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Chapter 725: Fire Spark!

After going one step up, Shangguan Wan nervously clenched her fists. She then waited for a moment, but nothing surprising happened.

Everything in the surroundings was the same as before.

Shangguan Wan heaved a slight sigh of relief and continued going forward. She felt much more confident after wearing the pure gold armor.

Within the quiet and dark space, she could only hear the movement of the black soil and her own footsteps.

Shangguan Wan held her breath in.


Another tree root floated over.

This time, Shangguan Wan was experienced as she stood at her spot and waited.

As expected, the tree root directly flew to the fire spark.

The dark-green spark lightly wound around it, and the energy it contained was quickly transferred to the spark.

Shangguan Wan waited at the side.

Very quickly, the second root also left.

That spark had already become twice the size compared to before.

Shangguan Wan thought to herself, The energy contained within this root seems to be even richer than I expected…

She waited for a moment and went forward again.

That spark had no place to hide.

When she was about three steps away from it, Shangguan Wan then shockingly discovered that it was a burning seal.

However, the pattern looks very unfamiliar. I wonder who left it here? Shangguan Wan’s heart beat wildly; then, she slowly stretched out her hand toward that spark.


The moment her hand touched it, the spark suddenly flew up and harshly burned her hand.

“Si—” Shangguan Wan felt the pain and hurriedly retracted her hand. This thing doesn’t seem like anything special, but it’s very hot!

Shangguan Wan lowered her head and discovered that half her palm was already burned. This was because… That pure gold armor only covered half her palm!

The parts covered by the armor were in perfect condition, while the exposed parts had large blisters and looked frightening.

While Shangguan Wan was stunned, a thought popped up in her mind: It turns out that this pure gold armor is really this formidable! I haven’t even used it and am just wearing it, but its defensive powers are already so strong. I wonder how formidable it will be when I truly awaken this pure gold armor!

Shangguan Wan licked her lips as greed and excitement flashed across her eyes. She then thought for a moment and swiftly chose to use both hands at the same time.

The pure gold armor wrapped her wrist tightly. This way, she didn’t need to worry much as long as the spark didn’t touch the skin exposed on the outside.

Shangguan Wan gradually stretched out her hand and hugged the fire spark from outside.

Sparks would fly from time to time, but Shangguan Wan wasn’t affected by it as they all landed on the pure gold armor.

Her eyes stared at the dark-green spark closely as she inched closer to it.


Suddenly, the spark erupted!

Shangguan Wan was taken aback and was about to move backward when she discovered that the spark suddenly flew toward her!


That spark directly hit her heart!

Shangguan Wan felt like a giant rock was pressing against her chest, and it was so heavy that she couldn’t breathe.

However, this feeling quickly subsided.

At that moment, it was like something forcefully pierced through her chest and entered her heart.

A scorching sensation came from her heart.

Shangguan Wan panicked—she never thought that the spark would directly enter her heart!

At this temperature, her entire person would be burned to ashes in no time!

The painful burning sensation made her recall the night at the royal family’s ancestral hall. She thought that that day was her most painful day, but she didn’t expect this thing to be even more torturous!

“Ah!” Shangguan Wan yelped and directly collapsed onto the ground.

Her hands held the area near her heart, wanting to chase that spark away. But afterward, she felt that the thing actually started to move!

She felt an excruciating pain in her stomach, and her originally flushed face turned slightly pale.

The pain was very unbearable as she could only clutch the ground harshly and knock her head against it in an attempt to knock herself unconscious and forget this pain.


A low sound was heard.

However, Shangguan Wan had forgotten that she was wearing the pure gold armor, so her forehead was protected.

She couldn’t even torture herself, but she didn’t actually dare to take off the pure gold armor. Thus, she could only endure it!

She didn’t notice that during this entire process, the strange black pattern on her body was also undergoing some strange changes.

After an everlasting struggle, the terrifying pain finally subsided by quite a bit.

Shangguan Wan curled up into a ball on the ground, and her entire body broke out into cold sweat. Her hands were bloodied as she used a lot of strength to scratch the ground, and one could even see her white bones. Her lips were bitten by herself until they broke, and blood was everywhere.

She looked very unkempt.

She breathed in heavily and finally recovered her senses after much difficulty.

The pain on her body reminded her: I’m still alive!

Shangguan Wan reacted and immediately started checking her body. In the end, she was stunned by this check.


That spark finally landed in her dantian!

She had connected her five treasures, so the spark could directly enter her dantian.

Shangguan Wan looked at it in a trance and discovered that the item had lost its previous seal look and completely became a fireball.

It floated quietly in the center of her dantian, and the scorching pain seemed to have gradually subsided.

Ever since Shangguan Wan’s Yuan meridian was damaged, her pearl of essence was also implicated. The current position of this dark-green fireball was where the pearl of essence actually was.

A heavy force suddenly flowed out from that fireball and extended toward her limbs, and that strange pattern on Shangguan Wan’s body seemed to have been revived!

Not long later, the pattern began to seep into her skin.

Everything happened too quickly. Before Shangguan Wan could even react, she felt that her Yuan meridian was completely wrapped in a layer of dark-green light.

Then, a rich force flowed past it.

Shangguan Wan was harshly stunned. This… My Yuan meridian is healed?!

As if to confirm her guess, another wave of force came out from the fireball in her dantian and spread across the dark-green Yuan meridian.

Shangguan Wan didn’t dare to believe what was happening, so she confirmed again and again and tried repeatedly.

When she discovered that the dark-green light covering the Yuan meridian could very smoothly circulate her body’s force, Shangguan Wan could finally confirm: My Yuan meridian is indeed healed!

The black pattern in her body had almost completely disappeared, leaving the last bit of traces on her glabella. It looked like some strange, black symbol.

At this point, something extra appeared in her mind.

She closed her eyes and felt it closely. Then, she widened her eyes in surprise! I can actually feel the positions of the people being trapped by the rolling leaf fir in the Mystic Forest! As long as I want, I can absorb any of their strength!

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