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Chapter 816: How Did She Know

Chu Liuyue didn’t understand. I really don’t understand. Since when did the world become like this? I talked to him nicely just now, but the other party was nonchalant. When I accidentally threw my temper, the other party actually felt that it was very good?

Even though it was rather inappropriate to use ‘so happy that he cried’ to describe the other party, Chu Liuyue’s mind was currently blank, and she couldn’t think of any other terms.

“Um…” She spoke hesitantly, not knowing what to say. Big Baby… This is clearly not that person’s proper name. When the young man addressed him like this just now, he clearly looked upset. But why did he seem super happy after I called him that?

“What about me?! What about me?! Girlie, there’s still me!” Without waiting for Chu Liuyue to say something, Diwu Zhangze immediately reacted at the side as he yelled expectantly.

Girlie has already called him Big Baby, so she can definitely speak our names out! Though she forgot about us, some things have already become her instinct and can’t just go away.

Lan Xiao glanced at him and looked very upset as he lightly grunted. “Truly only a child that knows how to whine will get sweets!”

If it were any other day, Dugu Mobao would definitely fight with Lan Xiao when he heard this. But he was in an extremely good mood now and couldn’t be bothered to deal with Lan Xiao.

He didn’t even look at Lan Xiao as he righteously replied, “You can whine too. Who is stopping you? Let’s see if Girlie can call you.”

“I won’t fight with a stupid child!” Lan Xiao clenched his teeth and controlled his expression with much difficulty. This face is one that I like the most recently. I can’t casually damage it. It’s not worth it, really not worth it.

Dugu Mobao couldn’t care to be angry at Lan Xiao at this moment. His heart was filled with satisfaction and elation now.

Even though he had been controlling himself the best he could, the smiling intent still overflowed from the corner of his eyes.

Facing Diwu Zhangze’s passionate inquiry, Chu Liuyue’s eyelids twitched. C-call what? Second Baby?! I really don’t remember! Only the heavens know how I called him just now… I can now basically confirm that I did know these people before, but our relationship is still a mystery. These three people are extremely formidable. Even at my peak, I’m not good enough in front of them. Logically speaking, I should be very respectful toward them. But the words just now really jumped out of my mouth… How daring must I be to do that?

Diwu Zhangze waited for a while. Seeing that Chu Liuyue didn’t speak, he started to become anxious. “Girlie, think about it properly. It’s me! My name has four words—”

“He’s Diwu Zhangze,” said Dugu Mobao directly.

Diwu Zhangze’s expression froze, and the veins on his forehead jumped. “Big Baby, what are you doing?!”

“Can’t you see that she can’t remember? It’s already very hard for her to remember me alone. Why are you still demanding so much? Besides, my name is also four letters. If she can really remember your name, does she need you to remind her?”

Dugu Mobao pointed at Lan Xiao. “He’s—”

“I’m Lan Xiao!” Lan Xiao was very decisive as he directly reported his name and rolled his eyes at Dugu Mobao.

Chu Liuyue was awkward. Now, out of the three of them, I still don’t know Big Baby’s name…

She quickly searched through her mind. There doesn’t seem to be any strong warriors with these names in the Tianling Dynasty… From their appearances, I can’t really match them with anyone. Then… Either these people are hidden heroes, or they aren’t from the Tianling Dynasty.

She politely greeted the few of them.

Lan Xiao sighed in disappointment. It seems like she really can’t remember. It’s already a surprise for her to be able to yell that just now. Hmph, it’s still because that stupid child knows how to throw a tantrum, so Girlie can even say that subconsciously now.

Diwu Zhangze was interrupted, but he always had a docile temper. Hence, he didn’t care much about these things. It’s better if Girlie can remember a little! She definitely can gradually remember the rest in the future!

Seeing their attitudes relax by quite a bit, Chu Liuyue hesitated for a moment and asked, “Seniors—”

“What seniors? Just directly address us like before!” Lan Xiao wasn’t used to her talking like that, so he waved his hands. “You called him Big Baby, me Lan Xiao, and him as Diwu in the past.”

Even though Chu Liuyue felt weird about it, she could only oblige and obediently nod since the other party had already said so.

“The few of you can also see that I’ve indeed forgotten a few things. As for your identities and how we met, I don’t remember…” Chu Liuyue spoke in a very tactful manner, but Lan Xiao and the rest were all very wise. They could immediately tell that she was trying to ask about the past.

“We—” The moment Lan Xiao started, he felt a strong gaze on him.

He looked up and saw Rong Xiu glaring at him with a dark gaze.

Lan Xiao suddenly remembered what Rong Xiu said earlier. Yue’er girlie no longer remembers the things outside the Tianling Dynasty. If we suddenly tell her about it, it might affect her knowledge and recovery. It’s best to let nature take its course.

Lan Xiao’s Adam’s apple bobbed. Even though I’ve always disliked Rong Xiu, I agree with his words. After all, it’s better to be very careful when it concerns Girlie.

Thinking of this, he changed the topic. “We’re all idle people, so our identities aren’t important. However, we met in this Dahuang Swamp before.”

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes slightly and was rather shocked. In Dahuang Swamp? I’ve come to Dahuang Swamp a few times, but I really don’t have an impression of these few people. But upon deeper thought, I’ve always thought that my memory was complete previously. If not for these things that kept happening and proving that I did lose part of my memory, I might not even believe all of this. Then, my past with these few people should also be part of the memory I’ve lost.

Looking at Chu Liuyue’s surprised and curious look, Diwu Zhangze couldn’t help but remind, “At Red Moon Desert! You loved to go there in the past, and you would always stay for a very long time!”

Red Moon Desert… Chu Liuyue blinked. In my memories, Red Moon Desert seems to be the place I visited the least. However, they said that it was the place I loved to go…


Chu Liuyue wanted to ask in detail, but Dugu Mobao suddenly looked up. “Time is almost up.”

Lan Xiao and Diwu Zhangze’s expressions changed in unison. “Why is it so fast?”

Lan Xiao knitted his brows. How long have we been here? We need to leave after exchanging a few sentences with girlie? If we leave now, we need to wait for another month!

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but ask, “What time?”

Diwu Zhangze naturally answered, “The time we need to go back.”

Go back? Back to… Red Moon Desert? Chu Liuyue didn’t ask, but she directly thought of this answer in her heart for some reason.

She paused. How do I know all of this?

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