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Chapter 821: Ridiculous Dream

Shangguan Wan’s expression froze for a moment, but she quickly returned to normal as her lips curved up into a faint smile as she seemingly asked unintentionally, “Officer Yuwen, what does that mean?”

Yuwen Wei paused for a moment and explained, “Uh… As you might know, the preparatory works for the Princess’s grand wedding were basically already completed back then, and everything was done to the highest standard. Do you want to do it like the Princess or… according to the normal princess formality?”

Even though he phrased his words very tactfully, Shangguan Wan understood what he meant.

This was because Shangguan Yue didn’t prepare her wedding according to a normal princess formality but an even more upgraded one! Without a question, it was because of her Princess status!

During the Tianling Dynasty’s thousand-year-long history, an emperor would basically hold a very grand ceremony whenever they ascended the throne during their wedding. Normally speaking, one would be treated the same way when they ascended the throne—regardless of whether it was a princess or a prince.

However, Shangguan Yue’s was even grander than the ones before! This was because she was the second person in the entire Tianling royal family to have a Tianjing Yuan meridian after Shangguan Jing.

It was also because nobody in the entire Tianling Dynasty had complained or objected at all even though they had used up quite a lot of manpower and resources to prepare for it back then!

To them, the Princess deserved all of this!

And now, this person became Shangguan Wan.

Even though Shangguan Wan held power today, she wasn’t as popular as the Princess back then. So normally speaking, she should directly go according to the princess’s formality.

But Yuwen Wei was being meticulous, so he still came to ask her just in case he made a mistake.

Shangguan Wan stood at the top and crossed her hands. Even though she looked very calm, the two hands in her sleeves had already been clenched very tightly.

To her, this problem was an insult! Ever since they were young, Shangguan Yue was better than her in every aspect!

From minor things like a brush to major things like an entire palace! Every single aspect, Shangguan Yue would always be better than her!

Now that Shangguan Yue was finally dead, she completely crushed her bones underneath her feet. Shangguan Wan originally thought that she could finally step over Shangguan Yue forever, but she gradually realized that it wasn’t the case.

Like the wedding’s formality.

She naturally wanted to do it according to what Shangguan Yue did, but she couldn’t do so. This was because she knew too clearly what kinds of troubles her choice would bring.

After a momentary silence, Shangguan Wan spoke, trying to make her voice sound calm. “How can I compare to my elder sister? Let’s just do it according to the normal princess’s formality.”

Her lips curled up, but her eyes were icy cold.

Yuwen Wei lightly nodded. “Yes. I’ll listen to your commands for everything, Your Highness. And…”

He paused and seemed hesitant.

Shangguan Wan’s brows flinched. “Officer Yuwen, do you have other matters?”

“…I do have something else I want to ask you about, Your Highness. It’s… for the items prepared for Princess’s wedding previously. Some of them have been taken care of, while the others were just left aside. For example, there are a few treasured items used specifically for weddings… What do you want to do with them?”

The arrangements for Shangguan Yue’s grand wedding back then were very elegant and intricate. Every single item used was a treasure chosen meticulously, and any one of them was extremely precious.

From what Shangguan Wan knew, the red carpet they prepared to welcome the bridge was made using the most extravagant icy gold thread, and numerous red rubies were sewn into it. It really could be known as extravagant as every step was worth millions.

Just a mere red carpet was so extravagant and shocking. The other items were definitely more distinguished than ever.

Hence, Yuwen Wei was asking her if she wanted to use such items.

On the one hand, the Princess had accidentally passed on before her wedding, so these items didn’t seem appropriate to be used. But on the other hand, these were all painstakingly made with a lot of manpower and resources. If they were really just set aside like that and new ones were made, it would be troublesome as well.

Shangguan Wan suppressed her anger, looked down, and lightly sighed. “Those are Elder Sister’s items after all. If I see them, I might get reminded of her and feel terrible. Let’s not use them then. Keep those items properly!”

Yuwen Wei’s expression changed slightly. Actually, he originally thought that Shangguan Wan would be willing to use some of the items.

This wasn’t related to money or fortune. This was because when someone in the Tianling royal family got married, many items wouldn’t be customized again, and they would reuse the old items.

On the one hand, it showed the passing on of power. On the other hand, it represented the connection of bloodlines.

However, he didn’t expect Shangguan Wan to be unwilling to use any of them…

“Your Highness, I’m afraid it would be a bit rushed if you want to change all of them to new ones…”

“This is a problem you have to deal with then, Officer Yuwen. Must I personally worry about such issues?” Shangguan Wan was already very frustrated, and her tone became colder.

Yuwen Wei understood what she meant and immediately said sensibly, “Yes! Your Highness, don’t worry. I’ll definitely do my best!”

Shangguan Wan’s anger then subsided a little, but her brows and eyes were still icy cold. “If there’s nothing else you want to instruct me, I’ll take my leave first.”

Shangguan Wan waved her hands.

Yuwen Wei bowed and exited.

Until his figure completely disappeared outside the door, Shangguan Wan was still enraged. Yuwen Wei purposely came for me this time! Princess here, Princess there. She has already been dead for close to two years. What’s there to talk about her?!

“That’s enough. Stop thinking about those useless things. You should find a way to recover your Yuan meridian as soon as possible!” A hoarse and cold voice suddenly came from her mind.

A chill was sent down Shangguan Wan’s spine, and shock flashed across her eyes. “Y-Yes!”

“If your Yuan meridian doesn’t completely heal before your wedding, I’m afraid you won’t be able to raise that staff in front of so many people, right?”

This sentence directly hurt Shangguan Wan. All this while, this was what she was most worried about!

“You’re right, Senior!”

“I previously told you to summon a few people into the palace, but you were very afraid. If you still don’t do anything about it, there won’t be much time!”

“B-but if I do it so openly, it’ll definitely arouse suspicions…” Shangguan Wan’s head also hurt. Previously, I only took a portion from Yang Qin’er. After this matter was exposed, people suspected me for a very long time. Jiang Yucheng even scolded me harshly! I really don’t dare…

That voice snickered continuously. “If you don’t dare to call them over, can’t you just go out and find them?”

“Go out? But—”

“Don’t worry. I’ll help you then.”


After Dugu Mobao and the rest left, Chu Liuyue looked at that black back view and was deeply shocked. She didn’t recover her senses for a very long time.

I’ve seen Master before! I must’ve had some interactions with him before! And… In that dream-like hallucination, his tone was very intimate and gentle! He called me ‘Yue’er!’ A ridiculous guess suddenly surfaced in Chu Liuyue’s heart! He’s—

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