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Chapter 802: What do You Want to Do?

“Oh? When?” asked Shui Liu’er rather curiously. “Why didn’t you mention such an important thing before?”

Jian Fengchi paused for a moment. “Because I wasn’t too sure back then… Speaking of which, this was something that happened in Country Yao Chen. At that time, I unintentionally saw someone’s figure and vaguely felt that it was very similar. However, I didn’t see him again afterward, so I just set this matter aside.”

He wanted to meet him again and confirm his identity, but no matter how hard he looked, he couldn’t find the latter at all.

Such a long time had passed since then. If Shui Liu’er hadn’t suddenly brought it up, he wouldn’t recall it.

“You said that the person you met was at Xiahou Residence?”

“Mm. That day, I planned to go to Xiahou Residence to seek some information. But after I met that person, I found it weird, so I temporarily didn’t do anything. Later on, I discovered that he was indeed secretly spying on Xiahou Residence. However, his actions were extremely discreet. An average person wouldn’t be able to discover it.”

If it weren’t because she felt that the person was familiar for some reason, she wouldn’t have noticed him.

Jian Fengchi shook the fan with one hand and half-squinted his eyes. “Xiahou Rong is the grand tutor, and there are quite a few guards inside and outside of Xiahou Residence. All outsiders definitely won’t go over and spy on them for no rhyme or reason. Since he did this, he definitely has a motive. If he isn’t that person, then we need to properly check on him and see who else wants to take action on Xiahou Residence. But if it’s really him… Then, we have to carry out even deeper investigations. We didn’t even know when he returned,” said Jian Fengchi as he kept his fan and lowered his chin. “But it seems like Jiang Yucheng is really very busy nowadays, so he didn’t even detect anything amiss?”

Shui Liu’er laughed gently. “I heard that he went to Dahuang Swamp again and got injured. He’s resting in Jiang Residence now. I really don’t know who attacked him. If I can meet that person, I must thank him properly.”

“I heard from my father that the attacker was extremely strong. Let alone Jiang Yucheng, even the few of them weren’t his match.” Jian Fengchi’s voice became serious.

Shui Liu’er felt it was weird. She then recalled that Jian Shuye had also gone with them, so he must’ve known what happened.

She widened her eyes in shock. “It can’t be. Even stronger than the few of them? What kind of person must that be? We can count with one hand how many of such people there are in the entire Tianling Dynasty, right?”

Jian Fengchi shook his head. “My father and the rest didn’t see what he looked like as he was wearing a mask, but… he only attacked Jiang Yucheng. He was still quite polite to my father and the rest. Jiang Yucheng is pretty severely injured this time, and he can’t cause any trouble in this short period of time. Little Liu’er, find some time in the next two days to check on Xiahou Residence and find out about that person’s background.”

Shui Liu’er looked serious as she lightly nodded.

Jian Fengchi stood up and flicked his sleeves. “As for me… I haven’t properly entered the palace in a while. Why don’t I visit our precious Third Princess?”

Jian Fengchi openly entered the palace and went straight for Huayang Palace. Expectedly, he was still stopped outside.

These few days, most of the people who asked to see Shangguan Wan were rejected. Only a select few people could gain permission to enter the palace and meet her, but the duration wasn’t long every time.

To the public, the palace had always claimed that Shangguan Wan was injured because she helped His Majesty to collect herbs and that she needed to recuperate now.

Even though the crowd had guesses, Huayang Palace had always been guarded tightly. They couldn’t know what was going on in such a short period of time, so they could only wait.

Jian Fengchi wasn’t surprised by this result. When his father willingly applied to check on her previously, Shangguan Wan rejected him, let alone himself.

Jian Fengchi didn’t continue to haggle with them. “I actually miss the Third Princess. Since the Third Princess wants to rest quietly, I won’t disturb her further.”

Then, he moved his feet and planned to leave.

Chan Yi was quite surprised. Jian Fengchi’s personally is actually very hard to deal with. He came over willingly, and I thought that it would take quite a bit of effort to convince him to go away. However, I didn’t expect him to leave so swiftly.

But the moment he stepped out, Jian Fengchi turned around and gave a nonchalant and sinister smile. “Oh right, I suddenly remembered that I borrowed a few medical books from the Princess and haven’t returned them all this while. Since I’m here, I want to make a trip to Shaoyue Palace and return those books.”

Chan Yi’s eyelids twitched. Princess’s medical books? She’s already dead. Why is there a need to return them? Besides, she has already been gone for close to two years. Nobody will care about this.

She suspiciously sized Jian Fengchi up and vaguely felt uneasy.

But Jian Fengchi still had a smile on his face, and he looked delighted, not much different from before.

It doesn’t seem like he’s going to cause trouble… Chan Yi kept quiet for a moment before saying, “Shaoyue Palace is where the Princess lived when she was alive. The Third Princess has always ordered for people to guard it seriously and that they can’t damage any items inside. She also doesn’t allow anyone else to enter. I can help you ask for permission. Please wait for a moment.”

Jian Fengchi smiled and nodded. “Go on, go on.”

Chan Yi turned around and entered the room.

Jian Fengchi’s brows slightly rose as he seemingly scrutinized the yard casually. I haven’t been here in a while, and it seems to have changed again…

Even though he didn’t regularly come here, he had a photogenic memory and remembered every single item here very clearly.

He walked to a tree and leaned against it. Suddenly, his nose moved slightly.

A slight bitter and bloody aura was present.

He looked down and took a glance. This smell seems to be coming from below.

He took another closer look, and his eyes suddenly shrunk.

“He wants to go to Shaoyue Palace?” Shangguan Wan instinctively knitted her brows. “Why would he suddenly go there out of nowhere?”

Shangguan Yue has already died for so long. What’s so important about returning a few medical books? However, Jian Fengchi is very hard to deal with. If I don’t agree to it, he might cause trouble. Anyway, he never fears anything and is always very arrogant and unreasonable. Shangguan Wan didn’t want to stir up such a huge trouble at this point.

She waved her hands in frustration. “Since he wants to go, then let him be! Anyway, there are people in Shaoyue Palace. If they discover that something is amiss, report to me immediately!”


Shangguan Wan rubbed her glabella.

Actually, she was on decent terms with Jian Fengchi in the past, and he had helped put in a word for her and helped her on many occasions. But for some reason, his attitude toward her slightly changed after Shangguan Yue’s death.

Even though it wasn’t obvious on the surface, Shangguan Wan could still feel it.

She really could not figure it out. In the past, Jian Fengchi and Shangguan Yue were enemies and hated each other, so why would he suddenly change? I wonder why he wants to go to Shaoyue Palace now…

Jian Fengchi gathered his force in his hands and was about to bend down and stick his hand out when he heard Chan Yi’s alert voice from behind.

“Young Master Jian, what are you doing?”

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