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Chapter 770: She’s Back

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“I have no idea either.” Qiang Wanzhou shook his head. I only know about the seal’s existence; I don’t know when or who placed it on me. Thinking about it, the seal is pretty strange too. Seals in other people’s bodies are usually used to suppress their force, but it doesn’t work that way for mine. In fact, the seal inside me has frozen because of the cold qi.

Even now, he still didn’t know what the seal inside his body was for. He had thought about removing it and thus tried a lot of methods to do so, but it was to no avail. Seeing that the seal didn’t cause any problems to him, he decided to put this matter on hold.

Qin Yi’s ability to determine his condition and his anxious reaction upon the discovery came as an unexpected surprise to him.

A hint of disappointment surfaced in Qin Yi’s eyes when he heard Qiang Wanzhou’s answer. He walked over to the latter to take a closer look at the pattern to confirm if it was the same as he had guessed, but the pattern had disappeared.

Qiang Wanzhou realized that there might be something on his face when he saw Qin Yi scrutinizing him. “Do I have something on me?”

Upon realizing that the pattern wouldn’t appear again, Qin Yi sighed inwardly and nodded. “It was just a flash, so I failed to get a clear look at it.”

Qiang Wanzhou carefully read Qin Yi’s expression as he asked tentatively, “You’ve seen this seal before?”

It took Qin Yi a moment to answer him. “I think so, but my memory is a little fuzzy. I also didn’t get a clear look at it, so I can’t really remember.”

Qiang Wanzhou appeared skeptical. If the seal’s pattern really appeared on my glabella just now, then he must’ve seen it. The shock in his eyes was proof of it, and it definitely didn’t belong to someone who couldn’t remember the pattern. Does he not want to talk about it? But why?

Despite the many questions running through Qiang Wanzhou’s mind, he didn’t voice them out.

Qin Yi looked at Qiang Wanzhou with a complicated gaze before retracting it. He then spoke in a serious tone. “As your cultivation level increases, that seal will definitely appear again. Just pay more attention to it yourself and inform me as soon as possible if you detect anything unusual about it.”

Qiang Wanzhou nodded after giving it a thought.

Meanwhile, the others were baffled by this scene. Lei Laosi couldn’t resist asking, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” answered Qin Yi with a shake of his head.

Naturally, the others couldn’t talk much about it since he refused to talk.

Lei Laosi was somewhat apprehensive though. Qin Yi has always been a calm and composed person. Apart from what happened to Her Highness back then, I’ve never seen him getting so worked up before. Pity I didn’t manage to see what was on Qiang Wanzhou’s face, or I would’ve known what made him so agitated…

Everyone quieted down once more, with the exception of Qin Yi. Despite his calm exterior, his emotions weren’t quite settled down. If what I saw was correct… Her Highness is probably still unaware of this. When I have the chance, I have to inform her about this as soon as possible.

Two hours soon passed by, but the Mystic Forest remained as quiet as ever. There was no sign of Mu Hongyu and the rest of her companions.

The hope in Zhu Hong and the others’ eyes gradually died out. Time is already up, but they’re still not here yet. That means they don’t intend to go back with us.

Looks of regret and disappointment showed on many people’s faces, for they had been hoping that Chu Liuyue and the others would show up.

“Time’s up, right?” asked Shangguan Wan. By now, she had already regained her composure, and her mood had improved a lot when Chu Liuyue and her gang failed to return on time. That means Mu Hongyu and the others still haven’t found Chu Liuyue. They’re hoping that they can find her? What a joke! Well, there might be a small chance of them finding her if they turn the entire Mystic Forest over, but she would’ve turned into a pile of bones by then!

Jiang Yucheng’s eyes drooped slightly as he tried to conceal the emotions in them. “Let’s go!”

Mu Qinghe then stepped forward to activate the transportation formation, and the group disappeared in no time.

Moonlight spilled down on the vast and boundless Dahuang Swamp, making it look bleak and lonely. A red dot appeared on the moon out of nowhere and slowly grew bigger. Just like that, the bright moon became completely blood-red, which made it look treacherous and demonic.

While the desert was scorching and dry in the daytime, it was freezing at night due to the bone-chilling breeze.

Under the undulating sand dunes, something seemed to be stirring. A misty voice was heard just then. “She’s back?”

It was impossible to tell the gender of the voice’s owner, but their voice sounded pleasantly melodious and bewitching.

A moment later, sand began rolling down the nearby dunes, forming quicksand. “How is that possible?”

The voice this time seemed to belong to a toddler, but it was spoken in a wise and grudging tone. “She told us that she’d return in a few days, but several years have passed, and she’s still nowhere in sight! How can you trust someone who goes back on their word? I never want to see her again in my life!”

“Then, why do you still bother looking outside whenever the moon turns red at night? Did you think that we’re clueless about what you’ve been up to?” This time, the speaker sounded old. Their voice was mellow with tinges of laziness in it. “You’ve turned this desert upside down.”

The owner of the babyish voice went silent for a moment before spitting angrily, “So what? I want to see when exactly she’s returning! She’s the only person in the whole world who dares to lie to me to this extent!”

The owner of the babyish voice continued grumbling, “I’ll teach that lass a good lesson when I see her! Let’s see if she dares to disappear without a word again!”

“Beat her if you want, but count me out. I can’t bear to hit her.” The owner of the old voice chuckled.

“This old fart!”

“Right back at you.”

The person who first spoke scoffed. “What’s the use of talking about this now when we haven’t seen her yet? Why did she go to the Mystic Forest though?”

“She’s even forgotten the rules!” The owner of the babyish voice fumed. “Wait! I think there’s something wrong with the Mystic Forest!”

The other two people went silent.

“Is that thing going to come out?!” exclaimed the owner with the old voice. “Of all times, why did she go there now?! Didn’t we already tell her—”

“It looks like she’s gotten quite brazen during the years of her absence.” The melodious voice sounded like it could be gone with the wind at any time. “I’m going to see for myself.”

“I’ll come too!”

“What’s the hurry? Wait up!”

The voices gradually disappeared, and all that could be heard was the gentle rustling sound of the moving sand.

Once again, the Red Moon Desert was quiet.

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