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Chapter 764: Good

That piece was very thin and small—about the size of a nail—and it looked very unassuming.

But when Shangguan jing saw this scene, shock flashed across his eyes. Without that seal suppressing it, this crystal has indeed started breaking!

Just as he was very nervous, he saw the piece flying toward Chu Liuyue.

This piece was light green in color and looked crystal clear as it contained tremendous strength. Wherever it went past, the sticky area seemed to break open.

Just like this, it slowly and determinedly flew to the water curtain. Then, a shocking scene happened.

That crystal piece didn’t directly pass through the water curtain, but it gradually and silently melted.

A dark-green color very quickly dyed the water curtain. Then, a dark-green water droplet gently formed and flew toward Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue naturally swallowed that water droplet and then converted its strength to her own! With that, her bodily aura strengthened again!

The entire process was very smooth and didn’t have any interruptions.

Shangguan Jing opened his mouth, but he was at a loss for words. Isn’t this equivalent to Chu Liuyue absorbing the force that the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed previously accumulated? D-did she take the crystal’s force for herself?

Seeing Chu Liuyue’s calm face and slightly flushed appearance, the Tianling Dynasty’s founder suddenly felt that his previous worries were all redundant. The Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed is formidable, but it met with Chu Liuyue, who doesn’t play her cards according to logic… It’s unknown who will win!

The ancestor thought for a while before swiftly moving backward, returning to his position at the top-right and conveniently ‘stole’ the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed’s force.

Glancing at the red-tailed phoenix that had been very calm since the start, Shangguan Jing vaguely felt that it long knew that Chu Liuyue could do such a thing. It really followed the right master. Its arrogant, high, and mighty attitude is really exactly the same!

Putting down his initial worry, the Tianling Dynasty’s ancestor felt more assured and started standing at the side… to watch a show!

Chu Liuyue was still slowly spending her time within the God Realm that the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed had created. She couldn’t leave for now or contact the people outside, so she could only focus on her cultivation.

As for Qin Yi and the rest—who didn’t know her current situation—they were naturally very worried.

Qin Yi looked at the dark-green light faintly glowing from the position where the branch was cut off and felt uneasy.

The light that suddenly appeared at the branch made his entire body tense up. That seal should’ve already been completely destroyed. I remember very clearly that Her Highness was swallowed by light of the exact same color below. Judging from its appearance, it most probably has already come up from below. If it really does erupt… it would be extremely dangerous!

This made him even more worried about Chu Liuyue’s current situation.

Qin Yi held in his breath, walked forward step by step, and stood still in front of the trunk.

The mother tree was very thick, and Qin Yi looked extremely tiny in front of the trunk.

The leaves on top had all fallen down. From a closer point of view, numerous tiny openings had already cracked open on the trunk.

Every opening was filled with that strange light, looking as if it would rush out at the next moment.

Qin Yi’s entire body tensed up, and he reached forward to try and touch it. But before he could touch the trunk, the light suddenly dimmed.

In just a blink of an eye, all the lights in the tiny cracks disappeared—silently!

This rolling leaf fir finally stopped as well, and it didn’t become more wilted.

The surroundings were so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

Qin Yi paused for a moment before a silver light flashed in his hands as a sword appeared. He stared at the front closely as his hands held the sword before slashing it down slowly and determinedly.


The sword gleamed harshly, and a layer of the trunk was slashed down. It left a deep cut on the trunk!

Qin Yi gathered his focus and realized that all the force within the trunk had been absorbed and that it became much frailer due to the wilting. However, he couldn’t find out anything more.

The terrifying aura also seemed to have disappeared.

After waiting for a moment, everything was peaceful, and nothing happened.

The light wind blew over, and Qin Yi felt a chill run down his spine. He closed his eyes, put away his sword, and slowly moved backward.

Mu Hongyu and the rest anxiously watched on from behind and didn’t even blink, afraid that they would miss something.

After seeing Qin Yi send a slash out, he actually turned around, and the crowd was stunned.

Lei Laosi couldn’t hold himself back as he took two steps forward and hurriedly asked, “Big Brother, what’s the matter?”

Qin Yi shook his head.

Lei Laosi’s face turned pale.

The other people’s expressions all froze.

Qin Yi sighed and explained, “I can confirm that she’s trapped underneath by a strange force and that she can’t come out. The force should’ve rushed out originally, but it retracted for some reason.”

Lei Laosi was stunned. “Big Brother, you mean…”

“You should still remember the scene that happened when we first came here, right?” Qin Yi glanced at him and slightly squinted his eyes. “The same thing also happened to the mother tree back then, and a force planned to rush out. However, the Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant appeared later and repaired the seal. Afterward, I’m not sure what happened.”

Lei Laosi’s eyes moved, and he nodded.

In actual fact, this wasn’t exactly what happened back then. How could the Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant do this alone? However, there was no need to tell the children all of this.

“So… It’s not because of that Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant this time? No, it has already broken through to become a red-tailed phoenix. Perhaps… it became stronger?

Qin Yi nodded. “It’s not impossible.”

When Mu Hongyu and the rest heard this, they all heaved a sigh of relief. “So does this mean that Liuyue might very possibly come out?”

“The red-tailed phoenix is a legendary fiend. It should be able to help her, right?”

Mu Hongyu and Ye Ranran both had positive attitudes, but only Qiang Wanzhou glanced at Qin Yi deeply before pressing his lips against each other, not saying anything.

He had seen that scene before. The red-tailed phoenix… is definitely not the match of that force!

But Qin Yi obviously didn’t want Mu Hongyu and Ye Ranran to know of all this.

“What should we do now then? Can we only wait for Liuyue here?” asked Ye Ranran as she wrinkled her small, round face.

Qin Yi turned around to look at that mother tree. “I hope so.”

At the border connecting the Mystic Forest and Mirror Lake.

The Dancing Lotus’s appearance excited Shangguan Wan and the rest.

Shangguan Wan immediately suggested to have Mu Qinghe retrieve the Dancing Lotus. Once she said this, the originally bustling surroundings quietened down immediately.

The crowd looked at Mu Qinghe with various expressions—curiosity, envy, worry…

Everyone knew that Mirror Lake was dangerous. The first one to go would suffer the most.

Mu Qinghe paused for a moment and nodded. “Okay.”

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