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Chapter 771: Yue’er Girlie

On the other side of the Mystic Forest, a few people silently entered.

“How long has it been? Why did the Mystic Forest become like this?”

“Someone came here… Hm, I think it’s that fellow Mu Qinghe and a bunch of Black Guards. There are also a few dozen people that I haven’t seen before.”

“Heh, these few people are really super unlucky to come here now. They had to meet with such a situation… Hey, wait a minute! Why did the peacock disappear?”

‘I seem to smell a red-tailed phoenix’s aura… Did that peacock successfully break through?”

“How is that possible? That fellow is missing half a soul… Wait a minute. There seems to be a few more people in front?”

“Why are those two fools still here, and why are there more youngsters?”

“…That peacock really seems to have broken through… However, why do I feel that girlie is underground? Could it be that I’m older, so my ears and eyes aren’t working?”

“…You’re not imagining things. She is below. It seems like… she’s together with that thing…” The one talking was that elder.

The moment he said this, the other two instantly fell silent.

The next moment, that baby-like voice sounded angrily. “I long told you to dig that thing out for her! You guys kept saying that the time wasn’t right! See, she really went down herself! If anything happens to that girl, see whether I will beat you up!”

“It’s not wrong for the child to want that thing, but it’s extraordinary. If we really directly gave it to her back then, it might even cause some trouble.” The melodious voice didn’t sound frustrated, and it was neither slow nor fast. “I wonder who was the one who said they wanted to teach that girl a lesson just now, but she turned on us in the blink of an eye… Pfft. Big Baby, you are amazing.”

“I dare you to call me Big Baby again?!”

“Little Baby?”

“Stupid pervert, you’re courting death!”

“Can you two quarrel somewhere else? Don’t interrupt me looking at girlie!”

“Get lost!”

“Get lost!”

These quarrels didn’t attract Qin Yi and the rest’s attention.

The night was as cold as water. Everything here was exactly the same as the day.

Ye Ranran and Mu Hongyu were already asleep, while Qiang Wanzhou sat beside them cross-legged with the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword placed on his knees.

As Lei Laosi and Qin Yi had strong cultivation bases, they didn’t need to sleep and could rejuvenate themselves as long as they meditated. While the two of them guarded the Mu Hongyu trio, they watched the rolling leaf fir that had already completely wilted.

Suddenly, the winds blew even louder in the woods.

A branch from that mother tree broke, fell on the ground, and made a sound.

Lei Laosi suddenly jumped up. “Who’s there?!”

He nervously surveyed his surroundings but didn’t find anyone around.

Qin Yi rubbed his brows helplessly. “Only a branch broke; nothing major happened. Four, you’re too tense.”

Lei Laosi looked over and awkwardly scratched his head. “I see… I still thought—”

He sighed, and his face couldn’t conceal his disappointment. I still thought Her Highness had come out just now.

Qin Yi also knew that he was too worried about Chu Liuyue, so he gently said, “Rest a while first.”

But Lei Laosi shook his head and refused.

Seeing his persistence, Qin Yi didn’t convince him further.

The forest fell silent again.

“Old fool, did you not move for very long, so your hands and legs aren’t nimble anymore? With that noise just now, do you want everyone in Dahuang Swamp to know that you’re here?” Big Baby’s voice was filled with disdain.

The elder coughed. “I was just careless! It’s all because the two of you quarreled non-stop! It’s more important to find the girl first!”

This was correct.

They could only come out once a month during the night of the red moon. During other times, they couldn’t know anything that happened in the outside world. Also, they could freely walk around outside for a maximum of only four hours.

The chance was rare, so they had to hurry up.

The few of them didn’t quarrel anymore as they rushed down together.

“It seems like that item’s seal opened on its own. Look at this place—see how much has been destroyed?”

“It’s been so many years, so that seal should’ve long rotted. It’s already a miracle that it could last until now. But I’m curious—did the girl long calculate the time and specially pick this period to come over?”

“Maybe… but she’s too gutsy. She actually dared to barge into this place! I think she broke through again already, right?”

“That’s needless to say. Back then, she—Hm? The space below seems to be locked by that thing?”

“Girl! Girlie is really there! I’ll go and check first—”

“Move aside!”

“What’s there to fight? Do the two of you want to compete with me in terms of looks? Girlie always likes me the best. I’m not talking anymore; I’ll go over.”

“Stupid pervert, you’re shameless!”

Chu Liuyue was currently gathering her focus and cultivating. After she broke through and became an intermediate stage-five warrior, she purposely slowed down her absorption speed of the force.

There was a gap between an intermediate warrior and a peak warrior, so she had to seriously fill in the gap to stabilize herself. Even though Chu Liuyue wanted to strengthen her skills quickly, she wouldn’t blindly advance.

Suddenly, her ears turned slightly. Why does it sound like someone is talking…

She opened her eyes and instinctively looked up.

The dark-green light seemed to block her vision completely, and the space above was dark. Thus, she couldn’t see anything at all.

It didn’t seem much different from before.

Upon seeing this, the ancestor asked curiously, “Liuyue, what’s the matter with you?”

Chu Liuyue pointed above. “Ancestor, did you hear someone talking?”

“Nope.” Shangguan Jing looked up strangely. How can someone possibly come here?

“Did you hear wrongly?”

Chu Liuyue frowned. At this time, it isn’t very possible that someone can come over. Perhaps I was really hallucinating.

She retracted her vision and wanted to continue cultivating when she suddenly heard a call. “Yue’er girlie—”

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