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Chapter 856: Secret Movements

“I’ll agree to your request!” Shangguan Wan thought for a while and could only agree in the end. Chu Liuyue currently has precious treasures in her hands and is very arrogant. I shall let her be happy first and then teach her a lesson after this ends!

Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up. “Wouldn’t it be better if you agreed earlier, Third Princess? After all, His Majesty’s health is the most important, right?”

Shangguan Wan was stumped and felt that the Chu Liuyue in front of her was getting on her nerves! Her face turned cold, and she lowered her voice. “You better be honest! If not… I have my own ways of dealing with you!”

Chu Liuyue nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders and lightly laughed.

After that, Shangguan Wan walked out first.

Chan Yi hurriedly bowed and secretly glanced at the duo. The anger on the Third Princess’s face hasn’t subsided, but Chu Liuyue still looks very relaxed. It seems like… their talk wasn’t very smooth.

“Call Zuo Mingxi over,” said Shangguan Wan coldly.

“Yes!” Chan Yi didn’t dare to ask further as she immediately sent someone to invite him over.

Shangguan Wan turned around to glance at Chu Liuyue. “You, follow me to Qingfeng Palace!”

This wasn’t the first time Chu Liuyue entered the palace after being reborn, but this was her first time coming to Qingfeng Palace.

She had previously tried coming over, but the security was very tight. She couldn’t get near, so she didn’t impulsively do anything.

One could tell that Shangguan Wan valued Qingfeng Palace a lot. However, Chu Liuyue knew very clearly that it definitely wasn’t only because Father was here or that she wanted him to rest properly. There must be another reason for the security being this tight—to the extent that the other royal family children can’t enter.

When the people from Qingfeng Palace saw Shangguan Wan bringing Chu Liuyue over, they were all stunned.

When they heard that Shangguan Wan even wanted to let Chu Liuyue in to see His Majesty, quite a few people were so shocked that their jaws dropped. One had to know that other than the three heavenly doctors on duty, usually only the Third Princess and Eldest Young Master Jiang could enter.

It was indeed shocking for someone with Chu Liuyue’s identity to be given permission to enter…

However, an idea popped up in the crowd’s mind. Chu Liuyue has a legendary fiend and also a Dancing Lotus. It seems logical for the Third Princess to invite her over…

Shangguan Wan didn’t directly bring Chu Liuyue in. Instead, she waited at the pavilion by the side for Zuo Mingxi to come.

All sorts of gazes landed on Chu Liuyue, but the latter was already long used to all of this and didn’t really care. From start to end, she looked very calm and gentle.

Her every single movement was as elegant and graceful as a distinguished lady that was meticulously brought up by an aristocratic family. She was greatly different from her manner of forcing her to the corner previously.

Vaguely, she could hear the subordinates discussing.

“…So that’s Chu Liuyue… I kept hearing about her previously, but this is the first time I’ve seen her. She really is like the rumors say!”

“Her appearance is really outstanding… With her elite talent, she’s really enviable…”

“I heard that she came from an ordinary background but that she made an agreement with a legendary fiend. Additionally, with her capabilities, her background doesn’t pose much of a problem… Besides, with her aura, nobody can tell that she comes from a lowly background—especially the elegance in her eyes…”

Shangguan Wan listened in from the side, and her heart was tingling. When I saw Chu Liuyue the previous few times, the latter was still very restrained. But ever since she came back from the Mystic Forest, she has become increasingly outrageous as if because she has evidence against me. And now, she has put on another front in front of the crowd. How disgusting!

Facing Shangguan Wan’s gaze filled with anger, jealousy, and hatred, Chu Liuyue didn’t care about it at all. She mainly came here today to see her father first.

Even though Qi Han said that Father’s health had improved greatly, I still feel uneasy if I don’t see him personally. When she thought about how her father had been trapped in Qingfeng Palace for two years and couldn’t even get out of bed, Chu Liuyue’s heart ached.

Like this, Zuo Mingxi hurried over after another hour or so.

And someone else came with him—Jiang Yucheng!

“Sorry for being late. Third Princess, please forgive me.” Zuo Mingxi went forward and immediately bowed.

Shangguan Wan didn’t have much of a reaction when she saw him, but she knitted her brows when she saw Jiang Yucheng. “Yucheng, what are you doing here?”

Jiang Yucheng explained, “I was coincidentally with Physician Zuo just now and heard the news from the palace. I was worried, so I decided to come along.”

Then, his gaze turned and landed on Chu Liuyue.

In actual fact, he initially didn’t want to come over. But after hearing the palace maid say that Shangguan Wan had invited Chu Liuyue into the palace, he still came over after slight hesitation.

Ever since their hurried meeting that day, he hadn’t seen her for the next few days. However, that scene kept replaying in his mind. The more he thought of it, the more he wanted to meet her.

Once this idea popped up in his mind, he couldn’t get rid of it. Furthermore, the news of Chu Liuyue making an agreement with a legendary fiend and bringing the Dancing Lotus back was known to everyone in Xi Ling, causing his thoughts to be even more rampant.

Chu Liuyue seemed not to notice his gaze as she bent her knees and bowed. “Greetings, Eldest Young Master, Physician Zuo.”

The young girl in front of them had skin as white as snow, and her eyes were bright and beautiful. She didn’t have makeup on, but she was still very charming.

Jiang Yucheng’s heart tingled.

At the side, Shangguan Wan felt that something was amiss. The gaze Jiang Yucheng is shooting at Chu Liuyue… makes me very uncomfortable.

For some reason, she suddenly thought of the day when Jiang Yucheng hurriedly put away the painting in his study.

She immediately felt uneasy.

“Shall we go in to see His Majesty’s condition?” Chu Liuyue broke the silence.

Jiang Yucheng smiled, and his voice was tender. “Okay.”

The alarm in Shangguan Wan’s heart rang!

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