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Chapter 857: Fight

A woman’s instinct was always very accurate. Jiang Yucheng just spoke two sentences to Chu Liuyue, but it made Shangguan Wan feel very uncomfortable.

This tone… It’s clearly different from the tone he uses with me! Even that gaze—it seems to have a tinge of undetectable gentleness. Shangguan Wan bit her lips. Could Jiang Yucheng really feel something for Chu Liuyue?

She clenched her hands in her sleeves tightly and went forward with anger burning in her eyes. “Tomorrow is our wedding day. According to the rules, we can’t meet the day before. If not, it’ll be inauspicious. Even if you’re worried about Father, I’m still around in the palace. How can you just come over so casually?”

Does he not trust me, or does he not care about our wedding at all?

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yucheng knitted his brows. “Wan’er, you’re thinking too much.”

“How am I thinking too much?” Shangguan Wan was even angrier. “Even normal people who get married try to avoid each other the day before, let alone us—”

This had always been a tradition that the Tianling Dynasty had passed down. Even if it was just for good luck, Jiang Yucheng shouldn’t have come to the palace at this time.

Jiang Yucheng felt that Shangguan Wan was being unreasonable. We just met once. What’s there to be so uptight about? If we can spend their time together peacefully, it will naturally happen. If we can’t, it will be to no avail no matter how wary and careful we are about following the wedding formalities.

After seeing how demanding Shangguan Wan was, Jiang Yucheng’s patience gradually ran out as his face turned cold. “Since you care about this rule so much, I’ll leave right now.”

Then, he really turned around, whipped his sleeves, and left.

“Jiang Yucheng! Stand right there!” Shangguan Wan didn’t expect Jiang Yucheng not to give her face. I only said two sentences to express my dissatisfaction, yet he actually turned around to leave! In front of so many people no less! In the past, he definitely wouldn’t treat me in such a manner no matter how upset he was!

However, Jiang Yucheng ignored her words. He didn’t even pause for a single moment and directly left.

Anyone could tell how harsh and cold his back view was when he left.

Shangguan Wan’s heart felt like it was burning at times and being chilled by cold water at other times. She was so angry that her entire body trembled. Am I not doing this for our future? Yet, he treated me like this in the end!

The temperature of the yard instantly dropped to negative.

All the people in the palace gradually lowered their heads, and they didn’t even dare to breathe loudly. The day before their wedding, the Third Princess and Eldest Young Master argued in Qingfeng Palace and ended on a bad note. If this news gets out…. Nobody knows how others would talk about this!

Shangguan Wan gradually recovered her senses as her face turned red and white in embarrassment.

Zuo Mingxi looked awkward and didn’t know what to do. I… Jiang Yucheng followed me over. I didn’t expect it to become like this…

However, Chu Liuyue just stood at the side and slightly raised her brows as if she didn’t even care about this matter.

She knew very clearly what kind of person Jiang Yucheng was. The most important person in his heart would forever be himself. Since when would such a selfish person care about others?

Shangguan Wan should still like him. If not, she wouldn’t care so much about them meeting on the day before their wedding. It’s a pity that Jiang Yucheng is already too lazy to deal with her. Chu Liuyue looked down and sneered in her heart. Now that this has happened, who knows what kind of amazing show will take place tomorrow…

Shangguan Wan clenched her teeth tightly and suppressed the anger in her heart with much difficulty. “The two of you, follow me in to see Father!”

Then, she went in first.

Chu Liuyue and Zuo Mingxi followed behind her closely.

It was very quiet in Qingfeng Palace.

The cauldron was surrounded with white mist, and a faint smell of Long Xian Fragrance wafted toward their noses.

Chu Liuyue wrinkled her nose. This was the smell on Jian Fengchi back then…

She silently looked in.

A person lay on the golden bed, but she could only see a vague figure from where she was. However, Chu Liuyue still recognized that the person was her father at first glance!

Her nose turned sour, and tears welled up in her eyes as a wave of warmth rushed up her heart and overwhelmed her.

When she was driven to the corner and finally decided to burn herself and commit suicide, she didn’t even bid her father farewell properly. Now that she had met him again, she had already become someone else.

Once Chu Liuyue thought of how he had laid here for two years, she felt pain and anger that almost shot through her chest.

She spent a lot of effort to restrain her urge to rush up.

Shangguan Wan walked in front and had already reached the bed. “Physician Zuo, check on Father’s condition first.”

Zuo Mingxi went forward. He pulled open the mesh and pulled out His Majesty’s hand, revealing the latter’s wrist on the outside as he meticulously took his pulse.

After a moment, he released the latter’s hand. “His Majesty hasn’t fully recovered yet, and his condition keeps fluctuating. If we want His Majesty to wake up, we need to treat him properly.”

Then, he glanced at Chu Liuyue. “If we can supply him with some Dancing Lotus and the blood of a legendary fiend, it will naturally be for the best.”

Everyone could guess why Shangguan Wan called Chu Liuyue over. Therefore, Zuo Mingxi directly said it.

Shangguan Wan asked, “Physician Zuo, do you have the confidence to refine the medicine for Father then?”

Zuo Mingxi laughed. “Your Highness, you might not know, but rare treasures like the Dancing Lotus and the blood of a legendary fiend don’t need refinement. You just need to boil them into soup medicine with some complementary herbs and then consume it directly.”

This saved time.

Shangguan Wan heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Chu Liuyue. “Ms. Chu, please take out the items.”

Chu Liuyue went forward and stood three steps before the bed. From here, she could vaguely see the outline of the familiar face.

At this moment, his eyes seemed to be tightly shut, and he had no consciousness as he lay in bed.

She said, “It’s… my honor to have these ingredients used for His Majesty’s health.”

Shangguan Wan knitted her brows. For some reason, I feel that Chu Liuyue seems to treat Father like…

She couldn’t pinpoint what feeling it was, but it annoyed her. Perhaps she thinks that she can rise to fame after Father wakes up?

Thinking of this, Shangguan Wan felt disdain in her heart.

Chu Liuyue took out a rectangular wooden box.

Shangguan Wan and Zuo Mingxi’s eyes lit up!

Then, Chu Liuyue opened the wooden box.


A Dancing Lotus was lying quietly within! The five translucent, pinkish-white petals had naturally closed up, and its stem was emerald green. It looked very lively as if it had just been plucked.

Shangguan Wan’s throat turned slightly dry, and greed flashed across her eyes. This… is the true Dancing Lotus!

Chu Liuyue snapped her fingers, and Tuan Zi appeared on her shoulders.

Shangguan Wan looked up and saw the red-tailed phoenix rubbing against Chu Liuyue’s cheeks intimately, looking very obedient and wanting to flatter her.

She felt hatred in her heart. All the good things became Chu Liuyue’s!

Chu Liuyue seemed not to notice it as she touched Tuan Zi’s head. “Tuan Zi, can I borrow a drop of blood from you?”

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