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Chapter 801: I’ve Seen Him Before Too

Shui Liu’er hugged the pipa, and her thin hand gently strummed it to produce a melodious tune. She was used to playing sad and tactful pieces and very rarely played happy ones like this. Besides, her eyes had smiles in them, and it was obvious that she was in an extremely good mood.

“Who told her to puff herself up at her own cost? She deserves her current consequences!”

Shui Liu’er’s fingers paused slightly, and she raised her sharp brows. “Did she really think that just anyone could go to that Dahuang Swamp? The Princess was famous for bringing peace to Dahuang Swamp back then, so she wanted to give it a try too and give herself the reputation of being the most filial daughter on earth. Yet, she didn’t think about whether she had the skills to do so.”

Dahuang Swamp was a very hard bone to swallow, and it had always been in chaos for the past hundreds of years or so. It was finally at peace when the Princess took control and suppressed them.

How did Shangguan Wan think that she could do anything she wanted at Dahuang Swamp?

“She stayed at this place for too long, so she naturally will have such thoughts.” Jian Fengchi nonchalantly laughed, and his eyes had a few tinges of disdain. Didn’t you see how arrogant she became the past two years? Now, this smack on her head finally made her bleed!

Shui Liu’er’s red lips curled up. “Not everyone can sit in this position. I think she might not stay up here for long.”

“That might not be. Didn’t you see that they have already started the wedding procedures?” Jian Fengchi laughed even more unreasonably. “I really want to see how it’ll be like that day.”

Shui Liu’er glanced at him and strangely asked, “Weren’t you very worried about Chu Liuyue, Mu Hongyu, and the rest before? Why do you not seem nervous at all now?”

When he heard the people’s discussions that day, his face immediately changed. He then jumped down from the window without hesitation to interrogate the other party.

However, he seemed fine now.

Jian Fengchi’s expression froze, and he uncomfortably turned his neck.

Thinking about it now, even he felt that his reaction that day was overboard. No, he couldn’t even purely use the word ‘overboard’ to describe it.

Nobody knew how deep the impression of the horror that suddenly appeared in his heart at that moment left on him. However, he couldn’t say this.

He coughed. “I heard from Zhu Hong and the rest that someone is helping Hongyu and the others, so they should be fine.”

Actually, the reason why he was so relaxed was mostly that his own father and Weichi Song were both very calm.

The two people who loved their disciples the most were still at Dahuang Swamp now, but they didn’t seem nervous at all. Hence, he naturally felt more at ease.

Shui Liu’er nodded in understanding. It seems like it should be fine.

She thought for a while and said, “Oh, right. I might’ve seen someone the day before, but I can’t be sure of his identity.”

Jian Fengchi curiously said, “Who is it?”

Shui Liu’er paused and didn’t say anything, but she made a gesture. She gestured a seven.

Jian Fengchi’s expression suddenly changed. He directly sat up straight, and he stared at her closely. “Are you sure?”

Shui Liu’er bit her lips. “I don’t know if it’s him. No matter if it’s his appearance, figure, or aura… They’re all very different, but his gaze is too similar.”

“Where did you see him?” asked Jian Fengchi hurriedly.

“Outside Xiahou Residence. He seems to be checking something.” Shui Liu’er’s expression turned serious. “If it’s really him… how can he change himself so completely?”

Jian Fengchi was stunned. Why would an ordinary person get involved with Xiahou Residence?

He was silent for quite a while and said, “I’ve seen him before too.”

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