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Chapter 759: It’s been Hard on You

“I’ve only read about it in ancient books… But looking at its structure, I think it most likely is!” Elder Qiuxi was also very agitated and excited as his face flushed red.

Even the entire Tianling Dynasty might not have such a precious treasure!

“Rumors have it that the Dancing Lotus germinates in 100 years, grows branches in another 100 years, and blooms in 300 years! However, it only blooms for a short five years… If nobody plucks it during those five years, the Dancing Lotus will wilt and bear fruit again, entering the 500-year cycle once again… Now, this Dancing Lotus is currently in its flowering period!”

Elder Qiuxi’s eyes lit up. “Your Highness, we really came to the right place! As long as we have this Dancing Lotus, His Highness’s body will definitely take a turn for the better!”

Even though the herbs they planned to find earlier could also be considered precious, they were still a few grades apart compared to this Dancing Lotus.

Shangguan Wan was also very happy. She came to Dahuang Swamp this time in the name of finding herbs for her father.

The only legendary fiend had already died along with Chu Liuyue, and it would probably be hard to meet another one. But with this Dancing Lotus, they didn’t need to find the other herbs! If they managed to bring it back, it would be perfect!

“Third Princess’s filial piety must’ve touched the heavens, and that’s why we could chance upon this Dancing Lotus!” Elder Qiuxi kept exclaiming and didn’t forget to bootlick.

As expected, Shangguan Wan indeed felt much better. “It’s not like this. It’s clearly because father is heaven’s son, and he’s very blessed. He’s fated enough, so we could meet this Dancing Lotus…”

With this Dancing Lotus, the wounds on my face and body might even fully recover if I just take a small portion of it! Thinking of this, Shangguan Wan desired it even more and was going to step forward. But the moment she took a step in front, she recalled what Mu Qinghe said earlier. This Mirror Lake… seems to be extraordinarily dangerous?

She looked at Mu Qinghe. “Lieutenant Mu, you know Mirror Lake the best. I wonder… Do you have a way to obtain that Dancing Lotus?”

After Shangguan Wan and the rest brought the main team away, Mu Hongyu and the others were left at the same spot.

Confirming that nobody else was around, Lei Laosi finally said, “Big Brother, do you have a way of finding her?”

His expression was nervous and worried, and a tinge of fear could be seen in his eyes. He was really worried that something would happen to Her Highness. Even with the red-tailed phoenix, she’s just a stage-five warrior. If she meets with great danger… After all, the strength vaguely exuded by that mother tree even shocks me!

Qin Yi knitted his brows, looked at the mother tree, and slightly squinted his narrow eyes. “She should be right below, but… None of us should be able to enter now.”

Once he said this, the few of them faintly looked disappointed.

“Even you cant, Young Master Qin?” asked Ye Ranran softly with tears welled up in her eyes. Qin Yi is the strongest amongst us. If he also says that he can’t do it, then…

Qin Yi sighed lightly and glanced at Qiang Wanzhou. “Do you know how she’s doing now?”

Qiang Wanzhou pressed his lips against each other tightly and shook his head. He was more sensitive than average people, and he could usually confirm Chu Liuyue’s position more accurately and quickly and know about her condition because she personally refined the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword.

However, he couldn’t find out anything more.

Besides, like what Qin Yi said, there was indeed a force below that shut everything out. Hence, they couldn’t detect any commotion at all.

At this point, basically only a quarter of the leaves on the mother tree were left.

Qin Yi glanced at it and suddenly whipped his sleeves, setting up a barrier!

The green barrier immediately covered Mu Hongyu and the rest. This one obviously had a much stronger aura than the previous barrier he set up.

Mu Hongyu and the rest exchanged stunned glances. Qin Yi’s cultivation level seems to be even higher than we had expected! He actually hid his true abilities previously!

“Four, watch over them here. I’ll come back soon.”

Lei Laosi immediately said, “Big Brother, I’ll go with you!”

Qin Yi shook his head. Nobody knows what will happen next, so it’s better to be careful. All these people are friends that Her Highness thinks highly of, so we naturally have to protect them well.

Lei Laosi could only stay in his spot.

Qin Yi walked forward.

The wilted leaves dropped down respectively and landed on his head and body.

He raised his hand and held a leaf in his hands, carefully looking at it.

The originally lush leaf quickly turned yellow and wilted in a few moments. The life and strength within it seemed to be sucked away by something.

Qin Yi knitted his brows and looked forward.

A branch suddenly cracked and fell down. Without a doubt, that branch had also completely wilted!

Qin Yi scanned his surroundings and was about to take a step forward when he suddenly discovered that a dark-green light seemed to have flashed across where the branch broke. He then took two steps forward and looked up to glance.

As expected, at the cut point of the break, a layer of dark-green light was flashing faintly.

His heart tingled, and he waved his hands to cut down a branch!

The branch dropped at the same position, and the same scene happened.


At this point, a cracking sound could be heard from the front.

Qin Yi immediately looked up and saw a hole suddenly cracking open in the very thick trunk.

The crack was the size of a finger, and it was about an inch long. It wasn’t worth a mention compared to the entire tree, but a dark-green light shone out from it very quickly!

Deep underground, within the cave.

The light shone in all directions, and the whole area was silent.

“…That’s roughly what happened.” Chu Liuyue calmly narrated the entire incident to her ancestor before kneeling down and kowtowing. “Please forgive me for hiding so many things from you, Ancestor.”

Shangguan Jing deeply stared at her before stretching his hand out to gently caress her hair as he sighed deeply. “Child, it has been hard on you.”

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