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Chapter 775: Where’s Your Master?

“Hold on!” The moment Jian Fengchi moved, Shui Liu’er immediately grabbed his wrist before his force could even fly out.

With such a distraction, Jian Fengchi didn’t send out his move, and he shot her a begrudging look. “Little Liu’er, why are you stopping me? Perhaps a shocking secret lies underneath the mask!”

He understood Shangguan Wan too well.

Shangguan Wan always emphasized her looks, and she liked to dress herself in a very perfect manner for the world to see and to garner praises. At all times, she had very high expectations for her makeup and accessories, not allowing any room for errors.

Now, she actually wore a face mask for the first time and even a hoodie, covering herself up tightly. If nothing was wrong with her, that would be weird!

It was obvious that she suddenly made the decision to come back since she hurriedly rushed home without informing them in advance.

In such a situation, her actions were even more interesting.

Shui Liu’er glared at him and flung his wrist away. “If I don’t stop you, do you really plan on taking action and making it difficult for her openly? Do you think those Black Guards get paid for doing nothing? The moment you do something, they will come and look for you immediately!”

Jian Fengchi coughed, retreated, and kindly smiled. “I was just joking. Little Liu’er, don’t be angry. It’s not worth getting angry over someone like her, right?”

Shui Liu’er also knew that Jian Fengchi understood what to do at the right time, so she didn’t speak further. Turning around to take a look, Shangguan Wan and the rest had quickly left.

She was quite confused. “They seem like they’re in a hurry… Are they in a rush to return to the palace?”

Jian Fengchi touched his chin. “I said there’s a secret that can’t be known under her mask. The palace is her territory, so she’s naturally in a rush to go back. Heh, luckily I’ve already done what I need to do.”

If Shangguan Wan came back earlier, I might be in trouble.

Thinking of this, Shui Liu’er heaved a sigh of relief. “You did do this swiftly.”

Jian Fengchi smiled flirtishly. “Little Liu’er, you always can’t bear to praise me. This is a rare chance.”

Shui Liu’er couldn’t be bothered with him as she changed the topic. “Oh, yes. Since they’re back, the main team should’ve returned too.”

Jian Fengchi’s eyes changed. This means that Mu Hongyu, Chu Liuyue, and the rest should be at the back.

He looked outside again, but not many people followed after Shangguan Wan and the rest left.

Just as the two of them were confused, a voice came from the windows. “Haven’t you heard? The few disciples from Chong Xu Cabinet all died in Dahuang Swamp!”

Inside the dark space, time trickled past bit by bit.

Chu Liuyue sat cross-legged and completely focused on her cultivation, her aura continuously strengthening.

The three people that were still waiting outside became anxious gradually.

“Time is about to be up. We need to hurry back!” said Diwu Zhangze finally. “Nobody knows how much longer the girl will take!”

Lan Xiao and Dugu Mobao actually noticed this.

Lan Xiao was a little upset. “But if we don’t see the girl today, we have to wait another month.”

The night of the red moon was only once a month.

Dugu Mobao turned around to leave. “If it’s one month, then so be it. We’ve already waited for a few years. Are you still scared of one month?”

The other two saw his decisive manner and glanced at each other, seeing the shock in each other’s eyes. He was always the one that stuck closest to girlie, yet he’s willing to leave first?

Diwu Zhangze followed him and asked, “Do you really not want to wait for any longer?”

Dugu Mobao coldly said, “If we wait some more, can she see us?”

Diwu Zhangze immediately lost his voice. Girlie is stuck inside, and she naturally can’t see us.

“She’s currently cultivating, so we should let her do it in peace… As for meeting… She’s already here, so what’s the difference if we see her earlier or later?”

According to her current abilities, she definitely needs another month to take down the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed completely. What’s the rush?

“Big Baby makes sense.” Lan Xiao nodded in agreement and followed him. “Aiya, staying up late isn’t good for the skin. I need to rush back and catch up on my beauty sleep.”

The remaining two fell silent together.

The next moment.

“Why would a half-dead person need to catch up on sleep?!”

“Lan Xiao, let me ask you again seriously: Do you have a problem?”

Lan Xiao wallowed in his own self-pity and grumbled silently, thinking that these two people didn’t know how to appreciate his beauty. “What do you know? Girlie likes pretty things! Sigh, I can actually understand it too. The two of you—one of you is old, and the other is young. No matter how hard you work, you can’t be my match. Hence, what’s there to fight?”

Diwu Zhangze objectively reminded, “Did you forget about Rong Xiu? You changed so many faces, but none of them can be compared to his.”

Lan Xiao’s beautiful imaginations were instantly shattered as he clenched his teeth and scolded, “Damn it!”

“Speak of the devil!” Dugu Mobao suddenly sneered. Just as we were thinking about him, he came!

His figure flashed across, and he rapidly rushed up.

At this point, it was the last moment before the skies turned bright. The entire forest was in darkness.

The light breeze passed through and quickly disappeared.

Not long later, Red Moon Desert.

In the empty air, a black crack suddenly appeared. Then, a snow-white figure jumped out from within.

Xue Xue shook its body, and some snowflakes dropped down. Under the reflection of the red moonlight, it shot out faint light.

Xue Xue surveyed its surroundings, wiggled its nose, and started to find Chu Liuyue’s traces. I think she’s—

Sha sha!

At this point, a strange sound was suddenly heard from below.

Xue Xue looked down. It saw that something seemed to be moving under the sand balls that kept rising.

It blinked, and as if it suddenly thought of something, it looked up!

A red moon hung high in the black sky.

Horror flashed across Xue Xue’s eyes, and it turned around to run without hesitation! It’s too much of a coincidence!

But before it could run out, a gentle voice sounded by its ear. “Little Xue Hua, long time no see. Where are you running to?”

Xue Xue didn’t even turn around and moved its paws even quicker. However, not only did it not proceed forward, but its body also kept moving backward and toward the ground.

Just as it was pressed onto the cold sand ground, Xue Xue finally realized that it was too naive. It swiftly and decisively lay down obediently. It also wagged its tail to show its happiness.

“We haven’t seen you in a few years, Little Xue Hua. You’ve really become increasingly smart…” That voice sounded even closer as if it was right beside its ear.

Xue Xue stiffened its body and didn’t dare to move as it let out a low whimper. Its ice-blue eyes were watery, and it looked very adorable and obedient.

He who understands the times is a wise man!

The next moment, a baby-like voice coldly sounded. “Where’s your master?”

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