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Chapter 818: Princess’s Death

Xiahou Tingan’s heart harshly skipped a beat! Actually, he faintly knew that there was something else behind the Princess’s death back then. If not, the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill wouldn’t land in his father’s hands.

He wasn’t stupid and knew what he could ask and couldn’t ask. Hence, even if he had guesses all along, he had never honestly talked to his father about these things.

Now that he suddenly heard this, Xiahou Tingan’s heart was still beating very quickly.

The next moment, he had the idea of backing away and not listening to it anymore. He knew that the more he knew of such things, the more dangerous it would be for him.

But just as he was feeling conflicted, he heard another voice coming from the room. “Hmph, you should’ve known what kind of person he was from the moment he planned to work with the Third Princess to deal with the Princess.”

Xiahou Tingan knitted his brows. This voice sounds familiar…

“The Princess took such great care of him back then. If it weren’t for her, he—Jiang Yucheng—would’ve died countless times. What can such an ingrate not do? But we’re all just doing it for our own needs, so there’s no need to care so much about it.”

Xiahou Rong said with hatred, “How can I not care about it? This time, taking advantage of Jiang Yuzhi’s marriage, he wants the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill back again! From start to end, I worked so hard for nothing!”

Back then, he only agreed to work with Jiang Yucheng because he wanted to obtain the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill. However, it was for nothing in the end.

“Who asked your Second Young Master to cause such a scene at Chun Feng Restaurant and let the Jiang family take the upper hand? If it weren’t for this, you could’ve still fought with him. But now… you can only give in.”

Hearing them bring him up, Xiahou Tingan instantly tensed up. Then, he heard Xiahou Rong sigh deeply and said, “Out of all my sons, I always liked him the most. When I later found out that Jiang Yuzhi liked him, I put more effort into him. I was thinking of letting him smoothly take over my position after they got married, but who knew… He was this useless!”

Xiahou Rong expected better from him. After he learned of Xiahou Tingan spending a night with a lady in Chun Feng Restaurant, he knew that there was going to be big trouble.

Originally, he wanted Xiahou Tingan to personally atone for his sins at the Jiang Residence, but the latter didn’t know what was good for him and refused to go no matter what. In the end, he was even chased out of the Xiahou Residence!

Hearing this, Xiahou Tingan felt very upset. Just as he was hesitating whether he should admit his mistakes, he heard the other man laugh and say, “What’s the matter if he’s useless? Don’t you have another Third Young Master? To me, I think he’s more stable and mature than your Second Young Master. During this marriage agreement with Jiang Yuzhi, he has performed very well from start to end. I heard that he went to the Jiang Residence to accompany Jiang Yuzhi every day these few days and that the two of them are developing quite well.”

Xiahou Rong smiled. “You’re right. As his birth mother was of lowly status, I didn’t care much about him in the past. These few years, he has also always been very discreet. I didn’t expect him to be worthy of such a task! Compared to his second brother, he’s so much better! After this, even if the second one is made useless, it’s better for him to wake up!”

Xiahou Tingan was dazed, and he didn’t hear the rest of their conversation clearly. His brain was just filled with Xiahou Rong’s words. In just mere days, that rascal—Xiahou Yushu—has already completely taken over my position?!

The last bit of hesitation in Xiahou Tingan’s heart had completely disappeared!

“…Jiang Yucheng can now cover the entire sky in Xi Ling with one hand. It’s not rational if you want to continue fighting with him,” advised that man.

Xiahou Rong coldly snorted. “If he forces me into a corner, I’ll just expose everything back then! If it weren’t for me who helped falsify the document, why would the Princess deploy the Thirteen Yue Guard outside of Xi Ling? As long as the Thirteen Yue Guard was around, Jiang Yucheng would never succeed! If he continues to push me, he can’t blame me for dragging everyone down!”

Xiahou Tingan pressed against his chest as his heart beat wildly, and shock filled his eyes. I see! I see! When the Princess was in trouble, the Thirteen Yue Guard was indeed not in Xi Ling. The crowd only knew that something happened to the borders and that the Princess had sent the Thirteen Yue Guard there to investigate it, but they never came back. Not long later, Jiang Yucheng directly announced that the Thirteen Yue Guard had collaborated with the rebels and sent out a warrant for them!

Other than the most crucial characters, nobody knew why the Princess would send all 13 of them together. According to her usual practice, she would only send a few to take action and would leave some with her. I didn’t expect that Father had played a part in this…

“The current Jiang Yucheng is no longer the same as before… Even if you say these things now, who will believe you? The Princess’s death has a lot of layers to it, and you and I are just one part of it!”

The moment he said this, the duo in the room didn’t talk for a long time.

After some time, that man seemed to stand up and planned to leave. “Forget it. Don’t say these things in the future. You might cause trouble for yourself…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he heard a strange sound coming from the yard.

“Who’s there?!” Xiahou Rong hollered in the room and immediately rushed out!

Xiahou Tingan’s heart almost jumped out of his throat, but afterward, he realized that the sound came from another direction.

The moment Xiahou Rong came out, he saw a black figure quickly flashing across. He felt hatred in his heart and immediately chased after the figure. Previously, I specifically dismissed the servants and didn’t allow anybody to enter here. Additionally, I was furious when I talked about Jiang Yucheng, so we were negligent and didn’t even know that someone had secretly snuck in! I don’t know how much the other party has heard!

Thinking of this, Xiahou Rong became increasingly nervous, his heart on fire. If someone knows about this and spreads it… The consequences are unimaginable!

The person in the room also quickly left after Xiahou Rong, but he didn’t chase the figure together with the latter as he turned in another direction and left the place!

Xiahou Tingan originally wanted to see who that person was, but he didn’t dare to move casually since he was afraid that he would expose himself. Hence, he could only see the person’s vague figure leaving in the dark.

After much thinking, he didn’t recognize that person.

But very quickly, he put this issue at the back of his mind. This was because the study was currently… empty!

It was the perfect chance to take action!

Before Xiahou Rong left, he had set up a barrier here. However, this wasn’t a problem for Xiahou Tingan.

As he was doted on since young, Xiahou Tingan had a seal that could unlock Xiahou Rong’s barrier.

He took out the seal, and a faint light flashed across. Then, a water ripple-like barrier appeared in front of him!

He injected his force into the seal and pressed it against the barrier.

An opening immediately appeared!

He stepped in.

At this point, he didn’t know that there was another figure following him like a shadow from behind.

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