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Chapter 820: Do You Want to Do the Same as the Princess?

After uneasily making it past the anxious night, Xiahou Tingan disguised himself and went out to ask around for news the next morning.

No news came out of the Xiahou Residence, and everything was as per normal. However, this didn’t make Xiahou Tingan feel at ease.

In this situation, it was either that Xiahou Rong hadn’t found out that something was amiss, or he did and chose to suppress the issue. Unless Xiahou Rong was crazy, he wouldn’t let outsiders know that the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill was in his residence and that he had even lost it!

After pacing around the Xiahou Residence a few times, Xiahou Tingan didn’t discover anything amiss, so he left worriedly.

He didn’t know that the current Xiahou Rong was indeed filled with worry, but it wasn’t because of the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill. Instead, it was because of the mysterious man that escaped the previous night.

Xiahou Rong was terrified that the other party had heard what he said and regretted it more than ever. However, there wasn’t much use to regret it now.

The other party wasn’t weak. He had chased after the figure for a very long time but still lost the other party in the end.

Let alone him not daring to announce the matter, even if he dared to openly search for the person in Xi Ling City, he didn’t even know what that person looked like.

Xiahou Rong didn’t dare to tell anyone about this.

After chasing that person in vain, he was filled with worry, so he didn’t notice that someone had searched through his study and that the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill he kept thinking about wasn’t even in the residence anymore!

Everything in Xi Ling City was very calm, but everyone started busying themselves as there was only a month or so left until the wedding between the Third Princess and Jiang Yucheng.

The wedding of a royal family member was naturally different, especially because the Third Princess’s wedding would also be the day when she would ascend the throne. Hence, it was even more grand.

In the palace, Huayang Palace.

After a period of nourishment, Shangguan Wan’s body had recovered by quite a bit. However, the wound on her face didn’t get better at all.

Without looking at the mirror, she just had to casually touch her face every day to know what her face was like. It was precisely because of this that her mood became increasingly worse, even though the day of her wedding was coming nearer and nearer.

Just as Shangguan Wan was thinking about these things, she heard knocks on the door.

Knock knock…

“Your Highness, Physician Zuo is here.” This was Chan Yi’s voice.

Shangguan Wan bit her lips and used the mask to cover her face. “Invite Physician Zuo in.”

The door creaked open, and Zuo Mingxi walked in.

He respectfully bent over, took a few steps forward, and bowed. “Greetings, Third Princess.”

Chan Yi gently closed the door and waited outside.

Shangguan Wan said, “At ease, Physician Zuo.”

Zuo Mingxi then stood up, but his eyes still drooped down slightly to show his respect.

Shangguan Wan clenched her teeth and said, “There’s only a month or so left until the grand wedding. Physician Zuo, have you not thought of a way to solve the problem on my face?”

Zuo Mingxi hurriedly said, “Your Highness, I came here today just because of this. Yesterday, I coincidentally read about a method in an ancient book, and it might be of use to you.”

“Really? Quickly, tell me about it!” Shangguan Wan’s eyes lit up as she hurriedly chased him.

“According to that ancient method, your wound is caused by a legendary fiend scratching you. As there are still remnants of the legendary fiend’s force in it, the wound will keep relapsing and be unable to recover fully. If you can obtain a legendary fiend’s blood, merge it into the herbs, and then use it on your face, you can use poison against toxins and completely remove it. This way, your wound will definitely improve soon!”

Shangguan Wan’s expression gradually darkened, and she tightly knitted her brows after listening to his words. “We need a legendary fiend’s blood?”

At this point, where am I supposed to get the legendary fiend’s blood? The only red-tailed phoenix I saw died together with Chu Liuyue in the Mystic Forest! It’ll be too difficult to want to meet another one now!

Zuo Mingxi looked like he was in a difficult position. “Uh… Please forgive me for being useless. I can only think of this one way now…”

In actual fact, it was already quite good for him to think of this method. After all, he had never seen a legendary fiend, and he didn’t even know how Shangguan Wan’s wound had come about.

All these days, he had spent so much blood, sweat, and tears flipping through countless medical books before he could find this method!

Other than this, he really had no other methods.

Shangguan Wan also knew that she couldn’t make it difficult for anyone in this situation, but she definitely couldn’t meet someone with such a face!

At this point, Chan Yi’s voice was heard from outside the door. “Your Highness, Officer Yuwen from the Ceremonial Department is here.”

Shangguan Wan knitted her brows even more tightly. Yuwen Wei? He is the officer from the Ceremonial Department, and he definitely came here to discuss the wedding matters.

She waved toward Zuo Mingxi. “You can dismiss yourself first. For Father’s side, please take good care of him with the other two. Don’t tell anyone about what’s going on on my side.”

Zuo Mingxi hurriedly said, “Yes, I’ll take my leave first.”

After that, he bent his back and walked back a few steps before opening the door and walking out.

He coincidentally met with Yuwen Wei waiting outside.

The two of them greeted each other and didn’t speak further.

Shangguan Wan quickly retrieved a human skin mask and placed it on her face.

This mask was as thin as a cicada’s wings. After it was stuck to her face, it immediately covered all of her wounds. At first glance, she looked the same as before she got injured.

Actually, she had spent a lot of effort to get someone to do this for her a few days ago.

When she kept staying in Huayang Palace previously and refused to go out to meet people, it caused a lot of controversies.

She dared not continue like this, so she could only use this method to forcefully handle the situation first. In actual fact, she had already started meeting people gradually during this period of time with this mask on.

Yuwen Wei walked over.

He was a middle-aged man around 40 years old. He was tall and had a long beard. He looked very gentlemanly, and it was easy to tell that he was a rare handsome person when he was young.

The Yuwen family could be considered as one of the most aristocratic ones in Xi Ling, but they were usually always very discreet. Strictly speaking, their heritage went even further back than the Xiahou family and the Jiang family. This was because the Yuwen family ancestors had fought together with Shangguan Jing to build the empire back then.

Back then, there were millions of people following Shangguan Jing. Quite a few of them were crowned as important officials according to their contributions, but after thousands of years, only the Yuwen family survived safely.

The family motto of the Yuwen family was to be loyal to the Tianling Dynasty and to be humble and discreet. Therefore, even though they weren’t the most extravagant family in the Tianling Dynasty today, they were the most long-living and stable existence here.

Furthermore, Yuwen Wei didn’t care for fame and fortune as he only took up the position of officer in the Ceremonial Department and didn’t participate in the royal family’s conflicts.

This was also the reason why Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng had never thought of dealing with the Yuwen family.

Yuwen Wei bowed to her and openly said, “Your Highness, I came here today to consult your opinion on a few matters regarding the wedding.”

Shangguan Wan smiled. “Officer Yuwen, please go ahead.”

Yuwen Wei paused and looked incredulous. “Your Highness, it goes like this. As for the wedding’s procedures, do you… want to do the same as the Princess back then?”

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