangguan Wan’s ears. Every word of congratulations and blessing seemed to have become a curse on her. Feelings? Sincerity? Deep conjugal love? It’s all just a joke! I worked so hard and waited for this day for so long, only to end up marrying a man who doesn’t even like me! This very man even proposed to another woman on the eve of our wedding just because she bears a resemblance to Shangguan Yue—the woman he has liked for a whole decade!

“Wan’er, we’re finally together.” An indulgent smile bloomed on Jiang Yucheng’s handsome face as he walked forward to lift the veil on Shangguan Wan’s head.

Shangguan Wan was dressed to the nines today, wearing exquisite makeup and a phoenix hairpin on her head. She looked stunning and elegant, and when she stood next to Jiang Yucheng, both of them looked like a perfect match.

“Her Highness and the Prince Consort are truly a well-matched couple!”

“Yes! In terms of family background, appearance, and other aspects, there’s no better match than this!”

It seemed as if everyone was rejoicing over their marriage.

“So they’re considered married now?” Mu Hongyu couldn’t help but frown when she took a look at the newlyweds. She leaned closer to Chu Liuyue and whispered to her, “Don’t you think that something is odd about them?”

“Hm? In what ways?”

“U-uh… I don’t know how to explain it either! In any case, both of them don’t look too happy… They also seem a little distant even though they’re standing together… I just find it strange. I don’t think they’re all that compatible with each other.” Mu Hongyu had seen her fair share of weddings, and although they weren’t as grand as this one, the brides and grooms were mostly deeply in love. All it took was just one look—they didn’t even need to say anything—and one could tell that they were a lovey-dovey couple. However, she didn’t get such feelings from Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng.

“How is that so? In my opinion, they’re a match made in heaven!” Chu Liuyue curled her lips slightly. As she watched the two perform the marriage rituals on stage, she felt thankful that she didn’t marry Jiang Yucheng back then, or she would’ve been disgusted for life. This cad is best matched with Shangguan Wan!

Shangguan Wan was also smiling on stage. But despite their joyful appearances, only she and Jiang Yucheng knew what each other was truly thinking. When the latter stretched out his hands to grab hers, she felt sick and cold at his touch but didn’t dare to pull away from him. She could only endure it with a smile.

The two’s superb acting fooled a good number of people who didn’t know the inside story. From what most people saw, everything was progressing smoothly with the bride and groom looking to be in perfect harmony.

Just then, one of the elders announced, “Please bring out the Tianling Power Staff!”

The shout reverberated throughout Lang Kun Hall for a long time and reached everyone’s ears, loud and clear. Everyone instantly snapped to attention as they focused on Lang Kun Hall.

The other five royal elders nodded and turned to enter Lang Kun Hall.

Countless pairs of eager and excited eyes stared at the door, for they knew that the next event was the true highlight of the day.

An ear-splitting rumbling sound was heard coming from within Lang Kun Hall. Many people were slightly shocked as they hurriedly channeled their force to cast a barrier around themselves.


With a light wave of his arm, the elder who made the announcements cast a silver barrier below the steps to block the terrifying energy fluctuation.

Just as he did so, the five elders finally emerged from Lang Kun Hall while jointly carrying a huge squarish black crystal. It landed with a dull boom that made the ground tremble.

The black crystal was half the height of a man, and there was a staff hovering above it. Although one couldn’t see its appearance clearly due to the glow enveloping it, one could still feel its tremendous power. Everyone found it a little hard to breathe even from behind their barriers, but they weren’t concerned about that as their eyes were all focused on one spot—the Tianling Power Staff, which was the symbol of the Tianling Dynasty’s power and authority.

The elder dropped to a knee. “Third Princess, please hold the staff!”

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