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Chapter 74: In Time

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Chu Liuyue did not know how to describe Rong Xiu then. He seemed to be missing the scenery he was describing, but he seemed like he was missing someone even more.

Where can one see blooming peach blossoms in winter? Also, who is that person he can’t forget? No matter what, they clearly are extremely important to him.

Chu Liuyue hesitated before she decided to keep the peach blossom hairpin. “Thank you, Your Highness.”

Rong Xiu rested his hand on his cheek as he spaced out. The warm candlelight on his face accentuated his outstanding features.

Chu Liuyue looked outside. The rain was getting heavier, with no sign of stopping soon. She then asked, “Your Highness, do the people from your residence know that you’re here? They should be coming to pick you up since it’s raining so heavily, right?”

Even though he had an umbrella, it was a little much to make Prince Li brave the rain on his return journey, especially since he had just given her a big gift.

Rong Xiu glanced at her with a half-smile. “Do you not want to see me? You’re in such a hurry for me to leave.”

“How can that be? It’s our honor to have you visit! However, our place is a little shabby and cannot be compared to Prince Li Mansion,” said Chu Liuyue seriously.

“I think this place isn’t bad.” Rong Xiu knocked on the table. “Besides, my body has been weak recently, so I can’t stand the cold. If the rain continues, I might have to impose on you for the night.”

Chu Liuyue—who had picked up a teacup for tea—almost flung the cup out as her eyes widened in shock. “You want to stay here?! How can that be?!”

This was her first day in this place! Rong Xiu was not related to her in any way, so how could he just sleep here?

“Your residence is rather big. It should at least have a guest room, right?” Rong Xiu looked a little surprised too.

“…” Chu Liuyue was at a loss for words.

There were a number of rooms in the mansion, but she bought it for its tranquility in the first place. Therefore, she only prepared two bedrooms—one for Chu Ning and one for herself.

There was no space for him!

Chu Liuyue immediately relayed the situation to Rong Xiu. “… Your Highness, I’m not chasing you away, but there’s really no room for you here. My father will be back later tonight…”

“Didn’t your father go into the palace to meet Father? I heard that Father is really happy and intends to talk with Officer Chu through the night.”

Chu Liuyue glanced at Rong Xiu warily.

It was not strange for him to know that. Eunuch Min had said this at the door earlier, so anyone who wanted to know could find out easily.

Besides, as a prince, Rong Xiu had the clearest grasp on the workings of the palace. Prince Li was not as harmless and gentle as he looked.

“Father will return when they are done talking. As a daughter, I cannot not leave a room for my father.”

Rong Xiu nodded in agreement. “That’s true. As a junior, we should not impose on the elders.” But before Chu Liuyue could relax, he continued, “Since that’s the case, then… I’m afraid I’ll have to put Yue’er in a spot.”

Chu Liuyue was about to slam the table in protest, but she saw Rong Xiu begin coughing as if he would pass out if he caught a cold.

This fellow is hell-bent on staying here! Chu Liuyue clenched her fists then released them before she got up. “Our place is shabby and dilapidated. I ask for Your Highness’s understanding should you catch a cold.”

Rong Xiu’s coughing finally stopped. “Thank you, Yue’er.’

His skin is as thick as the city walls! What poised gentleman? That’s all a farce! He is clearly a shameless lecher! Chu Liuyue thought to herself as she laid the bed.


She flung the blankets hard.


She slammed the windows shut.

Bang bang bang! 

She threw the pillow down harshly.

“Yue’er, even though the pillow is made of wood, I don’t think they can take that much force…” Rong Xiu reminded. He felt his eyelids twitch as he watched her.

Chu Liuyue broke into a smile. “Don’t worry! It’s quite solid! Aren’t I just afraid that you won’t sleep well?”

Rong Xiu kept his mouth shut. As he looked at her angry expression, he curled his lips into a smile.

“Okay! Everything is tidied up! You can rest here now!” Chu Liuyue was prepared to leave after she was done.

Rong Xiu took a step forward and blocked her. “Where are you going?”

Chu Liuyue looked at him strangely. “I gave up this place to you, so I naturally have to go somewhere else.”

Rong Xiu shook his head. “I get sleep paralysis easily, so I can’t be left alone.”

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes slowly.

“So, you…”


A white figure broke in through the window, landing on the floor!

The pair looked over.

Chu Liuyue was pleasantly surprised! “Xue Xue, why are you here?”

Xue Xue laid on the ground, its fluffy fur wet because of the rain, making him look much slimmer. It wanted to turn and get up when it heard Chu Liuyue’s voice, but… a cold glare pinned it to the ground. It dared not move, pretending that it had accidentally fallen into the room.

Chu Liuyue turned to look at Rong Xiu with a smug smile. “Xue Xue is here, so it can accompany you. Xue Xue is smart, so it will take good care of you, right?”

Rong Xiu looked at Xue Xue. “En,” he said coldly.

Xue Xue shuddered. The next instant, it shook off the rainwater as a blue flame enveloped its body, evaporating the rest of the rainwater. After that, it had returned to its usual clean look.

It then ran over to Rong Xiu, giving him an obedient look.

Chu Liuyue’s gloominess was swept away, and she left with light footsteps.

In the room, awkward silence enveloped the man and beast.

“You came in at just the right moment this time, en?”

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