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Chapter 853: What Did You Find

The remaining three people were stunned at the same time. This means…

“I think I’ll guard outside,” said Qiang Wanzhou with his lips pressed against each other as he glanced at Qin Yi and Lei Laosi.

Chu Liuyue smiled and was very insistent. “It’s okay. Even if Qin Yi is in the room, he can still watch over the entire yard.”

Qin Yi raised his brows.

Qiang Wanzhou hesitated for a moment and still entered in the end.

Lei Laosi glanced at Qiang Wanzhou and then at Chu Liuyue. Finally, he couldn’t help but look at his own big brother with a gaze that sought help. Is Her Highness not planning to hide from this kid?

“Sorry for the trouble, Qin Yi,” said Chu Liuyue.

Qin Yi raised his hand, and a wooden cicada appeared in his palm. The wooden cicada was made very intricately, and it looked alive.

He raised his wrist, and the wooden cicada flew out.

“If there are any strange movements within five miles, it will immediately detect it,” explained Qin Yi before he set up a green barrier in the room, blocking their voices from the outside world.

Chu Liuyue smiled. “I always trust you when you do things.”

Qin Yi was dazed for a moment, and a faint smile appeared on his watercolor painting-like face. This made his always nonchalant expression suddenly look lively.

Then, he bowed and respectfully greeted Chu Liuyue. “I will definitely do my best to fulfill your requests, Your Highness.”

Qiang Wanzhou—who just stood still beside Chu Liuyue—suddenly shrunk his eyes in shock! Your Highness?! How many people in this world can use such a term?! And this even came out of the mouth of Qin Yi, who is such a top elite!

Hearing him call her that once again, Chu Liuyue felt very conflicted. “Nan Yi, Ling Si, it has been hard on the two of you these past two years.”

Qin Yi’s expression changed slightly.

Tears seemed to well up in Lei Laosi’s eyes at that moment. “It’s not hard on us if you can come back safely, Your Highness! We will all follow Your Highness to our deaths!”

With this sentence from Her Highness, our bitter waiting and torturous two years aren’t in vain!

Qiang Wanzhou looked down. I knew it! Her name and identity are completely different! Being able to have such strong warriors follow her to their death… Chu Liuyue clearly has an extraordinary status! She’s definitely not just a woman who walked out of an aristocratic family in the small Country Yao Chen!

Qiang Wanzhou vaguely felt that a curtain was slowly being removed in front of him. Once that curtain is removed, it will definitely stun everyone! Now, all of this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Qin Yi said, “Your Highness, we have all changed our identities now. For safety reasons, you should just call us by our current names.”

Chu Liuyue thought for a moment and still nodded. Then, she sighed lightly. “If I didn’t trust the wrong person back then, I wouldn’t have ended up in this state today and even implicated you guys. This forced you to be unable to use your real names, and you almost…”

Every single one of the Thirteen Yue Guard was very good, and any of them were top elites. They willingly followed her and suffered a lot, but their loyalty never changed. In the end, they were accused of betraying their master and could only escape into the wild as they toed the fine line of life and death every day.

Now that they were back in Xi Ling, they still had to change their appearance and couldn’t even use their real names!

“Your Highness, you don’t have to blame yourself. You did all that you could for them. Their actions were just because they’re too greedy and despicable.”

If one mentioned hate, they should hate those people who betrayed Her Highness back then!

“Big Brother is right! Your Highness, think about how you treated them back then. But in the end, they—” Once Lei Laosi thought about the past, he became agitated. Even though two years had already passed, every single scene was still very clear in his mind as if it had happened the day before.

“All these people deserve to be slashed a thousand times to death.”

At this point, Qin Yi suddenly looked outside and smiled slightly. “Someone is here.”

A figure silently appeared outside the door—it was Qi Han!

“Big Brother, it’s really you guys!” Seeing the few people in the room, Qi Han heaved a sigh of relief.

When he was outside earlier, he vaguely felt that this was done by his big brother. When he came in, he found that it was indeed so.

Chu Liuyue’s eyes curved up. “Qi Han, you even brought someone with you?”

As she spoke, her gaze turned toward Qi Han’s back.

A figure suddenly jumped out. “Aiya! Your Highness, can’t you pretend that you didn’t see me?”

It was a youngster that looked like he was only 12 or 13 years old. He still appeared very child-like, yet he had a tinge of a youngster’s aura. His pair of watery eyes was very lively, and when he smiled, his eyes turned into the shape of a crescent moon.

Chu Liuyue was quite surprised. “Little Thirteen, you actually grew so tall?”

Back then, he was still a small boy…

Little Thirteen wrinkled his nose. “You haven’t seen me in two years. Of course, I’ve grown up!”

Kids around this age always anxiously hoped that they could grow up, and they loved to act mature. However, their actions were always child-like, causing people to be caught between laughter and tears.

Speaking of this, he hurriedly walked over to Chu Liuyue and curiously asked, “But Your Highness, why do you seem different from before?”

If I recognize based on her aura, it’s indeed Her Highness. But her looks…

“Thirteen,” shouted Qi Han at him with warning.

A chill ran down Thirteen’s spine as he covered his mouth. Oh no! Previously, Seventh Brother told me not to speak nonsense when I’m here! However, I was too excited to see Her Highness, and I forgot…

“Qi Han, why are you so fierce to him?” Chu Liuyue glanced at Qi Han and waved toward Thirteen. “Thirteen, don’t be afraid.”

Thirteen hurriedly ran over and hid behind Chu Liuyue as he stuck out his tongue at Qi Han in a delighted and happy manner.

Qi Han retracted his expression and cupped his fists. “Your Highness, please forgive me. I didn’t tell Thirteen too much about what happened previously…”

In actual fact, they didn’t even completely tell Little Thirteen about Her Highness dying back then. They only told him that Her Highness was set up but that she had her own plans and would come back in the future.

Therefore, when everyone was waiting in agony, only Thirteen was in the dark as he relaxingly cultivated while waiting for her to come back.

Chu Liuyue nodded. This is for the best. Thirteen is the youngest, and all of them have always treated him like a child. It’s best for him not to know about some things.

“All of this isn’t important. But Thirteen, you seem to have improved by quite a bit in these two years? Your ability to hide your aura is about to exceed your Seventh Brother?” Chu Liuyue was really quite shocked about this.

Thirteen was very talented in this area. If not, she wouldn’t have brought him along back then. However, his speed of improvement still exceeded the crowd’s expectations.

Upon hearing this, Thirteen immediately said proudly, “Of course! You don’t know, but I was the one who secretly followed Jiang Yucheng recently!”

Chu Liuyue asked with much interest, “Oh? Then what did you find out?”

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