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Chapter 804: Rong Xiu’s Method

Purplish-gold Buddha leaf—it silently stuck to the ancient zither and was wrapped in a layer of transparent red color. At first glance, it looked like a clear crystal.

Chu Liuyue carefully held it and then retracted the ancient zither. After that, she meticulously scrutinized the purplish-gold Buddha leaf.

Even though it was trapped in this seal, she could still feel its bursting liveliness.

The purplish-gold leaf let out a bright light.

Chu Liuyue looked at the legendary three-eyed eagle and lightly nodded.


The legendary three-eyed eagle flapped its gigantic wings, and the surrounding aura moved. The next moment, its third eye suddenly opened!

A red fire burst out from within, and then it immediately wrapped around the purplish-gold Buddha leaf!


A tiny cracking sound was heard as the exterior of the purplish-gold Buddha leaf’s seal suddenly broke.

Then, the seal suddenly broke and turned into countless red rays of light as they spread in all directions.

The purplish-gold Buddha leaf was thoroughly exposed! It gently shook and then turned toward another direction.

It actually wants to run! Chu Liuyue moved her bare hand, and a fire flew out from the Heavenly Square Cauldron. It then rapidly formed a barrier in front of the purplish-gold Buddha leaf.

The purplish-gold Buddha leaf also detected that something was amiss and hurriedly stopped.

Just when it was about to escape in another direction, the legendary three-eyed eagle flapped its wings again.

A ground-breaking shrill was heard!


This sound reverberated throughout the space and didn’t disappear for a long time!

Admiration, respect, desire… It was like a low moan that came from ancient times as it had a vintage suppression to it that shook one’s heart and mind.

This was the summon of the legendary three-eyed eagle to the godly tree.

The purplish-gold Buddha leaf seemed to have felt something as it kept trying to escape and was stunned on the spot.

For some reason, Chu Liuyue felt that a strange connection seemed to appear between the purplish-gold Buddha leaf and the legendary three-eyed eagle.

Even though she couldn’t see it, she could still clearly feel it. That was the bloodline connection from dependence since millions of years ago.

The next moment, she saw the purplish-gold Buddha leaf jump spiritually and come in front of the legendary three-eyed eagle.

At this point, a blood pearl was refined within the great phoenix dragon’s skeleton and gradually merged with the other herbs. It became a rich red-black color from the initial fresh red.

The legendary three-eyed eagle stared at the purplish-gold Buddha leaf. The next moment, that purplish-gold Buddha leaf gradually flew up and stuck to its third eye.

Like a soldier that had experienced all sorts of hardships, it drove away all cold intentions.

The purplish-gold Buddha leaf immediately merged with the legendary three-eyed eagle’s third eye.

The bright-red color in the eye quickly disappeared like ice melting away. Then, a layer of faint purplish-gold color spread from within.

When that eye thoroughly turned from bright red to purplish-gold, Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat.

The legendary three-eyed eagle’s third eye had always been red, and it was filled with a harsh and ferocious aura. At this point, all the violent blood within it had dissipated and was replaced with shocking unparalleled dignity.

Coldness, elegance, contempt—this was the unique suppression that a legendary fiend had.

The most important thing was that there was a determined willpower within that was very lively and energetic.

While Chu Liuyue was shocked because of this, the legendary three-eyed eagle’s body moved and flew to the great phoenix dragon’s skeleton. It then swallowed the black-red pearl in one bite.

At the same time, a bone gradually flew up and merged with the gigantic black apparition.

The next moment, the crystal-clear skeleton actually had blood and muscles.

Chu Liuyue immediately urged the surrounding fire to go over and completely envelop the apparition. It then started to burn crazily.

With the help of this fire, the growth speed of the muscles seemed to be higher than before. Not long later, the place where the bone was formed a wing structure.

The great phoenix dragon and the legendary three-eyed eagle weren’t in the same clan. At the end of the day, the legendary three-eyed eagle’s true ancestor was the primordial legendary three-eyed eagle red-gold heavenly phoenix.

This also caused the legendary three-eyed eagle to be unable to use the great phoenix dragon’s skeleton completely. It could only choose the most suitable part, so it only used this bone to make its wing.

However, the bloodline power in the skeleton had already been totally refined by Chu Liuyue. So even though the legendary three-eyed eagle used only one bone, it had already converted all of the skeleton’s force into its own.

Chu Liuyue sent the remaining bones to the Heavenly Square Cauldron. Then, the other half of the skeleton flew out from within.

In the Tianling God Realm back then, Chu Liuyue actually had a complete corpse. But to avoid being discovered by the entire great phoenix dragon clan, Shangguan Jing split the skeleton into two.

Within the Heavenly Square Cauldron, they merged into one. But with the suppression of the Heavenly Square Cauldron, there was no need to worry about this.

When Chu Liuyue took it out again, she purposely separated the two.

Seeing the wing quickly forming on one side, Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in and refined the bloodline power of the other half of the skeleton.

The entire process was actually very small. But according to the legendary three-eyed eagle, it needed some time to merge with the skeleton completely.

Hence, Chu Liuyue still had enough time.

The previous process repeated itself.

When the fire covered half the skeleton to nourish it, Chu Liuyue took out the second set of herbs from the Long Yuan Sword.

At this point, she was very thankful that her ancestor had left so many things behind. If not, she would have to spend a lot of effort to gather all these precious herbs.

While Chu Liuyue was focused on helping the legendary three-eyed eagle reform its physical body, Rong Xiu had already repaired the crack in the pure gold armor.

It was now smooth and clean, almost exactly the same as before. One couldn’t tell that it had been damaged before.

If someone had seen this scene, they would definitely be shocked. This was because a Yuan instrument of the pure gold armor’s level actually couldn’t be completely repaired. However, Rong Xiu managed to repair it completely—this kind of method was divine!

Even if it were someone like Shangguan Jing—who was an expert in producing weapons—he might not be able to do this.

However, Rong Xiu looked down at this pure gold armor and seemed dissatisfied.

It was indeed considered a superior Yuan instrument, but it was a pity it met with the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed. Even though it had been repaired, he couldn’t guarantee what kind of danger Chu Liuyue would meet with in the future.

Rong Xiu thought for a moment and looked at Chu Liuyue.

The latter was currently focused on nourishing the great phoenix dragon’s skeleton.

His lips curled up slightly, and a faint gold color appeared on his fingertip. Then, he left a palm-sized pattern on the pure gold armor.

That pattern flashed slightly and quickly faded away. One couldn’t tell anything was different.

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