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Chapter 855: A Request

Chu Liuyue followed Chan Yi into the palace.

In Huayang Palace, Shangguan Wan was already frustrated from waiting as she paced up and down. The words she heard just now kept ringing in her head.

She originally thought that Chu Liuyue was already dead, so she didn’t expect the latter to come back alive. Furthermore, the latter had even made an agreement with a legendary fiend and even retrieved the Dancing Lotus.

It’s fine if they said that Chu Liuyue coincidentally got the legendary fiend because she was lucky, but what’s with the Dancing Lotus? However, I still clearly remember that Elder Qiuxi was directly swallowed by the Mirror Lake when he tried to retrieve the Dancing Lotus. He didn’t even have the chance to struggle or cry for help before he completely disappeared without a trace. And later on, Jian Shuye and the rest also failed to achieve anything… How exactly did Chu Liuyue do it? The more Shangguan Yue thought, the more frustrated she got.

The feeling of being worse than someone in every aspect is way too familiar! Before Shangguan Yue died, she always suppressed me in this manner in the past! No matter how much I tried, how hardworking I was, and how I tried to flatter the other party… Everyone wouldn’t take another look at me. Their eyes were only filled with Shangguan Yue! Thinking of the past, Shangguan Wan clenched her teeth in hatred. One Shangguan Yue was already enough, yet another Chu Liuyue popped up…

She raised her hand and touched her own face. As long as I finish doing what I should, I don’t have to leave that Chu Liuyue behind anymore…

As the next day was the wedding, the palace was fully decorated, and the entire way was filled with all sorts of banners and decorations, making it very lively.

While Chu Liuyue walked in, she nonchalantly sized the place up. She could tell that Shangguan Wan should’ve gone according to the normal princess’s formality and that it naturally couldn’t be compared to her event’s preparations back then.

Even though Shangguan Wan is gutsy, she wouldn’t dare to step on me so openly. However, all the items used for the wedding seem to be newly made. I had expected Shangguan Wan to be unwilling to use what I left behind, but Shangguan Wan definitely feels indignant as the wedding still isn’t as good as mine back then. Chu Liuyue curled her lips.

Very quickly, the two of them arrived at Huayang Palace.

Chan Yi knocked on the door, and Shangguan Wan’s voice quickly came from inside. The former then walked in and invited Chu Liuyue over.

Chu Liuyue smiled as she acknowledged it and walked in.

Within the room, Shangguan Wan was sitting there waiting.

The moment Chu Liuyue walked in, the Third Princess’s vision immediately landed on the former. When she saw that familiar appearance, Shangguan Wan subconsciously knitted her brows. The smile on Chu Liuyue’s face is even more annoying.

“Third Princess, how have you been doing?” Chu Liuyue stood still about five steps away from Shangguan Wan as she spoke with a smile. She didn’t bow and didn’t look humble or condescending at all. It was as if… she really didn’t care about Shangguan Wan.

This angered Shangguan Wan, and she couldn’t help but sneer. “What, do you not even know how to greet and bow after you come back from Dahuang Swamp? Why didn’t you bow when you saw me!”

Chu Liuyue raised her brows as if she heard a joke. Then, she smiled slightly and said, “Third Princess, have you ever seen someone still respectfully bow to the person who almost killed them? I still remember very clearly everything that you previously did to me in the Mystic Forest.”

Shangguan Wan was stumped.

The situation was perilous back then, and she was part of the reason why Chu Liuyue fell down. This was something undeniable.

Shangguan Wan’s face turned cold. “What, did you come here to teach me a lesson?”

“That’s strange. Third Princess, didn’t you invite me over?” Chu Liuyue naturally walked to the chair at the side and casually sat down as she held her chin with one hand. “Even if one was causing trouble, shouldn’t you be doing it to me?”

Seeing how outrageous Chu Liuyue was, Shangguan Wan was so angry that her face flushed red. “You—how dare you! This is Huayang Palace. How can you be so outrageous?!”

Chu Liuyue looked up and coldly gazed at her as she sneered in her heart. Speaking of this, I was the one who helped speak to Father about this Huayang Palace, which allowed Shangguan Wan to have a place to rest. Now, she actually thinks that she’s the true owner of this place?! How laughable!

“Third Princess, you clearly know why you invited me over. Could it be that you still expect me to be grateful toward you at this point? If you don’t like me, you can just call someone over and punish me, right?” Chu Liuyue said it very rudely and didn’t even care about the Third Princess at all.

Shangguan Wan angrily stretched out her hand and pointed at Chu Liuyue, her face turning white and green. “You! You—how dare you threaten me?!”

In the last two years, almost nobody has dared to use such a tone to talk to me!

Chu Liuyue lazily leaned against the chair as she half-squinted at Shangguan Wan. Her pair of black gem-like eyes had a hint of mockery in them. “So what?”

So what?! I’m sure that Shangguan Wan definitely won’t call someone over at this point, unless she wants to make a scene the day before her wedding and humiliate herself!

As expected, Shangguan Wan looked at Chu Liuyue in an infuriated manner for quite some time but swallowed her remaining words. “Since this is so, I won’t beat around the bush with you. I want your legendary fiend’s blood and the Dancing Lotus! Father is severely ill, and he needs this to have a chance of waking up. Father is the son of heaven. This is what you should do, and it’s your honor! Of course, I won’t make you give up these things for free. As long as you hand them over, I’ll immediately get someone to tell the whole world, and I’ll give you a substantial reward.”

If someone else heard this, they would definitely laugh at it.

The blood of a legendary fiend and a Dancing Lotus—these two items were both rare, priceless treasures in the world!

Shangguan Wan’s so-called substantial reward was just a joke in front of these two items!

But after hearing this, Chu Liuyue didn’t immediately reject her. Instead, her expression changed slightly. “Third Princess, I naturally have no objections in giving the items up to treat His Majesty, but… I have a request.”

Shangguan Wan looked at her doubtfully. “What request?”

Chu Liuyue enunciated every single word properly as she said, “I personally want to see His Majesty and see you give those items to him!”

“Impossible!” Shangguan Wan directly rejected the request without thinking. How can someone like Chu Liuyue enter Qingfeng Palace?!

Chu Liuyue smiled, but her eyes had a tinge of coldness. “These items are originally mine, and I want to see them being used rightfully. This doesn’t seem to be an overboard request, right? I’m a heavenly doctor myself, and Third Princess, you can allow another heavenly doctor to do it if you can’t trust me. I’ll just watch from the side. I only have this one request. If you don’t agree, there’s no need for us to continue.”

Then, Chu Liuyue directly stood up, brushed her sleeves, and acted like she was going to leave.

“Hold on!”

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