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Chapter 757: Search

Once this was said, it immediately attracted all sorts of gazes.

Even Jiang Yucheng knitted his brows and glanced at her in extreme disapproval. “Wan’er, everyone is severely injured now, so it’s most important to leave as soon as possible. I’m afraid it’s inappropriate if we go to Mirror Lake now.”

Shangguan Wan pressed her lips against each other and knitted her brows. “But I haven’t found a single herb for Father.”

If I just go back to Xi Ling empty-handed, the whole world is going to laugh and mock me. Besides, my Yuan meridian hasn’t completely healed yet! When we go back to Xi Ling, it won’t be as convenient to take action as compared to here. There’s only one step left. I won’t be satisfied if I just gave up now!

“Besides, even though there’s trouble in the Mystic Forest, the Mirror Lake might be okay. Dahuang Swamp is vast and wide. If we only make a trip to the Mystic Forest and leave without finding anything… Then, what’s the meaning of this journey?”

Jiang Yucheng was silent for a moment. Even though he knew that whatever Shangguan Wan was saying now was for herself, her words made sense. We made so much noise about coming here back then, and everyone in Xi Ling knew about it. If we go back now, it would indeed be hard to explain.

After thinking for a while, he could only agree. “Alright, then we’ll go to Mirror Lake next. But if we meet with similar dangers again, we must leave Dahuang Swamp without hesitation!”

Shangguan Wan naturally agreed.

The two people with the highest authority had already made up their minds, so even if the remaining people didn’t want to do so, they had to follow.

Quite a few Black Guards exchanged glances and could see the reluctance in each other’s eyes. They were Tianling Dynasty soldiers and were different from those who were always stationed in Xi Ling. Most of those who came to Dahuang Swamp had once battled here and experienced countless life and death scenarios. They long knew how dangerous this place was and had already prepared themselves.

None of them were afraid of dying, but now… They felt a little strange.

Shangguan Wan didn’t even care about them and even damaged the Princess’s pure gold armor. In their eyes, this was something they couldn’t forgive.

Hence, the atmosphere around the Black Guards was completely different compared to at the start. They couldn’t be convinced by Shangguan Wan!

At this point, the Mystic Forest’s exterior had already stopped collapsing. Even though the ground was uneven, everyone could still leave smoothly.

Behind the crowd.

Mu Hongyu and the rest didn’t move as they stood beside Qin Yi with worried gazes. “Big Brother Qin, can you find out where Liuyue is now?”

Qin Yi kept quiet for a moment and lightly shook his head. “There’s a force below that shuts everything outside, so I can’t detect her location. However, I can confirm that the force is coming from the mother tree, so… It definitely has something to do with the Mystic Forest’s current state.”

Ye Ranran clasped her hands and worriedly asked, “T-then will Liuyue be under that mother tree? If we go down, can we find her?”

Qin Yi sighed lightly. If only things were that simple. Actually, I can basically confirm that Her Highness is indeed below that mother tree. The ferocious force spreading everywhere should’ve erupted after the seal broke. Since Qiang Wanzhou can confirm that Chu Liuyue is still alive, there’s an 80% chance that she’s there. However, Lei Laosi and I have been here for close to two years, yet we still don’t know what is below. Judging from the current situation, we can’t barge in. Thus, it’s even more impossible for us to know the situation.

“Liuyue… is still alive?” A shocked and surprised voice sounded.

The few of them turned around. “Senior Brother Zhu Hong?”

Mu Hongyu’s gaze quickly swept across Zhu Hong. His injuries had basically healed, and the people behind him were Dragon Teeth Mountain’s disciples.

“You didn’t leave with them?” Mu Hongyu asked curiously.

Zhu Hong shook his head. “Liuyue saved our lives, so how can we just leave like this?”

Previously, he also thought that Chu Liuyue was already dead and was upset over this for quite some time. Seeing that Mu Hongyu and the rest were still standing here, he was curious and walked over. Then, he coincidentally heard them discussing how to find Chu Liuyue.

Not mentioning the others, Qin Yi and Lei Laosi were extremely strong. If they said that Chu Liuyue was still alive, then it shouldn’t be wrong.

He originally didn’t want to believe that Chu Liuyue was already dead. Now that he heard there was hope, he naturally wanted to find her whereabouts.

Zhu Hong then looked at Qin Yi and solemnly bowed. He could tell that the latter was the strongest amongst these people and that he was like their backbone. The most important point was that Qin Yi was willing to help find Chu Liuyue!

“Young Master Qin, we know that we’re a little weak and that we’re even injured, so we might not be able to help much… But Liuyue is our benefactor. We must repay her favor! If you have any requests, just say it!”

We’ll be happy even if we can help just a little!

Qin Yi glanced at the other with a warm gaze, but he still shook his head. “I understand your kind intentions, but this place is indeed dangerous. You shouldn’t stay here.”

Zhu Hong and the rest looked disappointed.

“The force hidden below is extremely terrifying. If it explodes, even Four or I might not be able to protect all of you. If something really happens, won’t you waste all her efforts in saving all of you?”

Qin Yi sounded calm, but every single word he said was like a rock that smashed against the crowd’s hearts.

Zhu Hong laughed bitterly. He knew that Qin Yi was being very tactful with his words.

All of them had injuries to varying extents. They weren’t afraid that they couldn’t help—they were afraid that they would become their burdens and that it would backfire.

After thinking for a moment, Zhu Hong sighed deeply. “Young Master Qin, you’re right. Then… I have to trouble you to find Liuyue!”

Qin Yi lightly nodded. These few people from Dragon Teeth Mountain have decent characters, and they’re quite mature. It’s obvious that Jian Shuye has taught them well. On the other hand, when Song Qingnian heard that this place was dangerous, he hurriedly left with Shangguan Wan and the rest.

Zhu Hong looked at Mu Hongyu. He initially wanted to convince the latter to leave with them, but thinking that she and Chu Liuyue were bosom friends and that she definitely wouldn’t want to leave, he didn’t say anything.

“Hongyu, you have to be careful.” Mu Hongyu isn’t injured, and she has a Faint Yuan Body. She might really be able to help Qin Yi.

Mu Hongyu nodded. “Senior Brothers, Senior Sisters, please take care.”

Very quickly, Zhu Hong and the rest also left with the main team.

Only Qin Yi and the rest were left behind.

The mother tree was still quickly wilting!

After walking a distance, Shangguan Wan turned around to take a look and vaguely saw a few people standing at their original spots and not moving.

She squinted her eyes. Qin Yi and Lei Laosi aren’t our people, so it’s normal that they didn’t leave with us. But the other few… Why are they still waiting there?

Jiang Yucheng followed her gaze and slightly knitted his brows. “Why did the few of them stay behind?”

Shangguan Wan chuckled in her heart. Could it be that they’re still waiting for Chu Liuyue to revive?

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